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A Letter To The Girl Who Is Always Left Behind

A Letter To The Girl Who Is Always Left Behind

To the girl who is always left aside,

Listen, I know how you’re feeling. I know what it feels like to physically be in a place but yet no one notices you—as if you are invisible.

I know how it feels to never be a part of plans or in the process of making the plans.

I know what it feels like when you are with your ‘friends’ the moment they decide to go somewhere, but no one invited you.

Usually, someone gets sorry for you and invites you just out of courtesy.  No, thank you. I don’t need your pity invite.

It’s embarrassing. Like if it’s not painful enough that you don’t want me there, but you have to call me to tag along just to make your conscience clear. I don’t need that.

And what about when you’re texting one of your best friends to ask her to go out, and she says she doesn’t feel like it … then you go and text the other one, and in the meantime, you get a text back—a text that was not meant for you.

The text that goes like this: “Hey, if she calls you, tell her you’re not up for going out. The two of us will go without her. She is so boring. I don’t want her around.”

How would you respond? More importantly, how would you feel?

I felt like my world was falling apart, but still, I found the strength and the courage to text:

“Thanks, but I don’t need that kind of friendship.

Sincerely yours,

Ms. Boring”    

How many weekends have you spent living in a delusion that no one had any plans—oh, but they did? It’s only that you weren’t a part of them.

You weren’t invited. Your ‘friends’ were having fun without you.


Let me tell you something— f**k that kind of friends. Those are not friends.

Those are some random people you just happened to meet in one period of your life. To you, those are NOBODYS.

If you’re reading this and if you think that I probably had it coming, then you are one of those people who won’t give anyone the time of day.

Maybe you are threatened by me. Maybe you just don’t like me. Maybe I’m more beautiful than you are. Maybe I’m in your way.

There is always that one person that has the final word. That one person who calls all the shots.

And on the other side, there is always that one person who is left out for some reason. Because of something that doesn’t suit you— so you shut her out.

After some time, you just give up. You get tired of inviting yourself all the time when it’s crystal clear that you are not welcome.

And you know what happens?

No one misses you. No one even notices that you are not there anymore. Maybe someone does—someone who notices you’re not there because she pushed you out herself.

But, it doesn’t matter. You are never bored. You always have something to do.

Friends will come— real friends,

Until then,

Hang on!