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A Guide To 40 Fun Things To Do With Your Boyfriend At Home

A Guide To 40 Fun Things To Do With Your Boyfriend At Home

Looking for spicy and fun things to do with your boyfriend at home? Then buckle up, because boy, have I got the stuff for you!

Depending on the circumstances, there will be times where you’ll have to improvise cute date nights at home. Some may dread it but I say bring it on!

What’s wrong with changing it up and adjusting to the circumstances? If you can’t have fun with your significant other in the comfort of your own home, how solid are you really?

After you hear my awesome home date ideas, you’ll see that you can have just as much fun indoors (if not more).

Aside from the obvious fun activities like board games, movie nights (Netflix & chill anyone?), breakfast in bed and a bottle of wine in the living room, I’ve got some pretty unexpected date night ideas for you as well.

Here’s the only guide you’ll need for the most amazing romantic date nights in.

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The Ultimate Couple’s Bucket List For Some Indoor Fun

A cooking competition where the ‘loser’ has to do the dishes

Personally, I’m a huge The Great British Bake Off fan. And when I’m bored at home (which is a rarity), I love to improvise my own version.

So here’s my suggestion. Pick a particular cuisine and a dish you both want to make. Set a time limit and try not to cheat.

Now, this is supposed to be fun, right? So blast some music, joke around and don’t take it overly seriously.

When the time’s up, you both have to try each other’s meals and make an objective decision.

There has to be a winner. And whoever ends up losing has to do the dishes afterward. Seems fair to me, right?

This is a fun little thing I have done with my man a few times and it was actually more fun than I originally thought it would be! The whole point is spending time together!

And since you’ll be left with two delicious meals at the end of the date, it only adds to the fun of it!

Bring the ultimate fun of delicious s’mores into your home

You don’t have to go somewhere exotic to make some s’mores! You can have a DIY version at home instead.

Simply gather some graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate and lounge around your fireplace.

You can opt for a stove instead if you don’t have a fireplace and enjoy the tasty treats. It can be a really fun date because what’s better than food and your favorite person combined?

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Have a board game night

Who doesn’t like board games, right? Depending on your preferences, decide on a game you’re both into and set some ground rules.

Put on your favorite playlist, sit comfortably and make it all a fun way to reconnect and remind yourselves of why you’re so good together.

Remember your first date night and the anxiety of constantly having to find good conversation starters? Now that you’re past all that and are perfectly comfortable with each other, you can have a laugh about it.

You’ve come so far and today, you’re okay with choosing fun things to do with your boyfriend at home because as long as he’s there, you don’t care where you are.

Create a scrapbook of your memories together

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a gazillion photos with your man, so here’s what I suggest.

Create a scrapbook of all your firsts. Your first date, first kiss, first road-trip… You get the gist! And it’ll be a beautiful memory that’ll last a lifetime. Talk about quality time together, right?

Have an at-home couple’s massage

You don’t have to go to a spa to have a massage. You can have it in the comfort of your own home instead!

Arrange the whole thing and make sure you’re both relaxed and let the masseuse do their thing. Create a soothing atmosphere, play light music in the background and rest.

You deserve it.

Draw a romantic bubble bath

So simple, yet so good! You don’t have to go play mini-golf or have a wild Halloween party to have a lot of fun. A bubble bath will do just fine.

Hopefully, you have a tub big enough for both of you but I’m sure you’ll manage just fine (wink-wink). Spend as much time as you want there because this is your night and you can do as you please.

Play card games

Card games are the best way to spend some time at home and let’s be honest, who doesn’t know at least one card game?

So get your significant other on board, make a list of the top three of your favorite ones, get some wine (if you want) and let the best (wo)man win!

Have an indoor karaoke night

If you can’t go to a karaoke bar, you can totally improvise a karaoke night in, with the help of YouTube.

And to be honest, I do it all the time. To spice things up, make a contest out of it (if you can judge fairly) and the winner has to buy drinks on your next outdoor date!

This is truly one of the more fun things to do with your boyfriend at home. You don’t have to be Whitney or Celine to have fun. The more tone-deaf you are, the funnier it’ll be.

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Make ice cream together

I know, I know… Who has time to actually make ice cream when you can just buy it? But you forget that this is about spending quality time as a couple.

And since these days, we all have some extra time on our hands, why not make some ice cream? Make your favorite flavors by following online recipes and enjoy the mess of it.

After all, it’s ice cream. How bad can it be?

Create a couple’s workout plan

You can also take this time to be productive and health-conscious. Why not engage in some exercise while stuck at home?

You can watch YouTube videos to get inspired and then create your own routine that’ll feel manageable. And you have your partner to hype you up.

If there ever was a good time to get healthy and fit, it’s now!

Make sushi

Simple as that. It might seem daunting but you’d be surprised at how online recipes can make you feel like a super chef. What’s the harm in trying?

Play video games all night long

When was the last time you allowed yourself to play video games guilt-free for hours on end? I feel like you totally deserve it.

We rarely grant ourself the opportunity to do something purely for hedonistic purposes and it’s time to change that.

Get comfortable, get competitive and get ready to rock that console. Your only objective? To beat your man!

Host a wine tasting night

Perhaps you’re into the finer things in life? That’s okay, I’ve got something for you too.

Invite your couple friends over, purchase copious amounts of wine and crackers and have a sophisticated wine tasting night.

If someone ends up getting (accidentally) buzzed… whoops!

Cuddle in bed over a movie marathon

Out of all the fun things to do with your boyfriend at home, this is one of my favorite at-home date night ideas. 

Why? Because I’m with my favorite person, watching my favorite movies (or TV shows) and drinking wine, knowing I don’t have to drive home.

What can beat that? 

And if you have kids, ask the babysitter to take them for a few hours and take that time to just relax and do absolutely nothing but enjoy each other’s company.

Play truth or dare

Now, this is a spicy option, especially if there’s alcohol involved (and let’s not kid ourselves, of course there’ll be alcohol involved).

Are you ready to find out some juicy secrets from your partner’s past? Are you prepared to disclose some of your own? 

This could be a wild (and mega fun) experiment that’ll bring you closer together. Are you brave enough to put all your cards on the table?

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Write love letters to each other

For the romantic souls, here’s a rad idea. Take this time to write a meaningful love letter to your better half.

Put your emotions into words and be nothing but genuine. How often do you tell your partner that you love them? This is your chance to solidify your life.

And it’ll be something they can cherish forever.

Listen to your favorite songs and bust a move

There’s not a lot of things that I enjoy more than music. It’s truly the way to my heart. How about you?

If you’re a music lover such as myself, play your favorite tunes, forget about external noise and bust a move with your man. For one night, let everything else be non-existent.

It’s just you and your dance partner (for life).

Play a game of Twister7

And a hot one at that! Re-create your childhood memories but this time, with an added layer of adult fun.

Trust me; if you enjoyed Twister as a kid, you’ll really appreciate it as an adult.

Make a fort in the living room and pretend you’re camping

You can’t exactly go camping outside but you can totally create a home version that’ll do it justice.

And honestly, you really don’t need anything other than some pillows, blankets, a couch or some chairs. Play pretend for a day. Life’s too short to be serious all the time.

Read a thought-provoking book and discuss it

Books are my favorite pastime. If your man is hesitant to try this, be sure to pick a really interesting book and truly sell it to him.

If he goes through with it, actually reads it and can discuss it in detail, you can reward him later on; it’s up to you how.

Play strip poker

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, don’t you think? You can totally lose on purpose… I’m pretty sure your partner wouldn’t mind.

Have breakfast for dinner

Why not? The world’s upside-down anyway, so what’s the harm in breaking a rule or two? I’ve always preferred having breakfast for dinner.

I’m not rebellious or anything (well maybe just a tad) but it’s always been my preference. Try it, I bet you’ll think so as well.

Make customized pizzas with your favorite toppings

Oh, pizza. Out of all the fun things to do with your boyfriend at home, this one’s probably the most delicious option.

Again, it’s totally okay if it’s not the best pizza in the world. It’s a date night, which means it’s about enjoying being together and doing something fun and different.

If you normally don’t have time to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, great. Make up for the lost time and discover a hidden talent!

Do a complex puzzle together

If you feel like spending hours figuring out where each piece of the puzzle goes, this is the one for you.

Activate your brains and perhaps set a time limit to make it more fun and get the full picture.

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Try some beers you’ve never had before

I’m a beer girl all the way and trying new ones all night long is probably one of my favorite date ideas ever. 

So this is probably what I’ll be doing for my indoor date nights and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Rearrange your furniture

Maybe you’ve been trying to find the time to do this but you just couldn’t? Use this time now to check this off your list once and for all.

Do an online personality test just for kicks

Normally, I just skip these, because… who has the time?

But now, we all do. So I say, do as many as possible and laugh your booty off at the results. Who knows, you might just discover something interesting about your relationship.

Bake some tasty treats

You wanted some ideas for fun things to do with your boyfriend at home but how about fun and tasty?

I’ve honestly never baked before but these days, there’s nothing I won’t try at least once.


Again, it’s not about being a Picasso, it’s for letting off some steam and doing something you normally don’t do. And on the plus side, you just might discover you’re good at it.

Did you know you could take a virtual museum tour?

Oh, yeah! Google it right now and see how simple it is. I love how the Internet makes you feel so connected even when you’re stuck at home for months on end… Gotta love it!

Have a virtual double date with your best friends

Bestie time! Gather your favorite friends, open a bottle of wine and chat away on FaceTime. There’s nothing better than double dating with your favorite people, even if it’s through a screen.

Make sure you both do your own thing as well

During this time, you’ll feel like you have to spend every waking moment doing something special together. But you don’t. Quite the contrary. 

You’re perfectly entitled to have some alone time and do your own thing for a minute. Just because you’re stuck together at home, it doesn’t mean your individual needs vanish.

Make sure to have a healthy balance of me-time and couple-time.

Have a themed date night

Get creative and let your imagination run wild. Mexican, Asian, Christmas, Halloween or anything of your choosing.

Pick one, dress accordingly, make representative meals and do what you’d do if you were actually there. It’ll be loads of fun!

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Stargazing on the rooftop (or in the backyard)

Either one is fine. Get on the rooftop or step into your backyard, grab some beers and a warm blanket (if it’s chilly) and get comfy.

Embrace your significant other and enjoy the moment.

Try some fun TikTok routines

You can’t really escape this TikTok madness, so why not join them? It might seem annoying but once you try it, you might actually like it, especially if you find that you’re actually good at it. 

Then good luck trying to break this annoyingly popular habit!

Have a tech-free day!

Turn off your phones, don’t check for emails and rest your eyes and minds from the constant screen exposure. 

It’s not the end of the world if you decide to take a day off from technology. People used to live happily without it, remember?

Have an open conversation about your future

This is the perfect opportunity to discuss your future and see what your plans are. Obviously, this is between you two as a couple, so it’s best not to suggest or assume anything.

Simply check if you’re on the same page and if your goals are in sync. Now’s the best time to make plans for your joint future.

Get naughty in every room in the house

Since time’s on your side, you might want to endeavor to let your imagination run wild on this front. Perhaps you want to try getting it on in a particular room or maybe you can test-drive them all?

Babysit your friend’s pet

And see how well you’ll do. You might end up finding it really nice and comfortable and choose to adopt your own at some point. 

And if you don’t, at least you’ll know you gave it your best shot.

Recreate your first date

It doesn’t matter whether it was at a fancy restaurant or an ice rink; it’s about the general feeling. Recreate it to the best of your ability, in the sense that you invoke the atmosphere of that night.

Of all the fun things to do with your boyfriend at home, this one takes the top spot.

Make the exact same food you had that day, drink the same wine, beer or shots and try to remember what you talked about.

It’ll be fun reminiscing about the night that led you to where you are today. My guess is, you’ll realize how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown as a couple.

Things change significantly over time but life gets so hectic that you don’t really get a chance to notice it… This is your chance.

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