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Unique Romantic Gestures To Win Over Each Zodiac Sign

Unique Romantic Gestures To Win Over Each Zodiac Sign


Aries loves having lots going on in their life. You can be certain they have all kinds of hobbies and interests.

Pick their favorite one and enjoy it with them for the day.

For example, if your Aries likes hiking, show them that you’re willing to try it with them and spend a day hiking.

Be open minded and don’t be too naggy about the things you dislike about their hobby.

After a full and active day, give your Aries a long, gentle, sensual massage to help their body and mind relax completely.


There’s one thing that will impress a Taurean whatever the occasion: a well cooked meal.

Taurus is the biggest hedonist in the zodiac and impressing them with a romantic gesture that involves food is a must.

If you know how to cook, make them a wonderful home cooked meal that you can enjoy in the romantic atmosphere of your home.

They will be impressed by their favorite take out, too. Combine it with their favorite sweets and BINGO.


Remember something they casually mentioned, like the fact that their favorite band is having a concert, or that they wanted to see a certain play or a movie, and surprise them by incorporating it into your date.

Honestly, they will be amazed that you listen to them so carefully and that you organized an exciting date for them.


You can go two ways here. One way to impress Cancer is to throw them an amazing pamper evening.

Run them a bath, give them a massage, cook for them… make them feel cared for.

Another thing Cancer appreciates is you taking over their work.

They will adore the feeling that they can count on you –there’s nothing more romantic than that for Cancer.


You have to go big for Leo. Full on romance is what they need… watching the sunset together, lying under the stars and gazing into each other’s eyes will make them feel like they are in a movie.

Another romantic thing you can do for your Leo is make them feel special at every occasion… say nice things about them, in front of them.

Always emphasize when they’re well dressed, smell good, or are doing something that you find amazing.


Virgos pay attention to every little detail of their life and of your relationship.

They probably invest themselves a lot in the things they do and are sure that you, their partner, don’t notice half of it.

Show them that you’re fully aware of how much effort they put into your lives.

Tell them how much you appreciate it.

You can also try doing something for them to become a part of their daily routine, like ironing their shirt every morning or making their morning coffee or afternoon tea.


If your Libra is a she, go with flowers and traditional romantic gestures – they adore it.

A grandiose bouquet of roses in beautiful colors will impress them for sure.

Libra likes beauty and comfort. They enjoy visiting art galleries or looking around beautiful fortresses.

Visiting beautiful places in nature with an already prepared picnic that’s beautifully arranged will also make them feel butterflies in their belly.


Write them a heartfelt letter, message, or poem.

They are constantly trying to figure out what it is that their partner actually feels, and this would be you giving them the chance to finally know.

Dig deep into your emotions and truly open yourself up to them. Tell them everything, they can take it.

They’ll be more in love with you than ever once they feel like they understand your feelings.


Surprise them for no apparent reason.

Make your romantic gesture on an ordinary day when they won’t have had a chance to figure out that something is going on.

You can give them a small gift, but the best choice would be to plan a getaway to… well, wherever.

They will be impressed by your thinking and will most definitely enjoy the change of scenery, which they so desperately need now and again.


Capricorn is usually very busy. They are constantly preoccupied with their careers and their future and have very little time to unwind.

Help them relax any way you know how.

Take them on a trip, cook for them, give them a massage… anything you can do to get them to slow down and take care of themselves will work.

Show them that they come first and help them care more about their own well-being.


What every Aquarius wants is to know that their partner shares their ideals and ideas about the world.

They are the most altruistic of the signs, and you should show them that you love helping other people too.

Organize a charity event in her name and invite all of her friends, or go with her to help people who are in need (make a donation in her name, visit sick children in hospitals and spend time reading them stories… anything you can think of.)

You can also organize a surprise party with all her friends for her, she’ll love that for sure.


This sign screams romance. When it comes to romantic gestures that would impress them, it’s hard to say.

They need romance to be a part of their lives every single day.

For them, it’s about the little things you do every day, not about one grand gesture.

Bringing them breakfast in bed, sending them sweet messages when you’re apart and generally making them aware that you’re thinking about them is what works.