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Only The Right Man Will Be Patient Enough To Restore Your Faith In Love

Only The Right Man Will Be Patient Enough To Restore Your Faith In Love

You are a girl who had her heart broken more times than she can count. You’ve been hurt, humiliated, disappointed and betrayed.

You’ve been emotionally abused, manipulated, lied to and cheated on.

And all of this shattering pain you’ve experienced left scars on your heart and it changed the essence of who you are.

The truth is that you are way better now. You’ve managed to repair your broken heart to some extent but everything you’ve been through has left irreparable damage on your wounded soul.

Before all of this happened to you, you were a girl who wore her heart on her sleeve.

You were someone who had faith in love above everything else and a girl who knew how to love for real.

And then, you saw the harsh truth straight in the eye, when you realized that not everyone was like you.

You realized that there are some toxic people who will use every opportunity to take advantage of your sensitive soul.

People who will hurt you to the bones and who won’t mind making your life a living hell.

After many emotional defeats, you’ve started blaming yourself for everything you went through.

You thought of yourself as a fool who should have known better.

You knew that your heart couldn’t stand being shattered once more and you knew something had to be done about it.

So, you came to the conclusion that the only way to protect yourself was to build high and thick walls around your heart.

You thought that the only way to protect yourself was not to give anyone a chance to come close to you.

You hid the vulnerable girl you used to be and replaced her with an overly careful and guarded woman.

I am not here to tell you that becoming this woman was wrong because I know this was the only way for you to save yourself.

I am not here to tell you to go back to being your old self and to stop with this heartless behavior.

Because I know that something like that would be impossible. I know that you can’t forget all the harm people have done to you and that you can’t make yourself open up again in the blink of an eye.

Because I know you did this out of fear. I know that these walls are nothing more than a defense mechanism and that you can’t force yourself to tear them down.

But I am here to promise you that the right man will come along to chase away your fears and to restore your faith in love.

And he’ll be patient enough to break down those walls and to see past your armor. He’ll stick around you long enough to earn your trust and to show you that he is worthy of your love.

He will show you that not all men are the same and that you are not hard to love .

When this man comes along, he’ll heal you completely. He’ll pick up all of your broken pieces and he’ll glue them back together.

He’ll see past your imperfections and accept them as a part of you.

And the best part is that he’ll never push you too hard. He’ll always respect your boundaries and he’ll understand your pain.

This man will never give up on you, even when you try to chase him away.

He’ll give you all the time you need to see that he isn’t going anywhere and that he came into your life to stay there.

When this man comes along, he’ll see past this intimidating woman you’ve become. He’ll help you reveal the parts of you that even you forgot about.

He’ll discover a frightened little girl who lies deep inside of you.

And when he does, he’ll cherish and protect her the best way possible.

When this man comes along, he’ll show you all the beauty of love.

He’ll put all of his efforts into making you realize that you are meant to be loved and that the fairy tale kind of love you’ve always dreamed of can be real.

And when he comes along, you’ll see how special he is.

You’ll see that he is the only one worthy of you giving him a chance because he was the only one who had the strength to tear down your walls to get to your heart.

You’ll see that he is the only one worthy of you.