Because she is a woman, she’s supposed to act like most women do. She’s supposed to get married, take care of the kids and so on.

That is something that is expected of her from the moment she is born.

Why is that and who gets to decide how you should act?

What happens when a woman doesn’t want to act according to the norms that are forced upon her? What if she doesn’t want to get married but she wants to pursue her career and live her life to the fullest and the way she wants?

Well, this girl, the girl who will turn your life around and show you a completely different perception of the world and life itself, is the girl who does whatever the hell she wants.

She is not scared of what other people have to say about her. She is not scared that others might judge her for being who she wants to be. If she wants to overwhelm herself with work, she knows why she’s doing it.

If she wants to pursue her career and fulfill her goals, she will do it and no one and nothing will stand in her way.

She isn’t like all others. She doesn’t respect social conventions and she will never do something just because someone said or wrote somewhere that you have to. She simply doesn’t give a fuck.

She’s not intimidated by anyone. She is an independent woman who deserves and has worked her ass off for everything she has in life. Nothing came served on a silver platter for her. She fought to have what she has.

And in the process, she wasn‘t scared of anyone. No one could intimidate her or say no to her.

She makes up her own rules. She doesn’t play by the rules because rules don’t always have to be right. She goes where her reason and her heart take her. She does what she feels like doing and she always goes with her gut.

Even if she makes a mistake, she’ll learn from it and she’ll never do it again.

She sets boundaries and has high standards. You can’t do whatever you want with her. She has boundaries which she’ll never let you cross. She expects a lot from her partner and she gives a lot in return.

She is happy the way she is.

And you know what?

She doesn’t want to change for anyone. She is happy the way she is. She doesn’t want to be a mom at 25, she doesn’t want to stay at home and watch the children. She wants to go out with her friends and not come home for two days straight at the weekend.

She wants to work like hell on weekdays because she wants to get better and take her career to another level.

She’ll do whatever the hell she wants with her life.

You know why I admire her so?

She is not the type of girl who’ll settle for anything that comes her way. No, she won’t get tired of waiting and settle for something she doesn’t want.

She’ll never say she loves you if she doesn’t. She will never give anyone false hope and she knows how and when to end a relationship if she has to.

She has no regrets because she knows that her decisions are right. She believes in herself and she trusts her judgment.

And you, you are not like her but that’s why the relationship of your life will be with the girl who does whatever the hell she wants.

You don’t deserve to settle either. You don’t deserve to end up with someone who won’t make you happy.

If you think that this kind of girl is not for you, then you’re wrong. Someone like this is exactly what you need.


She refuses to be something she is not. Guys have tried to change her and turn her into someone they’ll like but she wouldn’t let them. She continued doing whatever the hell she wanted.

She got up at noon because she wanted to, she drank beer straight out of the bottle, she blew off a night out because she wanted to work. She refused to settle down and marry just because she was told she had to.

She is the girl who does what she wants. She’s exactly the girl you need in your life.

The Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With The Girl Who Does Whatever The Hell She Wants