1. She melts only in the right hands.

She is willing to wait for the right guy as long as it takes. It’s not easy—she gets lonely often. But, she prefers to be patient and wait for what she wants and what she deserves. She knows he’ll be worth the wait and casual relationships are not her things.

2. She is honest and upfront.

People might mistake her behavior for bitchy but that really is not the case. She hates pretending and all that is fake in people. She likes to express her opinion openly even when people are not quite ready to hear it. She knows that her friends value her opinion because there is no sugar coating it.

3. She has a hard time opening up about her feelings.

She is honest and upfront about everything in her life except when she is in love. When she catches actual feelings for somebody she has a hard time admitting it to herself, let alone the other person involved. She might feel more than someone who is blunt in these situations. There is usually a reason behind her toughness. She is only affectionate when she feels safe.

7 Things That Define A Tough Girl

4. She doesn’t waste time on false friendships.

If someone plays her for a fool once, they can be sure that they are not getting the chance to do it again. She values friendship above all but when the trust is gone, there is no way to repair it. Friendships are based on trust—once you lose that trust, there is no going back and she knows that well.

5. She is confident and ambitious.

She is there to conquer the world. She has her own goals to achieve. She has plans of how to get there. She is highly motivated and passionate about her career. Even when things don’t go smoothly and she gets sidetracked, she finds her way back. She believes in herself. She knows that being persistent is the only way to get ahead.

6. She has a tough-exterior but soft-interior.

She might not seem the affectionate type at first, but she feels more profoundly than anyone you can come across. She is not without emotions—she simply doesn’t show them much in order to protect herself. People used her good heart in the past but there is no way that they will do it again. She wasn’t born tough—life made her tough. But, for sure, she is the best and most loving person you will ever meet.

10 Incredible Things That Define A Tough Girl7. Tough is the only way she knows and it’s not always easy.

The thing about being tough is that people expect you to be tough all the time. They know that they can depend on you and that you are always the strong one. That’s why being tough gets tough at times. She gets tired of it and she sometimes feels lonely. She would like to have somebody in her life that she can lean on too, for a change.

8. He will just feel right

When you’re with him, it just feels right. After having sex, you feel loved and cherished. You don’t feel used or indifferent like after casual sex.

A man who loves you will sweet talk you and make you aware of how much he loves you. He wants you to know that he’d give his life for you and that he doesn’t want to lose you. And after all, you feel and know that.

9. He will support you in bed

If you don’t feel comfortable about not using protection, he will support your decision wholeheartedly. He will do that because he cares about how you feel and if you’re not satisfied, it means he’s not either.

Only a selfless man who loves you with all of his body and heart will always listen to your wishes and desires because he wants you to be genuinely happy. He wants you to know that your happiness is a reflection of his own.

10. He will reciprocate

If your man truly loves you, he will make sure to reciprocate every single time when you’re making love. He will not only think about self-satisfaction. Instead, he will try hard to let you know that he is willing to give as much as he is given.

Also, he will always subconsciously prefer giving instead of just receiving and he will be ready to constantly look for new ways to make you happy. If your man does all of this, you can be sure that he is truly, madly and crazy in love with you!

10 Incredible Things That Define A Tough Girl