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If You’re Scared About Your Future, Remind Yourself You’re Living In The Present

If You’re Scared About Your Future, Remind Yourself You’re Living In The Present

I’ll start this with the great reveal: Did you know that stress, anxiety and worry all stem from the same thing? They all have their roots in a fear of the future.

A fear of the future is understandable but it’s also useless. fear of the future is simply a process of imagining potential outcomes without ever knowing what they’re going to be.

That’s it. It’s us trying to shield ourselves from a mysterious threat that maybe isn’t even a threat.

How many times did you anticipate a disaster only to find out it was nothing like you imagined? A fear of the future is the adult version of a monster under the bed.

Worrying about what could be makes us forget about what we have now. While it’s good to plan for the future, we should be aware that a plan can only be created by taking steps in the current moment.

Taking action in the present moment is our best chance to actually reach the goal we want. Taking actions consistently is even better. In other words, action and discipline are the bridges to your goals.

Through action and discipline, you can combat many things, like recurring feelings of uncertainty and meaninglessness, as well as build self-esteem and determination.

Even if you don’t succeed in your desired goal, you will feel content knowing you have done everything in your power to succeed.

Another important thing is to do things authentically. Being authentic means feeling peace within yourself after making a decision.

Authenticity is choosing happiness and growth instead of fear masked by the ever-present need for safety.

Once you’re at peace with yourself, you will feel safe wherever you go. You won’t be scared of the future because you will be present in the now.

When you’re feeling extra worried about life, take a moment to remember that we’re tiny creatures inhabiting a relatively small sphere hanging in an enormous space we call the universe.

Despite everything, science has proven that we still know close to nothing. What I want to say is that nobody really knows much about life; every single person sometimes feels unsure about their decisions and life.

There are no life instructions given at birth. Don’t let the life coaches and know-it-alls fool you.

No matter how trivial it seems at times, life will always remain a mystery to human beings. There’s no point in trying to reveal or control something that’s out of your hands.

Making peace with life and allowing yourself to have faith is the most efficient way of leading a happier life.

Instead of trying to find comfort in controlling, do the opposite—find comfort in knowing you don’t have control. That’s when your only responsibility starts to seize the moment you’re in.

The way you react to things in a given moment is the only real thing that exists.

The past is only a memory and the future is only a fantasy. Be brave and choose the reality of now.