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10 Must-Know Relationship Rules Nobody Talks About

10 Must-Know Relationship Rules Nobody Talks About

There are oh-so-many rules out there on how people should behave in relationships: Wait three days to call her, don’t kiss him on your first date, and many, many others.

What’s very weird to me is that other, so much more important rules get overlooked. Every relationship is different, but there are some common sense rules you should follow at all times.

We bring you a list of those golden rules you should never ignore.

1. Learn from your past

You might be thinking that your past relationships should be forgotten the minute you enter a new one. This is absolutely not the case.

While you shouldn’t dwell on the past or talk too much about it with your partner, you should absolutely learn something from it.

Each relationship is unique, but there are many things you can learn about yourself that could help you build a happier, healthier relationship with someone new.

2. Your partner can’t read your mind

You are counting on your partner to know you so well that they recognize, at any given moment, what you need or want.

No matter how much they love you and how much they want to please you, it’s impossible for them to always know what you need at any time.

You should always talk about your feelings and directly tell them anything you want or need from them.

Also, if something bothers you or you get angry at them for any reason, don’t wait for them to figure it out on their own, simply tell them.

3. No one can be perfect

No one is perfect. There will always be some flaws in your partner’s character.

You have your own flaws, right? Accept that your partner won’t always be able to do the right thing and prepare yourself to forgive them.

Show them you understand that they can make a mistake and make sure to accept their apology. Of course, if what they did is something you can forgive.

Also, make sure to forgive yourself and don’t beat yourself up too much if you do something wrong.

4. Think hard before you say and do things

Words can really be hurtful. Especially when you’re fighting, make sure you don’t say something that would offend your partner, especially if you don’t mean it.

Even if they forgive you, the words will be stuck in their mind forever.

Whatever you say or do can be really hard to take back, so think long and hard before you wreck your relationship.

5. It takes a lot of time to truly know someone

You might be thinking that being in a relationship for a couple of months or even a year means that you know your partner perfectly, but that’s really not true.

It takes years to truly get to know someone.

You need to have gone through many different things in order to truly know each other, so leave some room for unexpected elements you might learn about your partner.

6. Don’t discuss your relationship in too much detail with others

Talking a bit about your relationship with your friends is fine and expected, but going into too much detail is downright breaking your partner’s trust. No one likes being talked about that way.

You wouldn’t want your partner to discuss everything about you with his friends, right? It’s uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Some things are best kept between yourself and your partner.

7. Never stop showing that you care

As time passes, it can be easy to start taking your partner for granted. Make sure you don’t do this. Continue to do all the lovely things you were doing at the beginning of your relationship.

Always act like they are the most important person in your life and you’d never allow yourself to lose them.

Keep acting like you’re trying to get them to fall for you – that’s the only recipe to keep them forever.

8. Value your partner’s (and your own) personal time

When you love someone, you want to spend a lot of time with them, that’s a given. Make sure you don’t overdo it.

Even though you’d like to be with them all the time, you need to let them have their life without you.

They need to have time for their family, friends, and personal interests. The same goes for you. Just because you met someone amazing doesn’t mean they have to be your whole life.

It’s important to continue to maintain your other relationships and hobbies, and have time apart from your partner.

9. Don’t underestimate the power of thoughtfulness

It’s amazing having someone who listens to you – someone who always remembers the smallest things you mention and then uses them to surprise you.

Always find a way to make your partner feel appreciated. Little things can really go a long way.

It’s not only the grand gestures that are important in showing love. Being thoughtful every day is what counts the most.

10. Arguing can be very healthy

Arguing is not the end of the relationship. One fight doesn’t mean you guys have to split up.

Having arguments is a really important step in getting to know your partner better and building a relationship you both enjoy.

Make sure you don’t hit under the belt when you fight, and always remember you’re talking to the person you love and who loves you.

It’s unhealthy to keep silent about the things that bother you, and arguing can really clear the energy between you and your partner.