Scoring an alpha calls for a celebration. She is all you ever dreamed of. She is strong, independent, fierce and classy. She doesn’t wrap her head around unimportant things because she sees beyond them.

She is mature enough to understand that her man has needs of his own like she does and she will respect that, but only if you do the same for her.

We all get this image in our head when the term ‘alpha’ is mentioned. We all instantly picture an image in our mind of this fearless woman who can’t be touched and will never fall apart, no matter what comes her way.

But, there is one thing you should know. Although these women are tough and ‘unbreakable’, they can get hurt as well. When they love someone, they go ‘all in’ that relationship because that is something they usually do in everything.

Also, these women are used to being alone and they don’t need or want anybody’s help, so being in a relationship can give them a hard time, only because relationships are about sharing, compromise, and trust.

Now, trust is something none of us should give up easily. Trust is something alphas never give up if they aren’t one hundred percent positive they’ve chosen the right person. That can present itself as a problem in these relationships.

Also, sharing and compromising are things g that are closely connected to trust and it can’t work if there is no trust.

If you are dating an alpha woman, please discard all those general facts about them and don’t perceive them as cold and heartless. They may come off that way, but it’s only their exterior.
Inside, they are as sensitive and loving as most of us, so you should treat them that way.

1. They need their space

You shouldn’t expect anything less from alphas. They are used to doing this on their own without seeking anyone’s help. It’s not that they are too proud to ask someone to help them, it’s because they are competent of doing things by themselves. They never give up after their first try. They are fighters who know that hard work pays off eventually.
They are very organized and so, among other things, they plan their day to the minute. In that crazy schedule, they have an hour of lying around and not doing anything, completely alone—don’t try to change that.

2. They love but they leave, too

Don’t expect alphas to put up with all kinds of your crap. If you by any chance hurt them (yes, that is possible) they won’t hesitate to leave—there and then. They won’t be giving you any second chances because they don’t need a man to function perfectly. If your relationship ends up being something they don’t like or didn’t sign up for, they will leave you.

Although they are full of understanding, are reasonable when you talk to them, giving their side of the argument without beating around the bush, they have boundaries. If you cross them, you lose.

3. You may need to take the lead for some time

I know this sounds contradictory; why should you take the lead in a relationship with an alpha woman? Well, because they are used to doing everything by themselves, it will take some time for them to fit you into their free time.

If they have a free weekend, you should probably put yourself in charge and ‘book’ them in, before they go and make plans of their own.

4. They are brutally honest all of the time

They don’t buy into any kind of shit from anyone. They won’t buy your made-up stories and things you tell them if they suspect you are screwing with them or bullshitting them. They will tell you what they think every single time, even if the truth is the last thing you want to hear.

If you can’t handle that, don’t even bother dating an alpha woman. Their policy is that being honest is the best thing you can do to help someone be better. That’s why they are going to be honest with you because they care for you and they want to help you transform into the best version of yourself.

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5. They may try to push you away

Although they are fearless, there is something that scares them. It’s this new relationship. They are not used to doing all these things that new couples do. They are not used to walking by someone’s side or asking for someone’s opinion. These are the things that couples do. And when you have been single and independent for a long time, it’s scary to switch to being in a relationship and somehow dependent.
They may subconsciously push you away because of this fear. Also, they are not sure if you are able to fit in with their plans or if you are able to keep up with them. Some of them are scared you will pull them down. And that’s the biggest mistake you can make.

6. They are not comfortable showing affection in public places

Let’s say that the two of you go out with your friends. She won’t let you hug or kiss her in public because she doesn’t want your friends to feel awkward. She was the third wheel herself a couple of times and she knows how uncomfortable it made her feel.

7. They need you to criticize them

They know they are competent and strong, but they also know they aren’t perfect. They make mistakes because they are human beings and not programmed, heartless robots, as most people who are threatened by them think they are.

So, whenever they do something that is wrong, they expect you to disagree and give them constructive criticism. They will respect that because it will show them that you care for them and that you want them to become even better. And success is something all alphas enjoy very much.

8. They will challenge you

As they want you to make them be better, they want to make you better. They will challenge you to an intellectual duel every chance they get because it’s something that makes them happy and satisfied, especially if you know how to reply and make a discussion interesting.

If this doesn’t happen constantly, they will lose interest and just leave you. A boring and monotonous relationship is not their thing and it’s impossible for them to love and feel loved in that kind of relationship.

9. They want to feel your support

The best way to gain their trust and prove yourself worthy of being with them is to support them in the things they do. Although they don’t need you to support them, because they will do it anyway, secretly they would be over the moon if you showed interest and stood by them. It shows them that they can count on you if they ever find themselves in a situation they can’t handle on their own.

10. They can’t stand control

You may show interest in their life, but be very careful not to cross the thin line between expressing interest and being a control-freak. That is something they do not like. You just have to realize that they will go out without you because they are entitled to do so.

This doesn’t mean they don’t love you or that they cheating on you. It’s just that they need some free time that doesn’t include you. When they are done, they will come back home to you and love you in their own special way.

You have to decide whether you are up for letting one of these beautifully strong women love you. If you are, dig in because you won’t be sorry, not even a bit.