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How Lockdown Can Make Or Break Your Relationship

How Lockdown Can Make Or Break Your Relationship

Social distancing makes it hard to maintain our relationships, am I right?

It brings us into this whole different world of suddenly changed needs, wants and desires each of us has, putting a hold on our regular, everyday lives.

It gives us time to question everything about our lives, especially our relationships.

There are certain things that can happen that can either make or break your relationship, depending on how strong it was to begin with.

You can find healthier ways to argue or not

Let’s be honest, lockdown will bring out the best and the worst in all of us. While arguing is usually a big part of every romantic relationship, there are only a few couples who actually do it right.

If you’re living together, being together for too long and all the time will get you arguing even more. You’ll both be on edge and every little thing will tick you off.

A similar scenario happens if you don’t live together and are suddenly constantly apart because of the lockdown. Not meeting up enough in person might also cause you to fight more.

Finding a way to resolve your conflicts in a smart, respectful way will make your relationship stronger.

If all the fighting brings out the worst in you and makes you hit below the belt, this situation will almost certainly break your relationship.

You can finally resolve all the issues you were sweeping under the carpet or get overwhelmed by them

At the beginning of a relationship, things seem perfect. A little time into the relationship, you start recognizing some flaws of your partner and issues that you decide to keep silent about because you don’t want to be pushy or too critical.

As the relationship progresses even further, those issues either grow or many little ones build up to create a certain web that seems too messy to get out of.

While in lockdown, you might finally decide to take the time and energy to try and resolve all these issues, which can help you build a stronger connection and create a stronger basis for the future development of your relationship.

If you or your partner can’t find it in you to finally discuss everything that’s been bugging you for a while then I’m afraid you’re going to get overwhelmed by them and your relationship won’t be able to make it.

You may finally have enough time to talk or realize you have nothing to talk about

Your lives before social distancing might have been very busy and finding time for each other might have been a really hard task.

Now, you have plenty of time to do everything you wanted to do, like cuddle, sit on the sofa or have long talks that last all night.

If you’re apart, it can all boil down to talking about, well, anything and everything. Talking more will mean getting to know each other better.

Of course, this will deepen your connection and make you stronger than ever.

There’s only one problem here… What if there’s nothing to talk about? You might realize you have very few similar interests, ideas or attitudes about life, or even very little interest to actually talk to your partner.

If this doesn’t break your relationship, I don’t know what will.

You can realize how well-balanced your relationship is or realize you’re doing all the work

This goes mostly for those couples who live together. In normal everyday life, you both go to work and no one knows how much time you actually spend working and how many of their complaints of being tired are just complaining over nothing.

Now, in lockdown, you’re both likely working from home and can see just how much time your jobs actually take.

It can make both partners realize how well-balanced their everyday lives are and whether both of them are doing pretty much an equal amount of work (such as household chores).

If you notice that your partner has been overly complaining about how drained they are from work while you thought you had it much easier at your job so were doing more at home, you’ll start to grow resentment over all the household work they’ve been letting you do for them all this time.

You can deepen your friendship or realize you two were never really true friends to begin with

Having all the world in this messy state it currently is can make you appreciate having your partner by your side more than ever.

Their comforting words and their loving hugs can make all the difference between falling into despair and feeling positive about the outcome.

They can show you how good of a friend they actually are to you and how much of your strength comes from having them in your life.

On the other hand, if having your partner by your side means nothing to you and they can do absolutely nothing to make you feel better like any true friend can, it can make you realize you two never even formed your relationship on friendship and this can make you question everything you have with them.