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Never Let Go Of A Woman Who Does These 10 Things

Never Let Go Of A Woman Who Does These 10 Things

Finding the right one is not an easy game for men, either. Yes, there are some of us still out there ready to commit and be devoted to just one woman.

Sadly, in spite of our good intentions, we stumble upon women who are, to put it mildly, simply not worth our time.

But there are women out there who should be treated like the most precious treasures we could ever find. They will show you in actions that they are worth everything you are giving them and even more.

They will show you that life is about simple things that mean the world. They will show you the true meaning of being happy.

This is how you will recognize a woman who you should never let go of:

Handles your flaws

We are all flawed, no exceptions. We all have our positive and negative sides.

We all have our carefree days and ugly outbursts of emotions. All we need is someone who will cherish our brightness and be able to handle our darkness.

Someone who will simply understand where we are coming from. Someone who won’t judge.

Loves in a way that makes you feel free

One of my biggest fears, and I believe most men will agree, is to feel chained by a relationship.

So if you find a woman who has her own life but makes you it’s the most important part, stick by her side.

She will respect your privacy. She will understand your need to spend time with your friends, too. She won’t check up on you every fifteen minutes.

She will let you breathe. By giving you space, she will make you miss her every time you are apart.

Trusts you completely

A relationship is not worth your efforts if there is no trust. Life would be unbearable if you had to justify your every move; if you have someone breathing down your neck and accusing you of cheating for no apparent reason.

Lack of trust gives room for jealousy to grow, and it inevitably suffocates your relationship. If you have someone you trust completely and someone who trusts you completely, you are headed for the stars.

Laughs at your jokes

It’s a typically male thing to say, but there is no better feeling in the world than making a woman laugh with her whole heart. A shared sense of humor is more important than it might seem at first.

It shows that you are on the same page, that you get each other and have your own language.

Turns boring into fun

If Netflix and chill time with your girlfriend is something you are looking forward to at the end of the day, then look for no other.

If just by being there she can make your whole world light up, she is a keeper. Being close to her will bring you a sense of joy.

You will realize that boring stuff like grocery shopping, cleaning or making dinner are actually fun when she is around.

Has faith in you

There is nothing a man cannot do when a woman he loves believes in him. A woman who believes in you when you start doubting yourself is one you should cherish.

A few words of encouragement from her will let you know she is there for you—no matter the outcome. The sole fact that she believes in you will be enough to make you more persistent and more determined in achieving your goals.

Accepts you just the way you are

Thinking that you can change somebody is an illusion. Men don’t need another mother.

They don’t need to be educated. All they need is someone they are compatible with—a woman who takes them as they are.

Of course, that there is room for compromise in a relationship, but the essence of the person stays the same.

If a woman loves you for you and not for who you might become, hold on to her tightly. She is a keeper.

Inspires you

She will do nothing to change you or mold you into some perfect boyfriend stereotype. But she will awaken something in you that will make you do more, be more and do better.

You will get this desire to impress her and by doing it, you will end up bettering and improving your life.

Respects your family and friends

In the best case scenario, a woman you are with will love your friends and family, and get along with them like they are her own.

But there are situations in which our friends or family members are not so easy to be around—not even for us.

She might not like them at all times, but she will respect them and never talk trash about them. By doing so, she will show you that she loves you enough to treat the people that are important to you with respect.

Becomes your safe haven

She will be someone you can turn to, no matter what’s happening in your life. When the news is good or bad, she will be the first person you want to share it with. She will make your worries seem fewer and your happiness even greater.

She will make you feel like you belong right there in her arms. Be smart—don’t take her for granted and never let go of her.

By Owen Scott