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20 Powerful Ways To Treat Him Like A King & Make Him Feel Wanted

20 Powerful Ways To Treat Him Like A King & Make Him Feel Wanted

Ladies, I’ll tell you one thing: If he treats you like a QUEEN, treat him like a KING! 

Now, you’re probably wondering about what treating him like a king really means? I used to wonder the same thing. 

To treat him like a king doesn’t mean that you should have model size body measurements in order to satisfy his needs (or boost his ego) or dance to his tune and meet his every need at the cost of neglecting yours.

Treating each other like a queen or a king has nothing to do with those superficial requirements and do you know why?

Because being in a relationship is all about reciprocity, respect, making each other feel special and doing all those little things that mean so much!

Every queen knows that treating her man like a king is not about going out of her way to make a man feel desired and wanted. It’s about mutual reciprocity. 

GIVING + RECEIVING = RECIPROCATING. It’s simple math, really.

You can promise yourself and him that you will cook him a delicious meal three times a day for the rest of your life but if he’s unable to reciprocate in one way or another, you cannot establish a healthy relationship.

To treat him like a king is not about being a servant or him doing everything as he pleases without ever expecting anything in return. 

If a man is ready to treat you like a queen, then you can be sure that he’s your king, so you should return the favor and you will do so in the following ways:

Compliment both his personality and appearance

One of the biggest mistakes many women make is complimenting their man only on his appearance. We somehow assume that this is exactly what men want to hear and it’s true.

Men like to be complimented on their appearance (especially if they are spending lots of time at the gym) but what they also want is to be complimented on their personality as well.

A queen knows that compliments are like food to a man. If you want to treat him like a king, consider complimenting him on some of the following things:

You are so amazing to all my friends and I’ve noticed that they really dig you.

I’m impressed by your capacity to forgive others even when they hurt you a lot.

You look really amazing in that T-shirt/that suit/those trousers.

I love your messy hairstyle. It excites my imagination.

You cannot go wrong with compliments. All you need to do is notice cute things about him and creatively convert them into words.

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Look him in the eye during a conversation

They say that the eyes are the windows to our soul. There isn’t a better way to treat your man like a king than to let him see the most vulnerable and genuine parts of you—your eyes.

By looking him in the eye during a conversation, you are letting him know that you’re giving him your undivided attention. You’re focusing on listening to his words, desires and thoughts. 

When he initiates a conversation, do not keep scrolling through your social media profiles on your cell phone.

Instead, show him that you’re present and you’re interested in what he has to say to you. Show him that by looking him in the eye and he will do the same for you. 

Remember, the key lies in mutual reciprocity. If you treat him like a king (shower him with attention), he will treat you like a queen and vice versa.  

Respect his need for free time and alone time

A lot of women make a mistake and become overly possessive when it comes to their man. This is an unhealthy approach that can be fatal for your relationship. 

Every man and woman needs some space for alone time, friends, family, hobbies and other activities.

If you let him know that you’re willing to respect his need for free time and alone time, he will see you as his queen. 

So, if he has to catch up on extra work or if he wants to spend an evening with his friends or similar, don’t get mad at him or act insulted because he cannot spend time with you instead.

This is not about him not willing to spend time with you but about establishing healthy connections with other people as well and committing to the things he enjoys doing in life.

You are still his priority but sometimes he has to recharge himself in other ways. 

Express gratitude with little things

If you want to make your man feel extra special, loved and wanted, consider expressing gratitude with little things.

You don’t need to organize a road trip if you’re not able to do so at the moment but you can do other sweet things for him.

You can do things like giving your loved one a massage at the end of the day, preparing his favorite meal, hugging him (when he least expects it), cuddling while watching a movie, making him a coffee in the morning—you name it.

There are so many things you can do to express your ultimate gratitude without actually saying anything and that’s the real beauty of it. 

You can write a cute love letter and leave it in his pocket so when he gets to work and sees it, his day will instantly be ten times brighter.

You see, expressing gratitude is not about buying expensive things; it’s more about the little things in everyday life. Those are the things that matter the most to us.

Surprise him OFTEN

I deliberately put the word ‘often’ in capital letters because surprising our loved one is not something we should do once or twice at the beginning of a relationship. This requires consistency and effort. 

The easiest way to surprise him is to find out what he wants at the moment (it can be something big or small). Now, if you’re having a hard time thinking of anything to surprise him with, here are a few ideas:

Post a cute picture of you two on social media (don’t forget to add a romantic, heart-warming caption as well)

Get him take-out from his favorite place

Send him a hot pic of yourself

Take him on a picnic

Go stargazing 

Write him an emotional letter

Make art together

Whatever you choose, remember that it doesn’t have to be something that’s trending because vintage romance is the new modern. 

If you ask me, stargazing is more romantic and effective than something else that requires you to rob a bank.

Share things with him

Not every man has the honor of being updated on his girlfriend’s recent activities, feelings and daily struggles. If you want to treat him like a king, then make him special by sharing things with him.

Tell him about how you spent your day at work, your hobbies, how you are feeling at the moment or share with him your deepest fears and thoughts. Heck, share with him all your secrets if you feel like it.

He will be happy to see that you can confide in him and that you trust him. He will feel like your protector, confidant and best friend all in one and if you ask me, there isn’t a greater title in the world than that.

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Initiate lovemaking

I personally LOVE this one and do you know why? Because men have been considered initiators of everything for a long time now. 

If you look at it from a different perspective, you can conclude that this actually gives them power over us because they are the ones deciding when they want to do something.

Truth be told, gone are the days when women were submissive to men. With every day, we’re becoming more and more equal, so there shouldn’t be a difference when it comes to lovemaking either.

If you want to make him feel like a legit king, be the one who initiates having a hot time and you will sweep him off his feet. He will admire your confidence, will and creativity. 

He will see you as the most attractive woman in the world who knows what she wants and knows how to ask for it and get it. Talk about every man’s dream woman. 

Show understanding and compassion

Even though we are taught that men are supposed to be masculine and tough creatures, they too need to be showered with understanding and compassion.

If you’re a married couple, know that this is the key to a happy marriage.

Now, you’re probably wondering in what ways you can show your man that you understand him. Well, you can do so by listening to him, not judging him, supporting his decisions and comforting him when needed.

Treat him the exact same way as he treats you when you’re feeling down or going through some hardships. 

Let him know that he can rely on you and that you will always be there for him when he needs someone to listen to him and comfort him.

You cannot imagine how hard it is for a man to admit that he needs a hug or another comforting method to soothe him. So, don’t wait for him to ask for it but act accordingly.

Ask him for help and/or advice

Do you know what the second thing is that men love most in the world (after lovemaking of course)? Men LOVE to be asked for help by women (especially by THEIR woman)!

They like to feel like they are true heroes who saved your day and made your life easier. They live for solving complicated tasks because the more difficult the things, the greater the feeling of accomplishment.

So, if you’re having difficulties at work or in any other aspect of your life, feel free to ask him for help and/or advice.

He will instantly roll up his sleeves and get to work just to make his woman happy and content.

There isn’t a greater joy for a man than knowing he has helped his woman with something she couldn’t manage on her own. 

Even though you’re a strong, independent woman, asking your man for help from time to time shows that you’re only human after all. So, don’t be afraid to ask for his assistance.

Reward him for completed tasks

Both men and women like to be rewarded and praised for something they’ve done. After he has helped you with certain tasks and done what you asked of him, remember to reward him accordingly.

Again, this doesn’t have to be something extremely grand. For example, if he helped you fix your car, you can make him his favorite food or a cake. 

By doing that, he will feel appreciated, loved and wanted. And do you know what’s best of all? He will continue making the effort and doing things because he knows that he will be rewarded for it.

This principle is similar to the one applied to children. Remember when your parents told you that they would give you something if you got an A on a test or similar? 

The same thing goes in a relationship and the only difference is that you don’t reward him for his grades but for his overall behavior and effort. 

Spice things up in the bedroom

The truth is, a man will be smitten with you even just for deciding to make love to them. But do you know what the difference is between a woman who men are really crazy about and a queen?

Queens always remember to spice things up in the bedroom. 

This means getting out of your comfort zone, implementing some new techniques and lovemaking positions, surprising him with different hot outfits and so on.

You will make him feel like a king if you’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to excite him and drive him wild although it’s important to say that this is both a man’s and a woman’s job. 

Variety is the spice of quality lovemaking and connecting.

Exploring different sensations, trying new things and teasing on a daily basis all play an important role when it comes to spicing things up and adding that special touch in the bedroom. 

Let him know that you miss him

Did you know that men fall in love in your absence and not your presence? They start to sort out their feelings for you in your absence and not your presence.

It is then that they realize they can’t live without your smile, your weird habits or your presence.

They realize that their life is ten times more colorful and brighter with you in it. When they are experiencing all that, men want to know that you’re thinking about them as well. 

Knowing that their special woman is thinking about them makes them feel loved up and wanted.

To remind him of that, you can send him a simple text message or a voice message telling him how much you miss him. 

Also, you can add a cute selfie into the equation as well.

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Make important decisions together

Being in a relationship is all about teamwork and this means giving each other helpful advice, communicating your feelings and also making important decisions together.

Your man will feel like a king if he knows that you’re letting him be an active participant in your life and your relationship.

So, when you have to decide on an important matter (or even a less important one), make sure to include him in the decision-making as well.

Listen to each other carefully and respect each other’s opinions even when you don’t really agree with each other. 

Don’t think that you’re capable of doing everything on your own. I believe that you are but sharing things with your partner and making compromises is the key to true happiness.

Shower him with affection

Making your man feel like a king is also about spoiling him from time to time and showering him with ultimate affection (especially during difficult times).

This includes cuddling, kissing him goodnight and making him feel special in every way possible.

You can organize a romantic movie night or stargazing evening where you’ll cuddle and be sensual and emotional. 

We women often assume that men are only interested in one thing only and that is lovemaking but this is not true.

They also crave raw human emotion and affection but they are often too stubborn and ashamed to admit that. 

However, you, my lady, being a true queen, you don’t need him to tell you when it’s time to shower him with affection. 

You can feel it in your gut and with every fiber of your being. You know how to make him feel like a super loved-up baby and you have no idea how much he enjoys it. 

Be consistent

Be consistent’ could mean lots of things because it is a broad term but don’t worry, I’ll explain it to you. By being consistent, I mean consistently taking care of yourself and working on yourself. 

You shouldn’t do one thing that many women are guilty of and that is stop taking care of yourself just because you’re feeling relaxed around your significant other.

This doesn’t only include your physical appearance but your mindset as well.

You shouldn’t postpone your life, turn off your passions or avoid your friends and family just to fully commit to your partner.

Instead, strive to stay consistent and nurture all your connections, hobbies and everything else you used to do before.

If you do all that, you will make him feel proud of you for being a beautiful, independent and passionate woman.

He will want to scream from the biggest skyscraper how much he loves you and how much he’s crazy about you. 

Join him in his hobbies (and the things he likes doing)

When I mention the word football, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably: No way, I ain’t watching football with him! The same thing goes for gaming. 

Not so many women are interested in watching football or spending their free time gaming, so they let their man do it alone or with his friends.

But did you know that you would make him THE HAPPIEST man in the world if you only decided to try and give it a chance?

This doesn’t mean that you should change your mind and become the number one fan of some football team or a video game but you should join him from time to time. 

Why? To let him know that you’re interested in what is going on in his life, to give him a chance to boast about his skills in front of you and because this will make your bond stronger. 

Spending quality time together is not only about watching movies and eating pizza. Those activities that revolve around skill and competition are far more beneficial for couples.

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Show some PDA

In case you’re not familiar with the abbreviation PDA, it stands for Public Displays of Affection.

This includes kissing, touching, cuddling, holding hands and similar. (No, it doesn’t include lovemaking but you can always update your own personal list of PDA).

Kissing him in public will make him feel like a true king because men live for this! 

They know that other men will be jealous of them once they see what a beautiful, hot lady they are with. This is a huge ego booster for every man, so there’s no point in explaining it any further.

Holding hands will make him feel loved and at the same time, show he’s your protector.

As long as he’s holding your hand, he’s letting other men know that he’s the one you chose to be with and he’s capable of making you happy and protecting you.

A PDA does wonders for a man’s ego, which is the essence of treating him like a king. Perhaps it sounds a little bit cheesy but it’s the truth.

Be spontaneous

Remember one thing. NO MAN wants to be with a woman who is constantly grumpy, nagging or unable to relax and just have fun.

Now, I’m not saying that you should be his entertainer 24/7 because that would be a stupid thing to do and it’s also impossible. 

However, you should nourish your free spirit and be spontaneous whenever you can or feel like it.

You shouldn’t worry about looking perfect all the time but you should proudly show your quirks, flaws and imperfections in front of your man.

This will let him know that you feel comfortable being who you are in front of him and this is the greatest gift to every man out there. 

Don’t worry about looking like a pig while devouring that burger or drinking beer with your man.

If you act this way, this doesn’t mean that you’re unladylike but you are his queen who feels happy, content and free with her king. 

Show him that you trust him

An overly jealous and possessive woman is every man’s biggest nightmare, whereas a woman who knows how to show her man that she trusts him is his dream woman.

But you should do it ONLY if you genuinely trust him.

You can show your man that you trust him by not demanding him to tell you about his every move and all the details about the place or event he’s attending. That’s what insecure and overly jealous women do.

Trust is the basis of true love

If he’s never given you any reason to suspect his loyalty to you, you should treat him like a king because he sure as hell deserves it. 

You shouldn’t demand to see the list of calls on his phone, follow him around or play investigator at home once he leaves his cell phone or laptop unattended.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you don’t trust him, you should talk to him about it instead of overthinking things or doing something stupid. 

Don’t be bossy

Driven by my personal experiences, I can tell you for sure that men don’t like bossy women, nor women who are too compliant.

They are suckers for a woman who knows how to find the balance between the two.

So, don’t act like he’s your child, ordering him to make his bed, pick his socks up off the floor or similar. You can do it in another, nice way without being overly dominant or dramatic.

You should do everything with class and style and that is how you’ll treat him like a king instead of a 10-year-old mama’s boy. 

You should…


What a man wants more than anything in the world is for you to be his queen. He doesn’t want someone who will nod to his every word and dance to his tune. 

He wants a woman who knows what she wants, who is not afraid to express herself and who enjoys life to the fullest.

He wants you to be his beautiful queen inside and out and that is how you’ll make him feel like a king. 

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