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This Is How It Feels To Be The Girl You’ll Regret Hurting The Most

This Is How It Feels To Be The Girl You’ll Regret Hurting The Most

She is a girl you don’t deserve. She is someone who will choose to walk in someone else’s shoes to understand how they feel.

She will never judge anyone because she knows people feel and see differently from each other.

What is one man’s passion is another man’s pain. She knows that and she looked at you through those eyes. She knew that you weren’t perfect.

She kept giving you second chances but you’ve gambled each and every one.

She has always chosen to see only the good side of you. Every time you hurt her, every time you made a mistake which you didn’t regret, she closed her eyes, pretending not to see or feel.

She had faith in you all those times you doubted yourself.

She was there for you, to pick you up when you’d fall because she believed in you two. She thought you were her real love.

She thought you’d hold her hand as you would grow old together. She never knew you’ll hurt her that much.

You were never aware of what you had. You chose not to see what kind of girl is by your side all the time. You didn’t see the face that was standing beside you when you were in pain.

You didn’t feel the touch that was stroking you when you needed it the most. You didn’t see her.

She is the kind of girl who will turn the other cheek. She will believe in your lies and excuses because she knows that plans sometimes don’t work out as we want them to.

She has always known all of your games, but she kept pretending she was clueless, hoping that someday you’d understand how much she loved you.

She is a girl who won’t get mad for blowing her off because you have something more important to do than her.

She got disappointed and didn’t show you that, but she never got mad.

She is the only one who saw your potential and who believed you could turn into the person you can be. She thought you were worthy of her effort. She thought she could change you.

You’ll regret hurting her because you’ll never find anyone who had that much faith in you. You’ll never find someone who always looks the other way and keeps giving you second chances.

She is a girl who will never let anyone down. She is a girl who will drop everything and run to help someone who needs it.

She is selfless and you took advantage of that. But once you’ve broken her heart completely, there’s no turning back.

Once you’ve betrayed her trust, she won’t let you into her heart again. All the chances she gave you were in vain because when you had her, you didn’t know how much you really needed her.

And now that you’ve lost her, you’re going to be sorry, but it will be too late.

She is a girl who would rather keep quiet when you say something mean than yell and get even with you in the same way.

She will rather walk away rather than fight you because she hopes you will cool off and own up to your mistakes, but you never did that. That’s why you lost her. That’s why you’ve hurt her.

She is a girl who will love you with all of her heart even if you don’t do the same. She is a girl who will love you unconditionally despite what you do to her.

She is a girl who will wear her heart on her sleeve for you, knowing that you might hurt her and leave her to fight with all the insecurities she’s going to have.

She is the type of girl who will love you even though she knows she will dwell in pain if you don’t change—nd every passing moment she is more and more sure you won’t.

She is a girl who will never let you have a taste of your own medicine because she believes if she treats people how she wants to be treated, it will come back to her.

And maybe it will. Maybe you are only the introduction of her life’s story.

Maybe you are that crucial mistake and somewhere along the line, everything she did will get back to her. Just not with you.

Some might think she will change after you’ve hurt her but she won’t.

She will keep believing in people. She will keep treating them the same as always because that’s who she is.

That’s her true self. That’s why she let you hurt her because she doesn’t want to change.

She will get hurt but she’ll stay true to herself. She will keep helping others and maybe she’ll even change a few.

She will give them her kindness, understanding and love. And if it works, she will be the happiest person alive, and if not, she’ll keep trying.

She is the girl who you’ll remember when you become older as the girl whose heart you broke.

You’re going to regret it because you’ll understand that she never did anything to deserve that, but then it will be too late because her heart will have been broken and you won’t have changed.