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One Day, You Will Be Loved Again And By Someone Who Knows How

One Day, You Will Be Loved Again And By Someone Who Knows How

It might be stormy now, but you have to know that the bad patches don’t last forever. All those awful memories and the great ones haunting you will be in the past. 

Your heart won’t stay eternally broken. It will find a way to cure itself with time. Your smile won’t be your shield anymore and you will laugh from your soul.  

And your ex, he will be just somebody you once knew. 

One day, you will realize he was never the right man for you. 

You will stand there looking at your new love, your forever love, and regret ever losing sleep over someone so unworthy. 

Your nights will look a whole lot different. 

Instead of spending them thinking where and with whom your ex is, you’ll be cuddled up on the couch with the man of your dreams, consumed with emotional security and happiness. 

That’s something your ex never knew how to give – serenity, love, and security. 

That’s all you ever needed and never got. You didn’t need fancy dinners and expensive gifts. All you ever needed is to know that someone cares. 

You needed someone who stays true to his words. Someone who kisses the pain away. Someone who never lies to you or make you feel like a second choice. 

Someone who prefers spending most of his night with you. Someone who will show you with his every action that he cares. Someone who makes you feel safe. Someone who knows how to love. 

And even if you think the right one will never come, he will show up when you least expect him. 

He will come when you’ve given up on love. When you start believing that love is simply not for you. 

One day, you will meet him. And when you do, you will feel you have found that missing piece of your soul. 

When he comes into your life, he will transform it into the most beautiful love story. He will show you what unconditional love really is. 

With him, you will feel at home. With him, you will value yourself even more. With him, everything will fall in its place. 

One Day, You Will Be Loved Again And By Someone Who Knows How

You wanna know why?

Because he is the one you have been waiting for your entire life. He is your soulmate, your best friend, your human diary, and your person now and forever.

You’re likely reading this and laughing at yourself for thinking that he will never find you. Know this: soulmates always find each other.

One day you will look at him and know why it never worked out with anyone before him. 

All the love wrecks will be nothing more than a faded memory. It’ll seem as though it all happened to somebody else and you were an accidental bystander in your own story. 

You will see all the ways in which your previous relationships were wrong for you. You will see how toxic and destructive they truly were. 

Your will begin a new chapter of your life. 

You will work on yourself, by yourself, for yourself, and your forever man will just start walking alongside you. 

For the first time, you’ll be with someone who lifts you up instead of brings you down. With someone who believes in you when you don’t believe in yourself. 

You will be with someone who lights up every time he sees you, someone who admires you and wants you close. 

With him, nothing will be forced and everything will come naturally. 

He will make up for every tear you spilled and all the agony you have been through. He will show you how easy to love you truly are. 

He will match your efforts and never make you feel like you are the only one trying. He will give you all the attention and affection you deserve without you ever having to ask for it. 

Once that day comes, you will feel like you are dreaming but you will be wide awake. 

Your reality will finally be better than your dreams. You will pinch yourself because you won’t be able to believe your luck. 

You’ll look at him sleeping soundly next to you and be truly grateful for having so much joy in just one person. 

You will have by your side someone who will love you for the sake of love. There won’t be any higher agendas. He won’t take you for granted. He won’t play with your emotions. 

You will finally be with someone who knows how to love. And the best thing about it is that he will love only you. 

One Day, You Will Be Loved Again And By Someone Who Knows How