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I Promise I Will Find Someone Better Than You

I Promise I Will Find Someone Better Than You

One day, I promise that I will find a better man than you.

I won’t be second-guessing him, because all he does will make sense. I will finally feel that I belong to him and he will show me his love so many times.

And the best thing about it will be that he won’t get tired of me. Ever.

He will cherish me like I was the apple of his eye. And I won’t feel bad if I do something wrong, because the right man understands that it is okay to make mistakes.

But it is also clever to learn from them. You see, with him, love won’t be so hard, like it was with you. Love with him will be as normal as breathing.

And I will feel good in my own skin. After so many times, after so many love battles, with him I will finally be myself.

One day I will find a man who will understand me.

He won’t mind if I bite my nails while thinking or the way I drink my coffee while looking at the seaside in front of me.

He will know that I am finally myself with him and that I need to feel that freedom.

Even if I am in love, I need to feel that I can leave and take as much time as I need to pick myself up.

He won’t try to find me because he respects me and he knows that he can’t do everything for me.

He can just leave me alone to find the sense in life, to finally find myself in this thing called life.

I am not saying my perfect man will idolize me but at least he won’t tell me to change if I don’t want to do so.

I will change when I am ready for that but not when someone else wants it.

He will accept me with all my imperfections and he will proudly show me to the world.

One day I will find a man who will show me what real love is.

I will find someone who will be so easy to love. I will meet a man who will choose my happiness over his. And he won’t regret doing that.

One day I will meet a man who will make me feel good. He won’t compare me with other women or his exes.

With him, life will be easier than before. I will laugh louder, I will make love louder and I will love louder.

A man like that will help me to build my self-esteem and to finally learn to cope with life problems.

A man like that will be my human diary and the first man I run to when life gets tough. A man like that will be my best friend, my lover and my partner.

One day, I will meet a man whose love feels like home.

So, I will stick to him and I will never let him go. I promise I will find a better man than you. And I swear that I will love him like I haven’t loved anyone before.

I hope that this time, when you see me hugging him, you will realize what you have lost.

I hope that you will finally figure out that you were just an idiot who couldn’t decide what he wanted in his life. And you will feel sorry.

You will cry and you will ask me for a second chance.

But I am not the same young girl anymore. I am a grown woman now and I know what I want out of my life. Too bad, but you are not a part of my plans anymore.

I learned to love myself and I will never again let a man treat me like you did.

Good luck with finding love, but whatever you do, don’t try to find it on my doorstep, because that is not a place where you will get it.

Love for you doesn’t live here anymore. It lives here for someone way better than you!