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Make Him Want You More By Using These 5 Simple Words

Make Him Want You More By Using These 5 Simple Words

We tend to complicate things when it comes to the matters of the heart although everything could be sad in a few simple words.

We are not even aware of how all the things we say affect other people. They might not be aware of it either.

Let’s face it—who has the time to think about what someone said and what they meant by it?

But on some subconscious level, they pick up on what you are saying, and they feel all the good vibes coming their way.

So when you want somebody you are into to want you more, don’t go all philosophical on them.

There are 5 simple words that will work like a charm and increase your chances of getting under their skin:

“ YOU”

We are not even aware how much power is hidden behind a simple word like ‘you’. How are YOU? What do YOU want to do?

Do YOU want to go somewhere with me? Did YOU get home safely? And so on…

When we use ‘you’ often in our conversation with the person we are into, we are letting them know that we want to include them in our lives.

We are displaying both our thoughtfulness and desire by doing this.

You are not just there because of your own needs and wishes. You are making it clear that you are focusing on him also.

If he is doing the same for you, your relationship is headed the right way.


Just because you are into someone it doesn’t mean that you should lose your sense of self. That’s why “I” is probably the most important word.

Just because you start using the word YOU more frequently doesn’t mean that your individuality, hopes, dreams and desires should go down the drain.

Stay true to who you are. Make yourself happy and satisfied with your life, and be with someone who will add to all of that. Be with someone who wants you for you, and don’t settle for anything less.

Remember relationships are made for two, so remember to give the same amount of attention to both YOU & I.


“YES” is a word that immediately evokes positivity.

By saying “YES” to new things and ideas you make your life richer with experiences, and by default, it makes you more interesting to the opposite sex.

Let’s face it—looking on the bright side and being optimistic is what draws people to you. Life is hard as it is, and nobody needs additional pessimism brought into their lives.

So say ‘yes’ when someone asks you out, when they want to go on a road trip in the middle of the week or for a midnight walk in the park, and see how your luck turns for the better.


At first glance, “NO” is a negative word, but when you look at it’s deeper meaning, it can be even more positive than “YES”.

NO means standing up for yourself, having your boundaries and knowing the things you won’t tolerate. NO means not allowing anybody to treat you as a pushover.

You need a man who will treat you as his equal, treat you with respect and invest as much as you do into the relationship.

So never let him treat you like a doormat, and dare to say NO. The right man will respect that immensely.

Chose wisely when to say ‘YES’ and when to say ‘NO’. They are both so simple yet such powerful words.


‘Thanks’ is the word we tend to forget so often. We forget to notice the little things, and take somebody’s goodness and care for granted.

We should always find time to say ‘thank you’ when anybody does something nice for us, not just to the people we care for.

Men especially like to be acknowledged for their efforts. Make sure you stop, notice and always say ‘thank you’.