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This Is Why You Need To Talk About Sex With Your Man

This Is Why You Need To Talk About Sex With Your Man

Sex is undeniably one of the most important—and indeed one of the best—parts of a relationship. There’s nothing more exciting than exploring sex with a new partner to whom you’re incredibly attracted, and growing together sexually as you enjoy discovering what makes the other tick.

Similarly, having sex with a long-term partner who knows your body inside out and knows exactly how to turn you on is something that many single people dream about.

Sex is one of the things that separates a great relationship from being simply a great friendship and is one of the primary ways we show affection to one another when we’re in a relationship.

Not only that, but sex is an incredibly personal thing, and each and every person has a different set of things which turn them on. We all like to be touched in different ways, we all like to hear different phrases uttered when we’re in the mood, we all have different levels of sauciness that get us going.

However, if you aren’t open and honest about what it is that pushes your buttons, there’s a chance that the person you’re having sex with might never truly know how to get you going.

Your partner is not a mind reader after all, so a discussion about sex is imperative for you to secure some amazing sex in your relationship—for both you AND him.

On the other hand, sometimes, you can be so attracted to someone but they just don’t quite hit the spot. Whether they haven’t quite got the right motion to get you going during foreplay, they’re saying something which turns them on but makes you cringe, or perhaps they aren’t as animated as you need, there are a number of reasons why you might not be having the best sex you could be. This is completely within your control, and by simply opening up about your desires, you could be on a one-way road to mind-blowing sex with your other half.

Ladies – strap in, because THIS is why you need to talk to your man about sex.


1. It’s erotic to engage in conversation about sex

It’s impossible to deny—talking about sex is sexy. Talking about sex with someone you’re incredibly attracted to is even sexier. If you want to take sex with your man to the next level, then TALK to him about sex.

Tell him what you want. Invite him to talk about what he wants. Regular conversation about sex will inspire you to get down and dirty regularly—and trust us, this certainly isn’t a bad thing.


2. It might spice up your sex life

Talking about sex with your man might just help spice up your sex life. You might be particularly turned on by something you’d been too embarrassed to say to your partner, and as such, you’ll never get to live out your fantasies in the bedroom.

Tell him what turns you on and let him tell you what gets him going. You never know, you might have even more in common than you’d originally thought!

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3. You can guarantee your own pleasure

The best thing about telling your partner what you need in the bedroom is that you are GUARANTEEING your own pleasure. You’ll be telling your partner exactly what it is that you know you love, and giving him an opportunity to push all of your buttons.

If he doesn’t quite get exactly what you’re saying after your initial chat, then it gives you a great chance to practice. So, get to it!



4. You’ll give him an opportunity to express what he likes

Similarly, by initiating a conversation about sex, you’ll be giving your partner the opportunity to let you know exactly what it is that HE likes when it comes to the bedroom department.

This gives you a better idea of what turns him on, what he likes that you d,o and ways that you can take things to the next level together.


5. It helps you work on your own techniques to please him

Talking about sex with your man gives you the perfect platform to ask him which techniques of yours are his favourite. It also helps you to pick up hints and tips that you might not yet have tried out on him, allowing you to truly perfect your sex techniques and please him endlessly.

Ladies, we all want to please our men in the bedroom—so why not ask them what it is they want?

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6. It will strengthen your bond as a couple

Having an open and honest discussion about sex will work wonders for your relationship in so many ways. Being able to trust each other enough to talk about your feelings, your desires and what you’d like to explore with each other in the bedroom creates an amazing atmosphere for your partnership.

Being able to talk about these intimate and personal things allow you to grow together as a couple, trusting each other endlessly. It also helps you to have the best sex possible—which is another thing that will strengthen your bond together.

Bottom line, if you want to have the best relationship, the best sex, and the best atmosphere with your partner, you just have to talk to him about sex.

Encouraging an open and honest environment to discuss your deepest and darkest sexual desires will help both of you to grow together, securing the perfect environment for a loving and lasting relationship simply FULL of amazing sex. What could possibly be better than that?