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Man Surprised His Wife Didn’t Beg Him To Stay When He Asked For Divorce

Man Surprised His Wife Didn’t Beg Him To Stay When He Asked For Divorce

Women are told that they’re too dramatic their whole life. We’re too sensitive when people hurt us, too emotional when something goes wrong, and doing too much when we’re happy. 

On top of that, men often attribute all of it to our PMS symptoms and “that time of the month”, and even go so far as to declare us crazy. So, we end up being labeled just because they don’t know how to deal with our emotions!

Men always expect women to throw tantrums over a divorce and make chaos, but they don’t know that a divorce for some women is actually a blessing, not a curse.

When we finally hit rock bottom and can’t tolerate any more nonsense we calmly leave, then everyone’s surprised we didn’t show any emotions. So, who’s the crazy one here?

Divorce out of the blue

Imagine saying to someone you don’t love them anymore but then you feel hurt when they decide to leave. Some people are just incredibly entitled! 

This exactly happened to a woman who shared her story on Reddit to get everything off her chest. Apparently, her husband just came home one day and gave her the divorce papers without explanation. She didn’t even know why as she explains in her post:

“I read them over and asked why, he told me he was in love with somebody else, his co-worker, and wanted to marry her. I said ok and began the process of moving out.” 

She said that luckily she had her place where she could stay so she decided to go there. After taking all of her things, including everything she paid for, she simply left. 

She was also smart enough to get herself a lawyer to represent her. Since she works at a law firm, her colleague agreed to help her in the process. You would think that this is where the story ends, but actually it’s just starting!

He expected her to fight for him

Even though her husband was the one to file for divorce, he turned out to be more mad than her. She wrote:

“My husband contacted me a couple of weeks ago, angry that I had taken all of my things and moved out. He was even more angry that I didn’t have any emotional response and didn’t ‘fight for him.’ I explained that there was no use throwing a tantrum about divorce and that I take time to process things.”

This really hurt his ego so he accused her of being cold and started insulting her in multiple ways. But it didn’t end there. 

After their hearing at the court, the insulting continued. He not only called her ugly names but also claimed she was cheating on him with her attorney. She finished her post by saying she’s happy she divorced him even though he now seems to regret it. What a surprise!

She handled the divorce like a boss!

Being presented with divorce papers is surely not a pleasant feeling. However, acting crazy and desperate will not get you anywhere. If anything it can only make the other side more satisfied. That’s why it’s always interesting to see someone surprised because you didn’t react in the way they expected. 

This lady set an example of how divorce should be handled! Don’t give them the satisfaction of begging them to stay, because that’s exactly what they want.

Reddit users also came through with their support for the woman saying she definitely broke this man’s fragile ego! Someone commented:

“He leaves you for someone else and then gets mad that you don’t scream and cry for him, not because he would consider changing his mind, but because he wanted the ego boost.”

Others praised her for her confidence and she even replied by saying it took her years to become confident enough to act in this way and that her colleagues at the law firm helped her become stronger. 

At the end of this wild experience, she also came to a conclusion that he was probably jealous of her attorney. She added:

“My colleague is everything that my STBX is not. He has a stable job, owns a house, drives a nice car, is pretty conventionally attractive, and has confidence. I think my STBX is jealous and I didn’t realize that.”

Well, this surely explains a lot of things, don’t you think? I even wonder if there ever was a co-worker he wanted to leave her for or if it was part of his plan and failed attempt to make her not only jealous but desperate and begging as well.

Or…hear me out! He was just testing the waters and never expected her to say yes to divorce but instead stay by his side and tolerate his crappy behavior as some women do. 

What is your opinion? Should she have reacted differently?