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I Have No More Second Chances To Waste On You

I Have No More Second Chances To Waste On You

The more chances you give someone the less respect they’ll start to have for you. They won’t value what they can continually disrespect. – Trent Shelton

I have never been a fan of second chances. I never believed people can change.

I thought if someone meant any good, they wouldn’t need more than one chance to prove their true face. But I kind of disregarded this when you came along.

I thought you were something else. I thought you were someone special who came along in my life and I thought you’d actually make a difference.

I made this wild assumption that you’d be the love of my life. And for this idea of love, I did crazy things.

I thought what we had was worthy of moving the boundaries and sometimes even forgiving something I’d usually never forgive.

Somehow, I forgot my values. Thanks to my feelings toward you, I totally forgot my personal beliefs. I forgot how I deserved to be treated. And I allowed being treated poorly.

I kept giving you new chances. No matter what you did, somehow I’d keep finding ‘logical’ explanations for them.

I tried so hard to stand in your shoes and to see why you did the things you did. No matter what anyone told me, I wouldn’t let it affect my judgments about you.

You were always right and even if you did some bad things, you definitely didn’t mean them.

It was just some set of circumstances that made you act recklessly as otherwise you wouldn’t do it. I was so naive when it came to you. But I guess we’re all naive a bit when it comes to love.

And all the chances I kept giving you, you kept gambling them away.

I’ve seen so many girls forgiving some things instead of walking away and I swore I’d never let that happen to me.

Somewhere down the road, I forgot about the promise I made myself and I turned out to be like all those girls I judged silently. What can I say, karma truly paid me a visit.

It took me a while to realize that you treated me poorly because I let you.


You have no idea how many times I’d sworn not to allow myself to be treated badly.

I worked so hard on my confidence and I always wanted to ensure that people knew they couldn’t do whatever they wanted with me.

But then it all fell by the wayside and disappeared once you came alone.

The only reason you were able to treat me so poorly is that I allowed you. I let you treat me badly, not consciously of course, but I did.

Each time I didn’t react the way I was supposed to, I was silently complying with your toxic behavior.

Each time I let you get away with your low punches or some nasty words, it was me who gave you the permission to do it again and again.

For a long time, I had no idea that I was the one giving you the green light to do all those things you did to me.

Till now, all I gave you were empty promises, and now I’m done with talking empty. Now you’ll get to see me live up to my promises.

I’m done saying I’ll walk away if I see you texting some random girls. I’m done saying I’ll stop talking to you if you ever say a bad word to me one more time.

I’m done saying I won’t be waiting for you to come back once you walk away from me.

I’m done promising that you only have one more chance and then giving you another and another and another.

The time has come to show you that good girls walk away too. You don’t get to treat me poorly anymore because I’m done letting you treat me poorly.

No more of your jealousy outbursts, no more bringing me down so you’d feel better, no more putting me last and choosing everyone else but me.

I’m done mistaking what you did to me for love. You don’t love me, you don’t even know what love is. I’m done.

I’m done with forgiving you. I’m done with believing that things will be different if I give you one more chance and I’m done letting you lie to me.

I’m done waiting for you to come crawling back to me after everyone else turned their backs on you.

And I’m done giving you second chances. This time for sure, because I’m walking away.

No matter how many chances I’d give you, you’d gamble them away.  No matter how much time you and I had, it wouldn’t change the outcome.

Because you’d keep making the same mistakes over and over again, counting on me letting you get away with it like I did before.

Well, I’m sorry but I have no more second chances to waste on you because, to be honest, you didn’t even deserve the first one.

I’ll save all my chances for someone who’ll never ask for more than one. I’ll save all my chances for a man who won’t lie to me, cheat on me or flirt with other girls.

I’ll save all my chances for a man who knows how worthy I am and who knows that one woman is enough for a whole life.

I’ll save my all chances for someone who won’t ever need a second chance because he’ll make the best of the first one he got.