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My Heart Is Tired Of Your Mixed Signals

If you don’t want me, just tell me. I can handle it. It’s a better option than letting me overthink everything to the point where I just give up.

My heart is not for someone who’s unsure if he wants it. I worked too damn hard to be treated like this. My heart is for someone who can be devoted to me.

Someone who can accept me fully. One who isn’t afraid to commit and calls me his.

My heart is not for the weak. I’m a strong woman and I want a strong man who knows what he wants.

I want a man who can touch my heart and make it happy, not tired. A man who thinks big and loves big. A man who isn’t afraid to take a risk; one who does what he says no matter the outcome.

A man who will always choose me.

I’m tired of pretending I understand your games. I don’t and I don’t want to.

I’m tired of random text messages sent out of the blue and then disappearing afterward. The only thing you want is attention and I’m done wasting it on you.

I’m tired of you talking to me but never making the first move. What is that supposed to mean? Do you want me or not?

I’m tired of having the best time with you and then not hearing from you. It feels like you’re some other person as soon as we can’t see each other.

I’m tired of you saying one thing and then doing another; that’s the kind of selfish behavior I can’t tolerate anymore.

I’m tired of thinking there are maybe other girls you’re talking to. I don’t deserve that.

If you need space, then don’t text me. If you’re not ready for a relationship, then don’t take me out on dates.

If you don’t want me to date other people, then call me your girlfriend.

Your inconsistency has almost made me question my common sense.

When I confront you, you say I have misunderstood something. I don’t think so. You’re the one with the problem and you should work it out.

If you’re not ready to commit, say it. If you’re afraid to commit and you deal with it by pushing people away, then say so.

I’m not clingy, I’m not too attached. I’m a perfectly normal woman just wanting to be loved like I deserve to be loved.

I’m not a booty call. I’m not your option. I’m not someone you can lead on.

I won’t be overlooked, then suddenly showered with attention out of nowhere.

Your mixed signals are now clear! You don’t deserve me and I’m better off without you.

I’m worthy of effort. I’m worthy of being cared for. I want to be spoiled by my lover.

I want my heart to be safe and my body to be held with love and passion.

Life’s too short to waste it on a man who can’t decide what he wants.

I’ve been through enough to know I deserve someone better than you.

I can’t settle for a date with no effort, calling only when you need me or doing the work for you.

Your mixed signals mean that you care but only when you need me. That’s not enough.

They mean that I’m your backup plan.

Well, this backup plan hasn’t worked for you. Go find someone else.

I deserve to be someone’s life plan.

When you’re someone’s life plan, they have nothing to hold back or hide. They are persistent in their goals.

They communicate with you in a kind, authentic and loving way.

With them, you’re going to finally be yourself.

I don’t want to waste my days wondering if I’m just someone’s toy– I want to be someone’s everything.

That’s why I’m shutting off your mixed signals.

From now on, all I want to be getting is a clear signal. A clear signal that I’m loved as I am and enough as I am. Someone to fearlessly pursue me.

I want to live my life sure that my partner loves me with all their heart and sees no one but me. I deserve to be their one and only.

I want my heart to be filled with love and joy. I’m too young to feel tired.

That’s why I have decided to leave you in the past and make a place for a man who will love me like there’s no tomorrow.