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If You’re One Bad Date Away From Marrying A Tree, Read This

If You’re One Bad Date Away From Marrying A Tree, Read This

Patience, patience, patience. After so many bad dates, I know it becomes hard to believe that you’ll ever find someone to spend your life with but you have to keep believing and be patient.

The right one is on his way to you already and he is so close, trust me.

If you lose your faith in true love, if you start thinking how it’s not meant for you to find love, you’ll immediately close the doors to him and make it impossible for him to find you.

God has a special someone for all of us but we all have to go through some bad experiences and relationships before we’re actually ready to meet our significant other.

If you’re starting to lose hope that you’ll ever find your soulmate, here are a few reminders for you to hang in there.

God sends you those bad experiences to show you what true love should never feel like

One of the most important lessons God wants to teach you through those bad experiences is that you have to deal with some wrong people and some wrong choices because that’s the only way you’ll learn what true love should never look like.

Each of those bad dates gets you closer to your soulmate

One day, your forever person will come. Those bad dates mean that you’re on the way to your soulmate. With every bad date, you’re one step closer to finding the one.

You have to keep the faith that your forever person truly exists and that he’s out there somewhere. God sends those wrong people to your life to teach you some lessons and prepare you for the right person.

Those bad experiences will make you appreciate true love more

Once you see how one bad date or one wrong person can hurt you, it’ll make you appreciate true love when it finds you.

Now, once you know how difficult it is to find your soulmate, you’ll fight for and do everything to keep your love once it finds its way to you.

You have to change your approach 

Maybe you’re picking the wrong guys, maybe you have too high expectations, maybe you don’t want to give those guys a chance because you’re afraid of getting hurt.

Whatever it is, the fact is that you’re doing something wrong. You have to relax and take a break from dating. You have to be alone for some time and talk about those things with yourself.

You have to know what you actually want from a relationship. You need to talk about what kind of man you are actually looking for. Once you solve those things, then it is time to go back to dating.

The only person you can completely rely on is YOU.

No matter whether you’re dating someone or you’re single, I hope you have realized that the only person you can completely count on in every situation is you.

You will never leave yourself. You’ll never do something unforgivable to yourself. You’ll never betray yourself. You should be your first and most important love always.

You shouldn’t allow anyone to affect your happiness

You had a bad day, so what? We all have them. We have all gone through what you’re going through right now and so many other girls will have to do the same.

However, you should never allow anyone to affect your happiness. Those people will come and go from your life, they don’t matter at all. You have to think more about yourself.

You’re worthy of love

Don’t dare quit on love. Don’t think just because you had some bad experiences that it makes you unworthy of love because it truly doesn’t.

You deserve to love and to be loved. You deserve that unselfish, unconditional, forever kind of love. And you’ll get it one day. That’s why you have to be patient and wait.

If you decide to quit searching for love, it’ll be one of the worst decisions you’ll ever make.  

I know how exhausting dating life can be but please hang in there. You’re so close to your special person. Once you meet him, you’ll admit that all those bad dates finally paid off because they led you to the love of your life.