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If He Does These 9 Things, Don’t Even Think Of Giving Him A Second Chance

If He Does These 9 Things, Don’t Even Think Of Giving Him A Second Chance

Some men don’t deserve a second chance because no matter how many chances you give them, they won’t change.

Before you even think of giving your ex a second chance, think about the reason you broke up.

Think about how he treated you while you dated. Think about all of his mistakes. Think about how he betrayed you.

Think about how you hated yourself because you loved a man like that.

If your man does any of these things, you shouldn’t even think about giving him a second chance It means that you are giving him a second chance to hurt you again.

1. He makes empty promises

Giving you hope through fake promises. He is the best at doing that: in fact, he’s mastered it.

Every time he does something wrong he says that he is sorry and he promises that he won’t do it ever again. Every day he makes a new promise. Every day he does something wrong.

Making those empty promises has become so easy for him and he’s perfected it so well, that you can’t tell if it’s a lie anymore.

That’s because he’s gotten used to being forgiven. Every time you forgive him, it’s a new chance for him to hurt you and lie to you again.

2. He doesn’t want to admit that he was wrong

It’s okay when he doesn’t want to admit a mistake once, but if he doesn’t want to admit it every time he’s at fault, then his pride is more important to him than you are.

And it shouldn’t be like that. Nothing should be more important than you.

He’ll continue to make those same mistakes because in his opinion they aren’t mistakes. He never does anything bad.

But that’s only his opinion. You know the truth and you know how you feel every time he does something bad and doesn’t want to apologize for it.

Don’t let him treat you that way – which he will if you decide to give him another chance.

3. He shows no sign of remorse

He says that he is sorry and that he regrets what he did, but that’s all. He doesn’t even ask you how you feel.

He doesn’t do anything to make you feel better. If he really feels remorse, his words should be followed by actions.

He thinks that his apologies are enough to make things better. He thinks that you’ll immediately forget all about his mistakes and that you’ll move forward right after he said he’s sorry.

You know that nothing will change if you give him another chance. You need to accept that fact to save yourself.

4. He repeats his mistakes

This is the kind of guy that apologizes every time he does something bad and says that he won’t do it again. But that promise is a false one and he knows it.

You love him and because of that, you want to trust him when he says that he won’t do it again. But he did it, again and again, knowing how much it hurts you.

That’s most likely the main reason you broke up with him. Remember, he won’t change even if you give him the second chance.

He thinks that his ‘I’m sorry’ will always make things better and that you’ll always take him back once he’s apologized.

Well, apologies means nothing if he continues doing the same damn thing. It only makes things worse. It means that he is making a fool of you. Don’t give him any more chances to do that.

5. He doesn’t take you seriously anymore

You’ve threatened him so many times with breakup that he doesn’t believe that you’ll do it. So, when you decide that it’s finally over, he still thinks that you’re going to change your mind.

You always come back to him and he thinks you’ll do the same every time you break up. He thinks you’ll always be there no matter how many times he does something bad to you.

It’s happened so many times and the scenario has always been the same. You forgave him and forgot all about the break up like it never even happened.

Show him that you are sick of him and his behavior. Show him that this time you’ve changed the script. Don’t give him any more chances to disrespect you!

6. He takes advantage of your love

He is aware of how much you love him and, unfortunately, it gives him the power to control you. He thinks that he can do whatever he wants because you’re ready to forgive everything just to keep him beside you.

He doesn’t have time for you and he doesn’t even try to make some time because he knows that you won’t get mad.

He does, however, have time to go out with his pals every night. And everything is always about him and his needs. You aren’t important.

But no matter how much you love him, you have to understand that he won’t ever change. He’ll never stop using your love.

He’ll always behave the same way because he thinks that you can’t live without him.

Show him that you can. Don’t even think about giving him any more chances. It’ll completely destroy your self-esteem.

7. He doesn’t want a serious relationship

After some time you started thinking about family life and getting more serious, but he didn’t even want to hear about it.

That’s the reason you decided that it would be better that you both go your separate ways because you obviously don’t want the same things.

But he wants to come back, and you are still in love with him and you don’t know what to do. I’ll tell you one thing, he isn’t going to change his mind and he’ll never have the same future plans as you.

You have to look for your happiness in some other place. You have every right to have your own home, kids… a family. If you give him a second chance, you may miss all those beautiful things.

8. He is still too immature

In the beginning, it was sweet watching him play computer games all day and seeing how excited he got about it. But now you’ve realized that you want something else.

You’ve realized that you need a man, not a boy. You need someone who can take care of you, not only financially, but also emotionally and physically.

He can’t keep a job because he wants to pursue his dreams all the time. He doesn’t worry about money and material things because there are many more important things for him.

And there are, but money and material things are also important because you can’t live without them. You have to pay bills somehow and buy food and clothes.

His jealousy was also cute in the beginning but now it’s started to bother you. You want to be able to see your friends whenever you want and he thinks that you shouldn’t even have male friends.

No matter how many chances you give to this kind of man, he won’t change. Not until life makes him do it.

9. He is unwilling to compromise

You should never try to change someone but there are some compromises in a healthy relationship that will make both of you happy.

You compromised on so many things because you wanted to make him happy and you can’t understand why it is so hard for him to do the same.

He doesn’t care enough for you to do that. He doesn’t respect your needs and that’s why he’ll never compromise on things that are important to you.

He’s self-centered and he’ll never change. Stop wasting your time on a person that doesn’t care for you and your needs.

You can’t control the emotions you still have for him. That’s why it’s hard to let go of him and move on.

It’s hard because you think that you will never love anyone else as much as you’ve loved him. You will.

You’ll love the right man even more because he won’t make the same stupid mistakes.

It hurts but trust me, it’ll hurt you even more if you give him a second chance.

You are the one who deserves a second chance…to be happy and loved.