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This Is How You Love A Girl Who’s Been Hurt Too Many Times

This Is How You Love A Girl Who’s Been Hurt Too Many Times

There she is, she’s standing right in front of you—the most wonderful woman you have ever seen.

She’s yours, yet she seems so distant. She’s been hurt far too many times and she’s built up walls that are high and no matter how much you try, you can’t seem to break them.

She seems distant, but it’s not because of you. She’s just scared she’ll break again and she won’t find a way to patch those broken pieces.

You have no idea how hard it is to say “I am ready to get back out there. I am ready to put my heart on the line again.” when you can barely stand. 

Keep that in mind. Know that her walls can’t be forced down they need to fall naturally and the only way you can manage to that is if you love her patiently, truly, deeply.

She cares for you,  she cares a lot she just needs time. She needs to know that she can trust you. She needs to know that you are not going to hurt her.

She will give you her best, she will love you like no one else ever did, she just needs you to do the same for her.

She needs you to be honest She’s heard too many lies and endured too many hurtful words. So don’t do the same.

I know you know this already but it worth saying it again – without honesty, you can’t really make a relationship work.

So say what’s on your mind and stick to it. Make your actions follow what you say and everything will be great.

You will be able to trust one another. You will connect more deeply. She will feel safe to fall for you entirely.

She needs you to accept her just the way she is

Don’t try to change her. Accept her fully. Accept who she is and accept her past. She will love you more if you let her fix herself.

I know that you might be tempted to rush and help her get better, but that won’t help.

You need to remember that her past was very hard on her and that she does need a lot of time to heal, it’s not something that happens overnight. It’s hard for her, too.

She needs you to give her space

There will come times where she’ll need some alone time, so respect that. Don’t be mad.

Don’t blow up her phone with calls and messages, don’t show up at her door. Just slow down and take it easy.

She needs some time to recharge and find her balance. She knows you are there. Give her space, she’ll come to you when she feels good again.

She needs you to be patient when it comes to intimacy

She needs to connect with you emotionally so she could connect with you physically. Open up to her let her in and give her some time to do the same.

She wants to make love to you. Yes, it sounds corny. But it’s a big deal to her.

She doesn’t want something casual or fleeting. So don’t force her into doing something she is not ready to do you will just push her away.

She needs you to tell her how beautiful  she is

Compliment her. Her past experiences might have made her insecure, so remind her how beautiful she truly is.

Not just her physical appearance, but also her soul.

Tell her how kind she is, and how generous, loving and caring she is. Don’t just tell her that she’s sexy.

Rather, show her that you appreciate her completely, body, mind and soul.

She needs a hug, she needs a lot of them

Hug her. A lot. Physical touch creates energy that words can’t express and it’s important to let her know that you’re there for her and what says, ”I’m not letting you go,” more than a tight hug? Nothing.

That’s why it’s important to hug her as much as you can. Hug her when she is sad, scared, happy, mad. Hug her for no reason at all.

She needs you to be consistent

Keep doing everything that you’re doing and don’t back down. You will be able to break those walls one stone at a time and you will be grateful that you have been consistent when you see all the love that she can feel.

You will get the entire world the moment when she sees that you’re not messing around.