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No, It Is Not Your Fault

No, It Is Not Your Fault

This article is about the women who suffer violence. No woman should ever suffer it. On social media, on social networks, in the media, in the newspaper, you will read or see at least one case of violence every day. Most often, we read about violence in the family. The violence is not just physical contact, but also psychological violence.

Women suffer violence in silence mostly because of fear or because of the children. No one’s talking about it, because of the shame; what will your neighbors say about it, your friends, your family? It is a big problem, because people judge.

Very often we hear someone saying, “It is her fault, she asked for it.” Because of that, women would rather suffer in silence and hide it with make-up, a fake smile etc. That is wrong. People will be always like that, they will always judge, but we must think about ourselves.

Another reason for their silence is fear. Most women think if they say something, it will only get worse. When it happens the first time, whether the violence is physical or psychological, you should immediately react. We all think it happened just once, and that it is not going to happen again. But, if it happened once, and no one reacted, then it will likely be repeated.

Because of that, the most important thing to do is to react immediately. Today, there are safe houses that help women in situations like that. There are a lot of cases where women were victims of violence and they contacted the police or went to a safe house, and it saved their lives.

Women should be strong, and say no to violence. Don’t be afraid, you are a woman and you are strong. You deserve to run your life the way you want.