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You Might Be A Mess, But Someone Will Love You For It

You Might Be A Mess, But Someone Will Love You For It

You probably have this habit of looking at yourself in the mirror and wondering if you deserve to be loved.

Heck, you probably do this kind of thing all the time.

You probably tell yourself how you’re not good enough, how everyone else is doing well and you can’t seem to get out of your own mess.

All you see when you look at yourself are your flaws. All you see are the reasons why you don’t deserve to be loved.

It started with some small imperfections and now it’s so widespread that you can’t get rid of it.

God knows when the last time was that you looked at yourself in the mirror and told yourself how pretty you are or how well you’re doing in life.

You say you’re a mess and how you’re lost and I say: “So what?” So what?

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You won’t stay a mess forever. You won’t be lost forever.

Even though you feel like you can’t get your head straight now, even if you feel stuck and that everyone is ahead of you, it doesn’t mean you’re a lost cause. Because you’re not.

You might think you don’t deserve to be loved. You might think that nobody will ever love you the way you are now.

That nobody will bother looking beyond your mess or try to see you for who you really are.

That nobody will care to see that you can be better than you are or think that you have a bright future. But you’re wrong once again.

See, the truth is you’re only capable of seeing yourself as a mess now. You only see your flaws and you have this feeling like everyone is doing better than you are.

But the truth is we are all a bit of a mess. We’re all a bit messed up, too. And we’re all destined to find love despite this.

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There will be someone who will want to hear about the things that go on in your head.

There will be someone who will want to listen to all the stories about why you’re a mess and what’s going on with you.

There will be someone who’ll see you like everything that person was looking for. Mark these words.

When you look in the mirror, you think: “Who will ever fall for me?” You keep wondering how come you had to turn out that way.

How is it possible that it’s you that has to fight for everything and how is it that you never got anything easy in life?

Often you feel like losing it, you feel like you’ve had enough and how you can’t do it anymore.

But be that as it may, you’re are not a quitter. You are a fighter. How else would you have come so far in life?

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Some days you thought you were done. That you can’t do it anymore and how you’re going to lose it.

But yet, here you are. Well and alive—in your messy life, with your messy head but standing firmly on the ground.

The best part is, someone will come along and see all this. Someone will see all your battles, all your struggles and all the times you fell down, but got right up.

Someone won’t see you as a disaster but as someone who fights with all her strength to keep her head above the water.

Someone will admire you from the bottom of his heart. Someone will love everything you hate about yourself.

Someone will see your scars and decide to kiss them. Someone will see all your mess and decide to stay.

He won’t try to change you. He won’t try to unmess you or solve your problems. He won’t try to save you.

He will  just be there to hold your hand, to show you he loves you despite what you think, to show you that you’re an amazing human being despite the things you keep telling yourself.

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Someone will walk into your life, see your mess and stay. See your mess and thank God for sending you his way just the way you are.

Someone will love your mess more than some people would love your perfections.

That someone will wait until you unmess yourself. He will accept your ugly sides as happily as he accepts your beautiful sides.

And it doesn’t matter if it takes you a lifetime to unmess yourself. It doesn’t matter if you never unmess yourself.

He’ll sign up for it, for all of it. He’ll love you for it, for all of it.

You will be loved just the way you are—the lost you, the messy you, the you that even you don’t love.

All your flaws will be loved, all your scars will be kissed, all your battles will be admired.

Because that’s how we all deserve to be loved. You too, even if you have a hard time believing it at the moment.

You Might Be A Mess, But Someone Will Love You For It