Dear men, do you still think that the best women are the ones who stay silent to your mistreatments or the ones who dance to your tune? Do you still think the best women are the ones who accept all of your bullshit without ever saying a word?

If you do, please, think again.

All this time, women have been perceived unfairly. People think that if a woman is playing hard to getshe is full of herself. And if a woman is being honestshe is too easy. If she is contradicting youshe is too intimidating. If she stays silentshe doesn’t have an opinion.

But what if she’s playing hard to get because she is afraid of getting hurt again? What if she’s being honest because she’s sick of all of the mind games? What if she’s contradicting you because she wants to help you improve yourself? And what if she’s staying silent because she realizes that her words are not appreciated enough and not because she doesn’t have an opinion?

She might seem confusing and hard to deal with but this is because she’s learned valuable lessons from her past and she won’t let anyone break her again. She’s learned that if she doesn’t fight for herself, no one else will.

The truth is, the best women are the hardest to deal with because they know their worth.

All this time, society has forced women to be something that they are not just to fit the definition of being the best. But the truth is, the best women are not the ones who will nod to every word you say. The best women are the ones who challenge you.

They don’t pretend that they didn’t notice you taking them for granted. They take things into their own hands and teach you a lesson to let you know that if you’re not going to respect them, you will lose them.

They don’t treat you with respect if they see you’re not doing the same. They let you know that they are not satisfied with your treatment and they will not tolerate it because they don’t deserve it. They don’t invest all of themselves if they see you’re not reciprocating. They don’t waste their time on someone who is not making an effort to keep them.

And do you know why? No, it’s not because they want to see you suffer or punish you for your mistreatment. The only reason why is BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEIR WORTH.

No, they are not easy to deal with because they will say what they really mean. They have high standards and they stick to them. And you’re either there with them or you’re not. And that is what makes them the best! That is what makes them AWESOME.

The best women are the hardest to love because they love hard.

The best women are the hardest to understand because they have complex minds.

The best women are the hardest to satisfy because they know their worth.

They know what they bring to the table and they are not afraid to eat alone. The best women don’t just wait for happiness to find them. They fight hard for their own happiness and that is why they don’t take it for granted.

The best women aren’t satisfied with mediocrity because they know they are born for greatness.

And you should know it, too. You should know that the best things are the most difficult. The best things don’t just appear in your life out of nowhere. You fight hard for them and hope for the best. And that is exactly how you should treat them.

The best women acknowledge your mistakes and appreciate your efforts. They are the hardest to deal with because they want to help you with all of their heart to become the best version of yourself.

They are selfless and giving but they also know their worth and they will not settle for anything less than they deserve. The best women are the hardest to deal with because they know their worth and you should know it, too.

The Best Women Are The Hardest To Deal With Because They Know Their Worth

Martha Sullivan
Hello everyone!I'm a former English language major, copy typing freelancer and between the two I've always enjoyed drawing (abstract art), singing and writing. Yes, I'm an artistic soul that always wanted to make the world a better place. Today I'm lucky to be the writer on this site and to share my deepest thoughts with you and support you through your daily struggles. I hope we're gonna get along and I'll give my best not to disappoint you. XOXO