Let’s face it. No one wants to be with someone who is boring or doesn’t have anything specific about his personality that will distinguish him from others.

After all, these quirks and flaws are what make us perfect. Our imperfections become perfections in the eye of the beholder, and someone who likes us will like us for what we truly are.

Different personality traits are what make people fall in love with you, and the more comfortable you are in your skin, the more you will radiate and attract others.

Summarized, the more comfy you are with your flaws and quirks, the more attractive you will be to others.

What is a quirky personality?

Quirky means weird, but in the good way. People with quirky personality are most often called eccentric, unusual, strange and even bizarre, but the truth is that they are missing the bigger picture.

You see, these people are not afraid to play weird instruments, wear different clothes, have some unusual hobbies or say what they mean.

These people are not afraid to be what they really are, and that is HOT. Quirky is the new hot. Period.

If you don’t believe me yet, here are 8 reasons quirky people make the best partners ever!

They introduce you to new things

couple jumping on the sand beach 

Quirky people live for the feeling of trying new things and exploring the world.

That is why they will always bring something new to the table and engage you in different types of activities that you’ll most definitely enjoy.

Also, they will not take ‘no’ for an answer because if you didn’t try, you cannot say that you don’t like it.

They will always bring you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to show your moves.

Quirky people are people who don’t satisfy themselves with only watching the snow falling, rather they will jump into the snow and take you with them.

Also, you’ll always learn something new about them even though you think that there’s nothing more to tell.

Their weird habits make them unique

persons plashing on water

They might have different OCD’s like an excessive need to wash their hands or different habits like compulsively eating their favorite candy or putting things in the specific order as they’ve envisaged it, but all of these are what make them unique.

Each time they do some of their ‘rituals’, it will make your heart beat faster.

Their weird habits turn into the cutest things you’ve ever seen someone doing, and it is really hard to resist their wildish spirit when it comes to this.

They will never pretend to be something they’re not only to fit the definition of ‘normal’.

They are exciting to be with

silhouette of persons jumping

Quirky people turn everything into fun and every second spent with them is beyond worthy.

Those trivial activities like going to the store will never have the same meaning after you experience it with them.

They will always make your day, regardless of the activities and other factors that may influence your time spent together.

Quirky people don’t take themselves seriously, and that is really an awesome trait one could ever possess.

They go ‘chill’ through life, and they are not afraid of what tomorrow will bring to them because quirky people have the ability to easily adapt to almost anything. And that is what makes them really exciting to be with.

Your conversations are enjoyable

young couple talking on boat  

Quirky people will never just nod to whatever you say to them. They will always make sure to say what they mean and to contradict you if needed.

You can forget about those trivial, boring conversations because with them you will have the time of your life—even if you’re just discussing the colors of your T-shirt.

They know when it’s time for meaningful conversations, and they also understand when you need your time alone.

They will not be pushy or needy because quirky people always have something to do.

They seem forever busy because they devote their passion to a lot of different activities.

Their weirdness is what makes them so hot

young couple embracing on bed, about to have sex

They will show their weird side in everything you do, including bed. They have their unique approach to everything, and you will realize this when you find yourself doing things you’ve never imagined doing.

They will force you to push your limits and become the best version of yourself.

If you play truth or dare with them, be sure that they will fulfill what you have asked of them because they simply live for this.

They live for the excitement of waiting you to come home and showing you their newest invention.

They live for the smell of the rain. They live to make you happy with their cute gestures and unique way of thinking and perceiving things.

They are humorous

Group of people in the pub having fun

No matter how hard and exhausting your day is, they will always find a way to make you smile.

And they will do it even without trying because their appearance is something that will make you smile, even when you’re least capable of doing so.

For example, they will wear gloves in the middle of summer just because their hands are cold.

They will always find unusual ways of dealing with problems which will always brighten up your day.

The way they talk, dress and walk will always remind you that you’re home, and that will be enough to make your day.

Quirky people are not even aware of their abilities to improve someone’s day by simply saying a thing or two.

They are also really good at comforting others because they simply know to find triggers that will make you feel better instantly.

They are loyal to the core

man holds woman on lake

I know, people think that quirky people easily get bored with their partners because it’s in their nature to explore. But, this is not true.

When they love someone, they will make sure to find a way to keep things interesting, and they will be loyal to the core.

They don’t like lies, deception or fakeness. If they don’t like something on you, they will tell you.

But, they also expect you to tell them if they are being annoying or something else.

Quirky people understand other people’s emotions, and they don’t get offended if you tell them that you would like to have some time for yourself.

They will not get jelly immediately, thinking that you are about to cheat on them or thinking about leaving them.

If you trust them, they will trust you back and that is all there is to it.

They enjoy life

close up photo of persons feets on pool

Quirky people enjoy life like no one else is capable of enjoying it. They find joy in little things, and they are always optimistic about their goals. They will not let you give up if you feel weak at the moment.

No matter what you choose to do, they will always support your choices if that is what makes you happy at the moment.

They will not accuse you of being immature or weird because they know how it feels when other people judge you for doing something you like, even though it’s considered unusual.

They will understand your cravings, and they will help you fulfill your dreams because your happiness means their own.

8 Reasons Quirky People Make The Best Partners