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Here Is What Your Partner Is Like In Bed, According To His Zodiac Sign

Here Is What Your Partner Is Like In Bed, According To His Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

An Aries man is known by his charm that will make you get stuck in bed with him every time you see him.

Everything that comes out of his mouth is so damn sexy and no woman can resist trying a man like this in bed.

When he makes love with a woman he loves, he doesn’t mind going an extra mile to please her.

After he hears that she is satisfied and that she climaxed, it will turn him on even more, so he will come as well.

He likes rough sex and he likes to be the dominant one, but the good thing is that he knows what he is doing all the time!

2. Taurus

Do you know what those guys from action movies look like? You know that seductive smile and that breathtaking look that men use to win women over?

Well, that is what a Taurus is like.

No woman can resist his talk and his touches that make chills.

He is aware of the fact that he is attractive, so he uses that to be aggressive with women. I am not saying that he beats the hell out of women but a spank here and there is definitely his thing.

He likes a lot of attention in bed, so make sure that you talk dirty and boost his ego because that will get him going!

3. Gemini

Gemini are known by the fact that they easily get bored with the same things.

So, if you want to turn on a guy under this zodiac sign, make sure that you try different things in bed.

On the other hand, if you give him the lead, be prepared for a lot of action and a lot of new moves that will rock your world.

When he finishes with you, you won’t know where the door is and you will pray to God that he is tired just like you are because two times in one night would be too much for you.

4. Cancer

This zodiac sign is more passionate than the rest of them. With him there won’t be any fucking but love making.

He is not the type of guy who likes to show off with his sexual skills but he will just enjoy making love with you, whispering the sweetest words you have ever heard from a man.

Expect a lot of love confessions and kisses because that is what describes this man the most.

He thinks that a real man needs to be romantic both in bed and in public, so you will never lack these things with him.

5. Leo

A Leo man in bed is someone you really need to try at least once in your life. He will be loving and a caring lover if you want that, but he can also transform into a wild beast if you let him.

He will try damn hard to satisfy all your needs and he won’t have any problem doing that. He likes when a girl tells him that he is amazing in bed and that he gives her all that she has been dreaming of.

Those words can boost his ego and make him climax in a short time.

6. Virgo

Don’t let the name trick you because a guy like this is so much more than just a Virgo.

He is sensual and his lady’s pleasure is the first priority for him.

He likes clean sex without a lot of body liquids and he always makes sure to use protection.

In that way, he shows how much he respects his partner. When he is in a long-term relationship, he will trust his lady more, so he will experiment in sex with her.

On the other hand, in early stages of a relationship, he will just stick to old-fashioned positions and he won’t take any risk.

7. Libra

A Libra man is someone who likes to be in love all the time.

But what is more important is that sometimes he gets more in love with the idea of love and not in actually loving someone.

He is confident and that is how he acts in bed.

He thinks that he can handle every woman’s wish and that he is the best lover they have ever met.

So, when you finish with them, you probably won’t be hungry.

You will drink all the wine and you will climax a couple of times. Good enough for one night, right?

8. Scorpio

This zodiac sign acts like a fuckboy no woman can resist.

A man like this likes to show off with his sexual skills, telling how many women he managed to seduce.

Sex with him will be like the best training you will ever have in your life.

He will show you all that he has and you will definitely be satisfied no matter how many times you sleep with him.

His middle name is extreme and that is how he makes love.

9. Sagittarius

A man like this is someone you need to try in bed. He is a lean, mean almighty machine who wants to try all possible and impossible sex positions.

He is passionate in all that does so he is like that in bed, too.

He likes to tell jokes so you can expect a lot of laughter in bed with him.

Even if the two of you have an awkward situation, he will try to make it funny.

He doesn’t mind if you have sex with him on the first date because he is all about sex when he is young.

10. Capricorn

There is a big difference between acting in public and acting in private for this zodiac sign.

He is all sweet and fun to talk to when he is in public but when the bedroom door area is shut, he transforms into a sex machine.

He always gets what he wants and he is not ashamed to ask a girl to please him like he likes to be pleased.

Some would say that he is selfish but he gives everything that a girl can dream of in bed.

11. Aquarius

A man born under this sign doesn’t like routine sex.

He has often been called the ‘humanitarian of the zodiac’ because his partners always come first in relationships.

He likes passionate and rough sex so you can expect a lot of quickies and changing positions while you date him.

Also, he sometimes likes to surprise his partner so with him, you can expect the unpredictable.

12. Pisces

Sex with Pisces will be liberating, relaxing and heart-melting. He is a man who would do anything for the woman he loves.

The bad thing about him is that his sex life will vary with his mood so if he is in a good mood, you will probably end up having a mind-blowing orgasm and if he is down, he will just act like a starfish while you will have to do all the work.

But anyway, sex with him is definitely worth trying so never say ‘no’ to this old soul because he knows how to make you satisfied.