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A Real Man Will Apologize Because He Values You More Than His Pride

A Real Man Will Apologize Because He Values You More Than His Pride

Do you ever get sick of men pretending they don’t know what they did wrong?

What’s worse, they expect you to forget about it or ridicule your behavior and accuse you of being passive-aggressive.

I’m done with that. I refuse to waste my time on men who aren’t able to put their ego aside.

For how long do women just passively have to accept that men are ‘’like that’’ and keep living their life caged in someone’s fake sense of self?

A man who loves you will not want to make you feel like you’re less than him. He will hate to see you hurt or in pain.

He won’t put his pride or some silly fight above your love. When there’s love, there’s a way.

When we’re selfless, it’s easy to let go of pride and see beyond the surface problem.

But why is self-reflection so hard for men in general?

It doesn’t require any work, just objective thinking about their behavior. How hard is it to say two little words?

Why is it so hard to say I’m sorry? Well, there are a few reasons.

The first reason is they have a hard time admitting they’re wrong. It makes them appear less competent and they hate that.

If they say they’re sorry, it means you win – or that’s how they see it.

Needless to say – men don’t like to lose; they don’t like to feel weak.

The second reason is answering with yes but adding the little, irritating but immediately after.

They play the blame game. I did this but you did that first. This doesn’t get you anywhere.

The third reason is the fear of vulnerability. Admitting you’re wrong is admitting you are a vulnerable being.

Unfortunately, many men are brainwashed into thinking they shouldn’t show their feelings, and sometimes this is the cost – a pointless obstacle in communication that could be resolved so quickly.

None of these reasons excuse the lack of apology, they only explain the possible reasons.

If a man can’t apologize after doing something wrong – he is disrespecting you. It’s clear as day, no doubt about that.

It’s very easy to see that he doesn’t value your feelings. Why else would he prioritize his pride?

Why is something banal more important than love and his significant other’s feelings?

The truth is – women don’t really want that much. They just want a mature man who can admit that he’s wrong when he’s wrong.

With a mature man – you can resolve any problem with a conversation. There are no unnecessary fights and silly pride.

There’s no jealousy and no mind games. He is responsible and careful with words. He doesn’t let his ego loose.

A mature man will value you even when you disagree because he knows disagreements are just part of the relationship.

He will support you wholeheartedly in your pursuits and love you for who you are.

He won’t be afraid of saying those two words – in fact, he will encourage communication and problem-solving.

A real man always seeks to better the situation rather than keep it stagnant. What better goal could there be for a serious relationship?

In order to grow, things must evolve and change. They must get better and wiser and not stuck in a vicious cycle of past problems and fears.

Relationships are the ultimate weapon against pride and all kinds of selfish behavior.

In a relationship you just can’t be selfish – otherwise, it’s a very dysfunctional relationship.

That’s why it’s always better to learn from the things that trigger us and make us feel the things we’d rather not feel.

We should fight against weaknesses and that includes a fragile ego.

The funny thing is – it’s so easy to just admit something, let go, and learn from your mistake. But that would take a mature man.

If your man is ready to admit his wrongs – he has his priorities listed correctly.

If your man apologizes after being wrong – know that he’s a keeper.

That means that to him – your love comes first, always… and that’s what true love is about.