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A Letter To The Man Who Should’ve Been There For Her

A Letter To The Man Who Should’ve Been There For Her

She realized that sometimes people go their separate ways, relationships fall apart and that whatever you do and no matter how hard you try, the harsh truth is that sometimes it just wasn’t meant to be. What she never imagined was that the end could come so suddenly, without any indication that it would happen. And the saddest thing of all is that it came when she needed you the most.

She relied on you to be there for her as she was so many times for you but you were nowhere to be found. You had forgotten or you never knew what love was about. Let me tell you, so it sticks—love is for better or worse. You don’t just abandon someone when they are going through a rough patch.

Imagine how you would feel if she left you when you were going through a rough patch? And you had more than one. She was there right by your side, even when it took all the positivity she had within to help you feel better. You were important to her and she never wanted you to feel like you were alone in all of it. She always made sure you knew that she had your back.

And how did you repay her? By bailing when she needed you the most, when she needed you to be her rock. Can you honestly say that when you look at yourself in the mirror, you see a decent man, a decent human being?

She realized that sometimes people drift away and relationships fall apart but what she couldn’t come to terms with is that a few nights before that, you swore you loved her, you swore you would be there for her no matter what, you said she was your one and only for the rest of your lives. She believed you. That’s why she is wondering now: “Where did all those promises go? Where did all that love go? Who are you and where is the man I used to call my own?”

She needed you the most then. She didn’t need you to solve anything or to fight her battles—she just needed your presence. She needed to know that she wasn’t alone in this world, that she had her greatest supporter right there just so she could lean on him and rest for a while. To have someone to make her smile when her harsh life was making her cry.

And what did you do instead? You added more tears to her beautiful face. And for a long, long time, from the moment you were no longer there till the point when she got back on her own two feet again, she cried herself to sleep.

Do her tears haunt you at night?

After all of that, she still wished you no harm. She says she is thankful that you left when you did. You taught her that she is stronger than she ever imagined she could be. She said it took her a while but she finally realized that you were never the right man for her.

All in all, she is grateful for your actions, or more like for your lack of actions, because it made her open her eyes and see you for who you really were. She hardly ever thinks of you anymore. She has her own life to live and her own dreams to pursue.

Do you know that she has that perfect smile on her face again? And it’s all because of her. She got up when nobody thought she could. She survived everything all on her own. She became her own hero. She rebuilt her life and she reinvented herself. She is amazing. She is someone you will regret losing your whole life.