1. They will never forget those important dates in your relationship

7 Significant Things That Only The Best Boyfriends Will Do

It could be the first time you ever kissed or the first time you made love; no matter what milestone it is, he is going to always remember it because he cares about it just as much as you do!

Only the best boyfriends are mindful of things that us girls find important, without making us feel a tad crazy for keeping tabs on all those minor things (that are totally important to us).

It’s one thing to have to remind them of those dates for the purpose of impressing us but it’s a whole other thing actually wanting to know because they genuinely care!

And the best boyfriends really do.

2. They will be openly affectionate and loving with you without feeling like less of a man

7 Significant Things That Only The Best Boyfriends Will Do

Guys who shy away from showing their emotions in public because they are scared of being portrayed as less masculine are seriously not worth it.

Go find yourself a guy who will kiss you like he means i, and hold your hand firmly as you walk along the most crowded street in the city!

Only the best boyfriends are openly lovey-dovey with their girl because they don’t give a shit what anyone thinks!

They are in love and they don’t care who sees it. And that right there is what makes a real man.

3. They will be perfectly happy just lounging on the sofa with you and doing nothing

7 Significant Things That Only The Best Boyfriends Will Do

When you can just sit comfortably together, doing absolutely nothing and still have the best time, that’s real love.

And only the best boyfriends will be perfectly content doing nothing with you!

Love isn’t always doing stuff and keeping busy at all times.

Sometimes, love is being together, doing nothing and knowing that the person next to you doesn’t wish to be anywhere else.

Love isn’t a race. It’s a journey.

And through that journey, there will be moments of complete peace and quiet and only the best boyfriends will make those moments feel like heaven.

4. They will proudly show you off on their social media profiles every once in a while

7 Significant Things That Only The Best Boyfriends Will Do

A man who doesn’t want to show you off to anyone isn’t really someone you should want to be with. You deserve better than that.

But when you find a guy who will tag you on his Instagram, it means he’s basically letting everyone know he’s a happily taken guy!

Tagging his girl on a photo so that everyone can see you’re his lady is the ultimate sign of how serious he is about you.

If your guy is happy to show you off in his virtual world, it means you’ve snatched yourself a real one.

5. They will talk about the future with you in all of their plans

7 Significant Things That Only The Best Boyfriends Will Do

A good boyfriend will always include you in his future plans.

If he doesn’t have a problem with saying ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ with regards to his ideas for what the future holds, you’re one lucky lady!

This means he is in it for the long haul and you don’t have to worry about his intentions as he clearly wants to keep you around. And that’s what the best boyfriends do!

They make you feel wanted, loved and like a meaningful part of their life!

If you’ve got a guy who keeps you in all of his future plans, rest assured, you’ve found a jackpot boyfriend!

6. They will remember all the little things that you love and that make you happy

7 Significant Things That Only The Best Boyfriends Will Do

Only a man who truly loves his girl and wants to make her feel special will remember the things about her that not many would.

This man knows exactly what will make your heart skip a beat and make you jump for joy and he always knows just what to do to make you happy.

He constantly surprises you with little tokens of his affection because he remembers every single thing you mention that makes you happy or passionate. And that is what the best boyfriends always do.

It’s his mission to make you feel loved and heard and just when you think he couldn’t possibly be any more amazing, that’s when he usually outdoes himself.

7. They will appreciate your family and friends, while treating them with the utmost respect

7 Significant Things That Only The Best Boyfriends Will Do

He knows how much they all mean to you and he wouldn’t dream of being anything other than kind and respectful to them.

Your mom probably adores him and your dad has his complete and total trust.

Your friends think he’s just the best and he genuinely wants to form close relationships with those nearest to you, because he knows that if they are important to you, they are just as important to him.

No excuses and no faking it. He is as real as it gets and it’s no wonder everybody around you seems to really like him.

This is what the best boyfriends will always be like.

They will love and respect you at all times and all those you hold dear will be important to him too.

If you recognize your man in any of these, know that you’ve got a real gentleman by your side!

He really loves you, so hold on to him and love him back for the unselfish, kind-hearted man that he is.

7 Significant Things That Only The Best Boyfriends Will Do