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A Letter To The Girl With A Broken Heart

A Letter To The Girl With A Broken Heart

Dear ‘You’,

I know you’re hurting. I was there once before. I know you think the pain won’t ever go away, but it will. I know it will because I don’t feel it anymore and you won’t either. Just hang in there a little longer.

Every time you think you can’t take it anymore, give yourself a small push and you will endure.

Every time you want to cry your eyes out, do yourself a favor and cry. Let yourself sit in the puddle of your tears on your bathroom floor. You have to go through that. You have to cry your emotions out.

Every time you feel your heart is about to explode and something pressing and piercing you inside your chest, take a deep breath. You are causing it to happen.

You are overthinking and obsessing about searching for answers to ‘why me?’ and ‘why couldn’t it work?’

I know you had your heart broken, because I can see it no matter how hard you try to hide it.

You have that special smile that gives away your pain hiding behind it. You have that sparkle in your eyes that is a reflection of all the tears you’ve spilled suffering.

You feel as if one part of you has been ripped away from you like you are no longer complete.

You hate this feeling and you will do anything to distract yourself from thinking about the person who broke you to pieces. You’ll meet new people and you’ll visit places you always wanted to go.

You look like you are defeated but that’s far from the truth. You will never accept defeat and you will never surrender. You just need some time to let things cool down.

You know you have to rise from the dead to continue living your beautiful life. It’s just that at the moment you’ve forgotten how blessed you are and what you have. You forgot because you’re hurt.

You need to remind yourself of who you are and what you deserve. You need to change your mindset to survival mode. You need to break free from the pain.

You need to go out there and bring back your confidence. You need to walk the streets proudly again. You need to grab the attention of every man you meet and make every woman envy you.

Put your foot down and decide that you have to bring back your self-esteem and respect. Broken hearts don’t last forever.

You may forgive him for all the pain he caused you, but you will never forget how much it hurt. You will never forget all those sleepless nights and even days when you couldn’t get up from the bed.

You won’t forget the tears you’ve cried calling out his name. You won’t forget how many times you’ve tried to knock him out of your head, but you couldn’t.

You promised yourself that you will never let this happen again. You’re never going to let your heart get broken. You decided you won’t be naive and that you won’t fall in love this hard, ever again.

You promised yourself all of that, but you know it won’t come true. You know it’s impossible and you know it’s not up to you to decide.

Your heart has a mind of its own. You know it and yet you’re ready to survive anything – maybe even another heartbreak. You know you can. You’re strong.

Sincerely yours,

The girl with a once-broken heart