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Wait For The Man Who’ll Never Make You Wait

Wait For The Man Who’ll Never Make You Wait

Wherever you look, you’re bombarded with advice on what your perfect man should be like.

Everyone keeps telling you how this guy should look, how he should behave, how he should treat you, how much money he should earn and so on.

Well, I’m here to burst your bubble and tell you the truth—you’ll never find a perfect guy, so you might as well stop trying.

After all, you’re nowhere near perfection yourself so it would mean you’re searching for someone out of your league.

So, guess what? It is completely irrelevant discussing this man’s earnings or savings, his education, about whether he is taller than you, if he’s handsome or is carrying some extra pounds or about his romantic history.

Don’t get me wrong—you have the complete right to look into each one of these things but they’re all a matter of your personal taste and at the end of the day, they don’t matter as much as others think they do.

Nevertheless, there is one thing I will beg you to pay special attention to when it comes to the man next to whom you’ll spend the rest of your life.

Wait for a man who will never make you wait; everyone else is unworthy of your time, effort, energy and patience.

Don’t settle for less than a guy who won’t make you wait before he labels things between you two.

Stop wasting time on men who lead you on for ages without ever committing or making your relationship exclusive.

Wait for a man who won’t make you wait for his text or call back, a birthday card or a simple, “I love you.”

Wait for a man who won’t make you wait for him to put you first, to be ready or to give you back the effort he’s been getting from you.

Wait for a man who will never stand you up or leave you hanging.

Who will never make you wonder how he feels about you or what he will do next.

Instead of all of these almosts, wait for the one who will give you the title of his girlfriend from the very start.

For the one who will proudly take your hand in front of the entire world and who will make sure he catches you before someone else does.

Be patient until a man who will be sure about you from day one comes along.

A man who won’t have any doubts about your relationship, who won’t treat you like one of his options and who won’t have trouble making up his mind about his intentions toward you.

Stay single until a man who will have the decency to choose you, without thinking about it twice, comes along.

A man who would never compare you to some other girls and who would never make you feel as if you should compete for his attention.

Wait for a guy who will never make you wait for him to change his ways. For a guy who won’t expect you to save him and chase away his demons.

Wait for a man who won’t expect you to patiently sit around while he is somewhere living the life of a bachelor.

Who won’t come to you after everyone else bails on him and who will only call you in his time of need because he knows you’re the only one who will give him a hand, no matter what.

Be patient for a guy who won’t make you wait for him to grow up and to get his shit together.

A guy who won’t expect you to be his mother and who will never ask you to lead him through life and take all of its burdens only on your back.

A real man will be mature enough to walk shoulder to shoulder with you, won’t be intimidated by how much you can accomplish and will be there to push you forward instead of putting you down.

Wait for a man who won’t make you wait or beg for his love and attention. For a man who will know he wants you from the very moment he sees you.