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6 Surprising Things That Make A Guy Lose Respect For You

6 Surprising Things That Make A Guy Lose Respect For You

If you think that guys might lose respect for you only if you sleep with them too soon, you’re wrong.

There are some other things that are way more important that you might want to pay attention to.

Pay attention to how you behave in front of him and what messages you are sending him.

If your actions show that you’re too available, too giving or you don’t have a life of your own, he will lose respect for you and you will not know why he is acting so distant all of a sudden.

And if he loses respect, he will instantly lose his attraction for you as well.

If you want to keep this from happening, you should avoid doing these 6 things, starting now.

You agree with everything he says

It is really rare to find a person who resembles our way of thinking to that level that we’re simply nodding all the time, without even listening to them anymore.

It is practically impossible to agree with everything he says if you have your own opinions.

And if you never interrupt him or say that you don’t agree with him, he will label you as someone who doesn’t have their own opinions and he will lose respect for you.

Don’t be afraid to say what you really mean and contradict him if necessary because these are the indicators that you have your own opinions and that you don’t care if he disagrees.

It means you’re confident in yourself and you don’t just nod to everything he says to you.

You’re too available

By too available, I mean you’re always on high alert, expecting his call or texts and you answer them the same second you hear your phone ringing.

If you do this, he will think that you have no life and the only thing you’re doing is waiting next to your phone for him to call or text you.

Also, if he asks you out and you reply to him instantly that you’re excited about it and can’t wait to see him, you’ll become too available.

Even if you’re always available for a date night, don’t reply to him two seconds after he invites you.

Pretend, if you need to, that you have to check your schedule or just leave him to wait for some time so that he thinks you’re contemplating whether you should go with him or not.

That way you’re creating mystery and he will respect you if you have other priorities besides him.

You don’t have boundaries

If he says something that annoys you or if he hurts your feelings voluntarily and you’re not letting him know, he will think that you’re too tolerant and he will know that he can do whatever he wants with you.

And that is when you lose respect from him.

Always have boundaries and stick to them. Don’t tolerate his bullshit only because you like him and you want to be the best for him.

You’re too nice all the time

There’s not a single person who can act nice all the time regardless of situations and circumstances.

It is in our nature that we go wild sometimes or we get pissed off for some unknown reason.

And if you’re being too nice all the time just because you think he’s expecting you to be that way or that he will abandon you if you’re not nice, you’re making a huge mistake.

Being too nice all the time is draining and it will make him question your personality.

He will know that you’re trying hard to be liked by him and because of that, he will lose his respect for you as well as his attraction.

You’re making him your only priority

If you’re always there for him and you always try hard to surprise him and show your affection, he will know that he’s your only priority and it will make him lose respect for you.

You can never be 100% devoted to one thing that makes you happy because it’s not healthy.

You have to find a way to balance your love life with your friends and family and you should never only stick to one thing because that way you’re neglecting others who are equally important to be treated the same way.

You give him the silent treatment

If you’re constantly behaving in a passive-aggressive manner, this will be a huge turn-off for him and it will most surely make him lose respect for you.

If something pisses you off and the only thing you do is go silent and ignore him for a little while and then act like nothing happened, he will know that something is bothering you but you’re not willing to share it with him.

This passive-aggressive treatment will annoy him and he’ll see you as weak because you don’t have the strength to say to him immediately if something is bothering you.

The silent treatment is the biggest killer of attraction and respect and this is something you would want to avoid doing at all costs.