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Surprise Visit Gone Wrong Makes This Couple’s Story Go Viral

Surprise Visit Gone Wrong Makes This Couple’s Story Go Viral

What is the funniest surprise fail you’ve had in your relationships? Here’s what happened to me when I wanted to throw a surprise party for my boyfriend’s birthday.

The night before, I worked hard to decorate the room I booked at the University’s Technology Park. I invited all our friends to be there 30 minutes before, ready to scream “Happy Birthday!” when he entered the room.

I told him to meet me at the tech park at 8 pm, as I would be finishing one research project. We were all tense waiting for him to come so we could start the show. At 08.30 pm I realized something wasn’t right and called him.

He told me he couldn’t find me and went to the library. I went to the library but couldn’t find him there either, and called again. He answered laughing and I learned that while I was heading to the library he came back to the tech-park and he actually surprised all our friends.

We failed to perform the show! 😀

Talking about surprises that went wrong, let me tell you a hilarious story that might seem like a movie script, but it really happened to one couple and made them kind of famous on the internet.

They were going in opposite directions for the same thing

A woman named Salma Saade tweeted a funny anecdote on Twitter (now X):

“Happy 4 year anniversary to when I flew to Edinburgh to surprise Finlay and he flew to Paris to surprise me and this is why we don’t do surprises anymore.”

She explained she came a day early to Edinburgh, planning to surprise her boyfriend Finlay, and texted his roommate Adam to check if Finlay was in his flat. This is the hilarious response she got from Adam:

“Lmao, he just flew to Paris. Like to do the same thing. Like Literally.” 

Salma thought Adam was joking, but when he assured her that Finlay really flew to Paris to surprise her she couldn’t believe it. 

Credit: @SalmaSaade

“Turns out we were in Edinburgh Airport at the same time going in opposite directions.” 

You’ll laugh your head off at this screenshot of their texts when they realized what had happened. I mean can you imagine they were at the same airport at the same time? 

Credit: @SalmaSaade

Salma also shared a screenshot of Finlay’s Facebook post when he realized he wouldn’t find her in Paris.

Credit: @SalmaSaade

You can see some of the comments here. Someone wrote they “are clearly soulmateswhile another was making jokes about the pollution their love causes to the planet 😀.

Everyone on Twitter was convinced they’re “clearly soulmates”

Credit: @SalmaSaade

Twitter community went crazy over this “anniversary anecdote” and people started sharing similar stories:

“Just like the time my girlfriend bought a nice new chain for my pocket watch that I sold to buy a nice beret for her hair that she sold to buy me the watch chain.” 

Some remembered similar storylines in “Friends”, haha I love that episode: 

“Hilarious btw anyone else reminded of that episode of Friends where Ross flew to London to fight for Emily while she flew back to New York to tell him she loved him?” 

One user also referred to ‘New Girl’ comparing one episode with what has happened to them: 

“I thought of the ‘New Girl’ episode where Jess decides to follow Ryan to London but he decides he wants to spend the holiday with her so he flies back to Los Angeles to surprise her.” 

They’ve got some Netflix dramedy ideas as well:

“Hahaha, this is just beyond words! When’s your new romantic dramedy dropping on Netflix?“

Life writes the most incredible stories, and oftentimes unbelievable scripts we see in the movies are greatly inspired by true events.