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8 Mistakes People Make When They Realize Their Relationship Is Wrong, Instead Of Just Ending It

8 Mistakes People Make When They Realize Their Relationship Is Wrong, Instead Of Just Ending It

We all should be aware of the fact that not all relationships are meant to last forever.

Sometimes you’ll realize that your relationship isn’t going the way you wanted it to and the only thing to do, the only reasonable choice for you, would be to end it right away.

Yes, that might hurt your partner but trust me, if you drag it out some more and pretend that everything’s okay, you’ll hurt them even more.

Here are some things, some very wrong things, that people do when they realize that their relationship isn’t the real deal.

The only thing they get this way is hurting their partner deeply.

They start avoiding their partner

They don’t want to open up to their partner and speak directly about their problems, so they don’t know how to behave around them.

They think that avoiding their partner is their only choice.

They want to seem distant to their partner as they think that is going to make them break up with them first and that they’ll be less hurt.

It’s so wrong. Honest communication is always the best choice anyone has.

The blame game is on

They start a blame game with their partner and somehow, they always win. With every disagreement or problem in their relationship, they start blaming their partner.

They never want to admit when they have made a mistake or seek their partner’s forgiveness; instead, they always want them to apologize first.

They just want to put their significant other under such pressure and leave them with only one option and that is breaking up with them.

They tell other people they’re single

They start behaving like they’re single and they tell their friends and family that they’re no longer in a relationship.

They probably think that it’s going to be less painful for their partner to find it out from other people but the fact is, it’s going to hurt them even more.

They create unnecessary drama all the time

They’ll start arguing with their partner over some stupid little things.

Their partner won’t be able to please them anymore and no matter what they do or say, it won’t be good enough for their other half, who’s using these sneaky ways to put an end to their romantic relationship.

With all this unnecessary drama, they just want to create a toxic emotional environment and make their significant others end their relationship.

Making their partner jealous is their main job now

If they’ve been in a relationship for some time, then they know their partner and the things that bother them the most.

If their partner has always been a little bit jealous, that’s the first thing they’ll use.

They’ll try to make them jealous first with some small things, like hiding their phone or going out every night but then if that doesn’t work, they’ll start flirting with other people in front of them.

They cut off communication

They’ll start avoiding them as much as they can. They’ll start canceling plans or stop going to the places where they go.

But the thing that’s going to bother their partner the most is that they’ll try to cut off all communication they had.

They’ll stop replying to their calls and messages, even though they’ll be active on their social media, and we all know that can make us all crazy.

Any type of abuse is involved

This one is the worst. How can abusing someone emotionally or in any other way can be easier than talking to them and telling them directly that you want to break up?

If you ever even cared for that person, you won’t allow them to go through that.

They will survive the break-up and heal from it sooner or later but the emotional abuse is going to leave consequences on their heart and mind for the rest of their life.

They start seeing other people

Break up with your other half, leave them via a message or any other way you can but don’t ever cheat on them and start seeing other people while you’re still in a relationship.

It’s easier to be direct with someone even though it’s going to hurt them than to live with knowing that you broke someone’s heart just because you weren’t man enough to tell them the truth.

When it comes to breaking up with someone, especially if you know that person still loves you, there are no white lies or any easy ways to leave them.

There’s only one way; to be honest with them and tell them how you really feel and that the best thing for both of you would be ending your relationship.

Yes, someone will be hurt but that’s the only way neither one of you will be left with a broken heart.