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The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With The Girl Who Doesn’t Need You

The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With The Girl Who Doesn’t Need You

She is completely independent. She won’t play games with you because she has no interest in that and she hasn’t got any time. She has her own schedule to fulfill and she won’t bother with your obligations.

She will answer your calls and text you back as soon as she can. She won’t call you immediately after she texts you because you didn’t answer back.

She is happy with herself and she doesn’t need a man to make her feel complete.

She listens to you when you speak. She is there for you when you have a problem. You know you can count on her because she sees you as an equal. She doesn’t depend on you and she’ll never let you depend on her. She doesn’t need a boyfriend; she needs a partner.

When you find a girl who is used to being on her own, that will be the best relationship of your life. She doesn’t need your reassurance. She doesn’t need to hear how beautiful she is because she knows it. She doesn’t need to hear that she’s doing a good job because she knows that, too. She is totally independent and you should be proud of that.

You should date a girl who knows her true worth, a girl who puts herself first. She was there before, in situations when she put everyone else before her and she got burnt. She realized that people are selfish and that everyone works for their own benefit. And even if you go out of your way for someone, it doesn’t always come back. Moreover, when you need them to help you, they often selfishly turn their backs on you because they have no interest in helping you.

That’s why now, she puts herself first.

Date someone who knows she’s not perfect. She knows that she is a work in progress, that she needs more time to become something she’s dreamed of. Even when she gets there, she won’t be fully satisfied with herself because she’ll see that there is still some place for improvement. And this doesn’t frustrate her—it makes her ambitious because she wants to be the best version of herself.

Date a girl who doesn’t need you but knows that you are there for her anyway. She knows that you are her shoulder to cry on if she needs it. She knows that she can rely on you if she feels like shit. She will ask you for advice when she wants to. There will be no secrets between the two of you because she’ll say everything that is on her mind and she’ll ask for anything she wants.

The best relationship of your life will be with someone who knows she can’t do everything by herself. Date someone who isn’t afraid to ask for your help because she is aware that she is not almighty and that people are not made to live and go through life alone. We all need love and support—no matter how strong we are. Date someone who is not afraid to admit that; someone who is not that stubborn and that proud.

Date someone who doesn’t pretend she is brave. She isn’t afraid to admit that some things scare her. And she won’t turn you down if you want to step in and be brave instead of her. She’ll let you in because she trusts you, and she trusts you because she trusts herself.

Date a girl who has her priorities in order. Date someone who has accepted herself for who she is. Date someone who is happy about herself. You’ll be happy, too.  

Be with someone who will inspire you to be better. Someone who will make you want things and make you do something about it. Date someone who will encourage you to make your dreams come true. Date a girl who doesn’t need you because by seeing everything she can do all by herself, you’ll want to do the same.

Date someone who doesn’t need you because she won’t be trying to change you. She has accepted you for who you are because she isn’t planning on changing either. She knows all your flaws and quirks and she knows how to live with them. She doesn’t hold grudges and she knows how to forgive. She is aware of the fact that everything you do wrong can happen to her, too. She has promised to love you and she won’t take it back.

The best relationship of your life will be with a girl who doesn’t need you because she’ll love you unconditionally, and she won’t ask anything in return. She’ll let you be yourself because that’s the version of yourself she fell in love with.

Be with someone like her because no one will love you the way she does and to let that love go would be the worst mistake of your life.