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47 Meaningful Tattoos For Moms That Will Melt Your Heart

Are you a proud mom who wants to pay tribute to your kids? Or maybe you want to honor your mother, the person who gave you life and who was always there for you?

Perhaps you want to pay tribute to your hero who sadly passed away, by doing something that’ll show how much you’re grateful to her for everything she did for you?

Then hurry up and book an appointment with a tattoo artist because the best way to do so is through body art, as tattoos for moms are deep and meaningful tributes.

Still, don’t hurry too much, because there is a hard part, which is choosing the perfect tattoo design.

If you want to make your tattoo meaningful, you can always personalize it with a name or a special date.

I advise you to carefully choose your tattoo artist and tattoo design, especially if it is going to be your first tattoo. As I like to say, think before you ink; after all, it’s going to be on your body forever.

If you are looking for the perfect mom tattoo, keep reading to find inspiration for the perfect design.

Tattoo ideas for moms who want to get inked

I know that all moms will agree with me that becoming a mother is the most special feeling in the world. We are so grateful to God for giving us the blessed privilege of becoming a mother.

We are also grateful to our kids for making us mothers and that’s why getting a tattoo to honor our kiddos has become a trend, especially with new moms and celebrity moms.

Here are some of the best tattoos for all moms and moms-to-be out there.

1. Stars tattoo in Heidi Klum’s style


This large tattoo on Heidi Klum’s forearm represents her ex-husband and her four children. The name tattoo says ‘Seal’, her ex-husband.

The four stars after the name stand for her four children.

She also personalized the tattoo by putting the initial letter of each child’s name at the center of every star, so there is ‘L’ for Helene (whose nickname is ‘Leni’), ‘H’ for Henry, ‘J’ for Johan and ‘L’ for Lou.

2. The initial letter of your kid’s name behind your ear


This simple tattoo is so Adele’s style. She has the letter A behind her ear, which stands for her son Angelo. If you want a small tattoo that’s not that visible, this is the perfect tattoo for you.

3. Your kid’s name tattooed on your hand


Name tattoos are timeless and they’ll be a trend forever. You can play with the design, put it in cursive or something like that.

Again, we sought inspiration from Adele. She didn’t think that the letter behind her ear was enough so she had another tattoo for her son. This time, she tattooed his name, Angelo, on her right hand.

Adela also has ‘Paradise’ inked on her left hand. She explained once that those two tattoos are connected because this one symbolizes that her son Angelo is her paradise.

4. Your kid’s zodiac constellation tattoo

Via Instagram @jessicaalba

A small zodiac constellation tattoo is always super cute, as Jessica Alba knows because she has inked it on her left forearm.

If you’re a zodiac fan, you can use your children’s zodiac signs as inspiration for your tattoo. You can put it wherever you want because this tattoo is so cute that it’s impossible not to like it.

5. Birthdate tattoo designs


This is one of the most popular designs among all the mom tattoos. You can ink your child’s birthdate in Roman numerals or a pretty watercolor texture. The design is up to you.

Chrissy Teigen inked the birthdates of her kids, Luna and Miles, and everyone loves it and she also inked the birthdays of her mother, father and husband.

6. Coordinates tattoo

Via Pinterest @stylebistro

If you’re into geography, you can ink the coordinates of a specific location that means something important for you and your kids. For example, you can ink the coordinates of their birthplaces.

Angelina Jolie is one of the celebrities to choose this tattoo design. She inked the coordinates of the locations where she adopted each of her children.

7. Baby footprint tattoo

Via Pinterest @jessicaall

Newborn baby footprints are honestly the cutest things ever. If you get them inked somewhere on your body, you’ll get a lasting memory.

The design is customizable, which means that you can get a unique design that will remind you of that happy day when you gave birth to a tiny human being.

8. Personalized baby footprint tattoo


Oh, so sweet! This tattoo looks even cuter if you ink your child’s name or their date of birth alongside the tattoo.

You can always lose the footprints they gave you at the hospital but by getting them inked on your body is how you’ll be sure that you won’t lose them. Also, when your kids grow up, it’ll be a great memory for them.

9. Butterfly baby footprint tattoo


Why not play with the design a little bit and put together your baby’s footprints and make them look like a butterfly?

It looks breathtaking.

You can add a little color to it to make it more special and unique—pink if it’s a baby girl or blue for a baby boy.

10. Family portrait tattoo

Via Instagram @phoebej_tattoos

You can get a tattoo that features the whole family. Include your husband, your kids and even your pets, if you have any, because they’re also a part of the family.

This could also be a perfect matching family tattoo that you can get together with your husband. You can use a photo from your family album or you can even draw your family portrait yourself.

11. Personalized tattoo with the details of your kid’s birth

Via Instagram @charllesveraztattoo

This is another great personalized design for all moms out there. Include all the birth details you want and you’ll get a personalized and special tattoo.

This one includes all the details of the child’s birth, including the weight, size, birthdate, time of birth and even the city where the baby was born.

12. The first time I held you in my arms tattoo

Via Instagram @ink_brostattoo

If you want to mark that special moment when you held your baby in your arms for the first time, then this is the perfect tattoo for you.

You can choose the design and colors, like this one, which has some beautiful, colorful flowers. This one features the date of the baby’s birth but you can also add your baby’s name or some other meaningful detail to it.

13. Personalized child tattoo for a mom

Via Instagram @sangreytintatattoostudios

Find a sketch you like or draw one yourself and add your baby’s name or some other detail. Play with the colors and design and voila, you have the perfect mom tattoo.

14. Angel tattoo design

Via Pinterest @macanata8

Every mother thinks her child is an angel and that’s why angels have always been very popular when it comes to getting a tattoo that will honor your kid.

This cherub design is gentle and sweet. You can personalize your angel baby tattoo just like this one because the name of the baby is also added next to the cherub.

Perfect tattoos to honor your mom

If you are looking for a special present for Mother’s Day or your mom’s birthday, then you are in the right place.

Getting a tattoo for your mom is going to show her how grateful you are for everything she has done and still does for you every day.

Here are some perfect designs that will instantly make you want to get a tattoo for your mother.

15. Heart tattoo

Via Instagram @brian_oshei_tattoos

We all carry our mother in our heart wherever we go and this tattoo symbolizes exactly that. You can add your mother’s name in the middle or you can leave it like this because it’s beautiful as it is.

16. Minimalist wrist tattoo

Via Pinterest @leasious

This is a simple and minimalist tattoo that’s topped off with a little heart that gives it an even cuter look.

17. Your mom’s birth year tattoo


Why wouldn’t you ink the year when the most important person in your life was born?

You can choose the style you like and put the tattoo wherever you want. This person put the year when her mother was born on the fingers of her right hand.

18. Heart-touching scroll tribute tattoo


If you like big and visible tattoos and you want to pay tribute to your mother and thank her for everything she has done for you, then this is the perfect tattoo for you.

19. My queen my mother tattoo

Via Facebook @origami-ink

Our mothers are actually our queens. This is undoubtedly one of the best tattoo ideas to honor your mother. Give your mother the crown she deserves with a tattoo like this one.

20. Your mom’s portrait tattoo


Find an appropriate picture of your mother and take it to your tattoo artist. Getting a tattoo of her portrait will most definitely bring a smile to her face.

21. Tattoo in honor of your hero

Via Pinterest @lucywright47

Who is your real-life hero? I know, it’s your mother. That’s why this design makes the perfect tattoo to honor your mother for always protecting you and fighting for you.

Tattoos for moms with quotes

After choosing the main part of your tattoo, the design, you can add a lyric from a song that means something to you both or a meaningful quote.

Adding a quote to the tattoo is a great way to give it a personal touch. Here are some great quote tattoos to spark your inspiration.

22. ‘I am because you are’ tattoo

Via Pinterest @jenahtbaba

This wonderful tattoo says it all. For everything we are in life, we owe it to our parents but especially to our mom.

She is the one who nurtured us our whole life and who taught us everything we know. This is a very special dedication to the most special person in our life.

23. Gratitude tattoo


This quote tattoo idea is so powerful. Believe me, there is no better way to show your mother how grateful you are than by getting a tattoo like this.

Of course, the design is again up to you, so you can choose a different font or style or even add a little drawing to the top of it.

24. Simple ‘I love you mom’ tattoo


I am sure you’ve told your mother a million times by now that you love her but saying it through body art is something completely different.

One thing you should know about tattoos is that the size of the tattoo is least important. This perfect simple tattoo carries such a deep meaning and that’s what counts.

25. Thank you tattoo

Via Pinterest @maiquele

No matter how many times you thank your mother for giving you life and raising you, you’ll never thank her enough or be able to repay her for everything she has given you.

This is a much better way to show your gratitude than by just saying, “Thank you.” It’s going to be on your body forever, which shows that you’re forever grateful to her.

26. ‘You’re still here’ memorial infinity symbol tattoo

Via Pinterest @albujardeslauri

If your mother has died but you still can’t make peace with it, you must know that she is always there with you. This memorial tattoo will serve as a great reminder for that.

27. Angel wings design tattoo

Via Pinterest @henrylopez3152

I know that losing a mother is the greatest pain of all but at least you have a guardian angel. She will continue to care for you from heaven.

Indeed, our mothers in heaven are nothing but our guardian angels so give your mom the angel wings she deserves.

28. ‘Never forgotten, forever loved’ tattoo

Via Pinterest @jennfrie2

The pain will ease, some memories will fade over the years but you’ll never forget your mother and the love you feel for her will never fade away. This heart-touching memorial tattoo speaks for itself.

29. Heart-touching memorial tattoo for a mother


You can get a tattoo of your mother’s grave and put a little cross on it to keep her safe. On this tattoo, there is also an angel, the year of her birth and the year of her death.

30. Memorial bird design with dates tattoo

Via Pinterest @pat108

It’s like this tattoo is saying that she is finally free to fly as high as she wants and wherever she wants.

Your mom never left you, she just flew to the heavens to watch you and protect you from up there and this tattoo means exactly that.

Matching mother-daughter tattoos

The bond between a mother and child is unbreakable. There’s nothing as special or unique as the bond between a mother and a daughter. They are each other’s best friend forever.

Matching tattoos are the perfect way to show how strong your bond is so check out these perfect mother-daughter tattoos.

31. Beautiful matching mother-daughter tattoo


This is a beautiful way to show how strong your bond is and the words on these tattoos are just wonderful. With these tattoos, you’ll be a mother-daughter goal for sure!

32. ‘I love you more…’ tattoo


This is a very sweet design and the only problem could be agreeing on who loves whom more.

33. Mother-daughter tattoo design

Via Instagram @B9ld0Bohiir

This matching tattoo idea for mothers and daughters is simply adorable. Gentle colors and this butterfly shape make this design even cuter.

34. Greatness tattoo design

Via Instagram @brittachristiansen

If you want to show how strong and powerful your bond is, then this design is a must-do for you. It shows how thankful both of you are for having each other.

35. ‘You are my sunshine’ tattoo

Via Pinterest @GlimmerGoddesss

We already know that both of you love each other more than anything else but why wouldn’t you also show it through body art? This matching tattoo idea is a great way to do so.

36. Colorful rose tattoo

Via Pinterest @katherinelwake

This is a very cute wrist tattoo design. A fred rose symbolizes love and it makes this design the perfect choice for matching mother-daughter tattoos.

37. ‘Like mother, like daughter’ tattoo

Via Pinterest @savannafusco

Why not show the world how proud you are of the resemblances between you two?

This beautiful design is the perfect chance to do so and these little baby elephants make this design even more beautiful.

38. Mother holding her daughter tattoo

Via Pinterest @hannahallmann73

This beautiful ankle tattoo is a symbol of a mother holding her daughter because that’s what all mothers do; hold us while we are babies and keep protecting us forever.

39. The everlasting bond between mother and daughter tattoo

Via Pinterest @lovesaranbharathi

This is another cute tattoo idea for mothers and daughters. It has the meaningful message ‘our bond is everlasting’ written below the image.

40. Lovely butterfly design tattoo

Via Pinterest @pixielicious

This is an excellent idea for a mother-daughter matching tattoo, as it’s how you’ll show your mother your appreciation.

She is the one who gave you life and taught you everything you needed to know about life.

41. Infinity symbol tattoo

Via Pinterest @nicoledejesus080

This is a very simple yet meaningful design. The infinity symbol is a symbol of unlimited and unconditional love, which is exactly the kind of love between a mother and a daughter.

42. Meaningful song lyrics tattoo

Via Pinterest @eribomb10

If you have a song that’s important to you both or some lyrics that you both like, then you should use them your matching tattoos.

For example, the lyrics on this tattoo are from Carole King’s song ‘Where You Lead’ and it just looks stunning.

43. To the moon and back tattoo

Via Pinterest @lmstanton1997

There is no need to explain this one. You love each other the most and this tattoo would only confirm that.

Tattoos for moms and sons

Here are some mom-son tattoos that will show you how powerful and strong the relationship between a mother and her son is.

44. The mama bear instinct tattoo

Via Instagram @royalsixtattooparlor

This is a powerful design because all mothers are truly like mama bears; they are ready to do whatever it takes to protect their kiddos.

45. To infinity and beyond tattoo

Via Instagram @microz11

The love between a mother and a son can’t be measured; they truly love each other to infinity and beyond. That’s why this tattoo is the perfect choice for matching mother-son tattoos.

46. Heartbeat tattoo

Via Pinterest @mahsen1472

This is a subtle but very powerful design, which means that they’ll love each other until the last beats of their hearts.

47. Personalized heart matching tattoos


This is a very popular tattoo for mothers and sons. It’s just adorable and by adding each other’s name, it looks even more beautiful.

If you want to show gratitude to your mother, you’re a mother who wants to get inked in honor of her children or maybe you want a matching tattoo for you and your kid, then have another look at our above great collection of tattoos for moms.

We’re sure it’ll give you inspiration for what you’re looking for.