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It’s OK If You Want To Be Adored, You Deserve It

It’s OK If You Want To Be Adored, You Deserve It

We grow up thinking that wanting to be adored is something very selfish.

We are being taught that it’s wrong to think of ourselves as someone who is wonderful enough to be loved and appreciated to the point where someone actually puts in effort to keeping us around.

There is this misconception that if we want to be loved we need to be humble and act like we don’t know our own worth, so that we don’t scare off someone we’re interested in.

But why is it this way?

People get offended the moment you tell them that you know how good you are at what you’re doing or if you tell someone that you are a true catch. It’s like we automatically lower their worth, when in fact it’s nothing like that.

If you want to be adored, there is nothing bad about it. You want to know why? Well, because you deserve it.

You deserve to be treated with the utmost respect someone can give you and you should be someone’s priority.

You aren’t looking for something impossible, but rather something every single woman on this planet should have in a loving and caring relationship.

You deserve to be called by your significant other every morning, just so he can wish you a happy day.

If you’ve been mad at your partner and he comes knocking on your door to ask for your forgiveness, don’t feel bad because he did; he’s just making up for what he did wrong.

You deserve every tiny bit of affection someone can show you, because you give yourself away, too.

You do everything you can to make your partner happy and you deserve to be treated just the same.

You love your partner to the point where you would do anything for him to be happy, so wanting the same in return isn’t selfish.

I, like every other woman, want to be adored.

Throughout the years, I’ve always considered myself not good enough for that because those women who are adored are these wonderful fairy-like creatures.

They are so beautiful that my low self-esteem didn’t let me see my own beauty, which led to me doing unbelievable stuff to please my partner and to make him feel loved and adored, when he wouldn’t do anything for me.

If you’re giving yourself away this much, you really do need to see your own value to get the same amount of affection, love and attention in return.

But, what to do if you’re not adored by the man who means so much to you? Let him go. You deserve better.

You deserve all the best things in this world of ours and if he can’t provide you with them, then it’s not your fault.

He simply can’t see what a catch you actually are and that is what makes him not worthy of your time and energy.

Don’t just sit around waiting for it to change.

You are a strong and wonderful woman, which means that you can love yourself enough, until someone comes around and you feel safe enough again.

Just let yourself realize these things and know that you are everything that someone can need and want, without any doubt in your own ability to grow every day and to become someone men will run after, because you are already all that you want to be and men will adore you, the moment you decide to adore yourself.