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Sagittarius And Sagittarius Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Sagittarius And Sagittarius Compatibility In Love And Friendship

What happens when two natives born under the Sag zodiac sign get together and form a relationship? Is this kind of union even able to succeed and last?

It surely is, and the high Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility ranking definitely confirms it. No matter what kind of relationship they indulge in, one thing is for sure; it’ll be filled with laughs, a bunch of crazy adventures, and excitement.

Most people (even most astrologers) have a theory that it’s too dangerous to date or bond on a deeper emotional level with the same zodiac sign because of the very similar natures and personality traits you share.

Unfortunately, they aren’t even aware of how flawed their theory truly is. Those similarities actually enhance the connection between partners and provide common grounds on which the relationship can grow.

Do Sagittarius And Sagittarius Get Along?

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The fact is that no two people of the same zodiac sign are totally alike. We may share some qualities and personality traits with another person, but the truth is that we’re all unique human beings with very different needs, values, and perspectives.

Two people may be born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign and have totally different personality traits. You can see it best if you compare the birth charts of two Sagittarians.

The astrological compatibility of the double Sagittarius couple is surprisingly high. Two Sagittarius partners can function incredibly great in almost all fields of life.

Of course, that will be true only if their partnership is based on understanding, mutual respect, and healthy communication.

The most significant traits of the Sagittarius zodiac sign

In order to understand their astrological compatibility better, we should dive into the personality and nature of the Sagittarius sign.

Sagittarius belongs to the fire signs of the zodiac, together with Leo and Aries. These fiery horoscope signs are known for their spontaneity, creativity, quick temper, positivity, and, of course, passion.

They’re also a mutable sign (along with Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces), governed by the planet, Jupiter. This is the planet that represents travel, wealth, religion, good luck, and optimism.

Having these things in mind, it’s really no wonder why Sagittarians are such lucky, positive, energetic peeps with a huge passion for traveling.

However, being a mutable sign, it does make them a bit inconsistent. They easily get bored, and it’s impossible for them to stick to one place for too long. It’s also probably a reason for their commitment issues.

Well, actually, Sags can commit to the person they truly love and indulge in a serious relationship with them. But, tying the knot and settling down with one person for the rest of their lives is what scares the hell out of them.

It’s not that they want to keep their options open or date other people because Sagittarians are extremely loyal to their loved ones. The reason for their ‘commitment’ issues lies in their free-spirited nature.

People with this sun sign are highly impulsive and tempered. They can get angry or frustrated in a minute and by the most basic thing. However, contrary to Scorpio, Taurus, and Capricorn, they almost never bear grudges for too long.

Are Sagittarius And Sagittarius A Good Match?

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Two Sagittarians fit together perfectly. They’re truly a well-matched zodiac pairing. And, any kind of relationship they indulge in will almost always succeed.

Of course, they might run into some obstacles along the way, but they’ll always find a way to work through and overcome them.

They bring positivity, fun, understanding, and compassion to the relationship table. They also have many things in common, which will allow them to bond faster and establish a deep and strong emotional connection.

How Do Two Sagittarius Get Along In Love?

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Sagittarius and Sagittarius go together like peas and carrots. They have similar traits, characters, and perspectives on the world.

It really helps them understand each other on a deeper level, and it makes them form a strong connection. Both are caring, loyal, and empathetic, and those qualities help them greatly to detect one another’s feelings and sympathize with them.

Sagittarius Man And Sagittarius Woman Compatibility In Love

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Remember one thing… astrology may help you find out if you and your partner are compatible, but it definitely can’t claim that your relationship will or won’t last.

This unique horoscope match has extremely high love compatibility, and that gives them the potential to build a successful, healthy, loving, and long-lasting relationship. Still, without a genuine and strong effort from both sides, all bets will be off.

The best aspect of the double Sagittarius relationship

It’s not like everything will go smoothly in a relationship between two Sagittarians. They’ll have many disagreements, but the way they’ll handle those clashes is what counts the most.

The Sagittarius communication style is exceptional indeed, and it’ll undoubtedly be the best part of the relationship between two SagsDirect, open, and, above everything else, honest communication.

They’ll accept one another for who they truly are, and that’s another thing that will help their relationship grow. Besides that, they’re willing to accept each other’s differences and, most importantly, learn from them.

Another positive aspect of their relationship will be the love that both of them share for adventures and excitement. The life motto of a Sagittarius is “One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure”, and it’ll also be the motto of the relationship between two Sags.

These peeps have similar interests, and they will enjoy many interesting, adrenaline-filled activities together. They’re filled with positivity, good vibes, and optimism, and their relationship may be everything but never be a boring one.

If you want to know more about the love compatibility of you and your partner, you should take a deeper dive into your birth charts and your moon signs compatibility.

The downsides of a double Sagittarius love match

As I said above, it’s not all sunshine and roses when two Sagittariuses come together and unite in an emotional relationship.

It’s not a secret that almost all Sagittariuses (especially Venus Sagittarians) struggle with the fear of commitment. And, that is exactly the biggest weakness of a Sagittarius couple.

When two freedom-lovers like Sags fall in love, it’ll be difficult for them to commit fully to each other. However, the good thing is that it’s a trait they have in common, and that’s why it’ll be easier for them to understand each other.

Another disadvantage of this horoscope match is that they can easily become emotionally distant after a while. And, that’s when their relationship will go south.

That distance may occur simply because they both feel like their relationship is getting serious and neither one of them truly wants it.

Also, their fights may be a bit heated because Sags can easily lose their temper. However, that probably won’t endanger their relationship because they usually don’t like to hold grudges for too long.

Can Two Sagittarius Be Soulmates?

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Two people born under this fire sign make an excellent match. It’s not like they have all the stars aligned for them, but they definitely have what it takes to become a great couple.

Actually, soulmates are truly overrated. Fighting for true love is what counts the most. It’s all those bridges you’re willing to pass to get to the one you love that should be the most important.

And, this love match knows how to do it the best. If two Sagittariuses fall in love, even if the whole world unites against them, they’ll fight for their love, and they won’t stop until they win that battle.

Can a Sagittarius Marry a Sagittarius?

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This horoscope pairing has great chances to build a healthy and lasting relationship that will eventually be blessed with a marriage.

However, the important thing is that they should take baby steps in the relationship. They should take time to get to know each other completely before they decide to make such a huge step.

And, in order to make their marriage work, they should try to keep things fresh, always. If they let the spark die in their marriage, that will definitely blow the final whistle for them.

12 Secrets To Improve The Sagittarius-Sagittarius Relationship

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Although this love match has great relationship compatibility, the fact is that every relationship needs work and constant nurturing. There is always room for improvement, just as there is with all the other things in life.

I’ll reveal to you a few well-kept secrets that will help you maintain your relationship healthily and keep your love strong. So, listen very carefully.

1. Learn the art of self-acceptance.

2. Go step by step; don’t rush anything.

3. Work on your commitment issues.

4. Communication is the oxygen that your relationship needs in order to live.

5. Tame your temper.

6. Celebrate your flaws and quirks.

7. Maintain your individual identities.

8. Never make decisions impulsively.

9.  Exercise your patience muscles.

10. Understand that every bit of progress takes time.

11. Define your priorities and put them on a pedestal.

12. Stop seeking attention by being more attentive to one another.

Sagittarius And Sagittarius In Bed

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The Sagittarius-Sagittarius match has one of the highest sexual compatibility rankings in the entire zodiac. In fact, they’re the most fiery, passionate, and adventurous lovers.

Sagittarians, in general, have incredible sexual energy and a hefty appetite for sex. It’s really no wonder why two Sagittariuses function so well in the bedroom.

Just like with all the other things in life, a Sagittarius loves to keep their sexual life fresh, too. Their willingness to try just about everything behind closed doors allows them to keep those little sparks alive, which also positively affects their intimate and emotional bond.

Also, when it comes to sex, Sags tend to prefer quantity over quality. They like to leave their emotions out of it because for them, the main goal of intercourse is orgasm.

That makes them the perfect candidates for one-night stands and casual, no-strings-attached relationships. Even though this horoscope pairing can build a healthy, long-term relationship, it’s a fact that they’ll always function the best as a ‘more than friends but less than romantic partners’ couple.

Do Sagittarius And Sagittarius Get Along As Friends?

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I suppose the last thing that interests you is how compatible are Sagittarius and Sagittarius in friendship? Well, this surely won’t come as a surprise… two Sagittarians are highly compatible in friendship, too.

Their adventure-loving nature will connect them, and their way of living life to the fullest will allow them to click incredibly fast as friends.

Even though they’re true social butterflies, they live life in the fast lane, and it’s a bit difficult for other signs of the horoscope to keep up with them. Only a few zodiac signs are able to do that, and those are Aquarius, Libra, and Leo.

But, in the end, only a Sagittarius is able to completely understand and keep pace with another Sagittarius. After all… they’re completely different, yet, at the same time, exactly alike, and that’s the whole point of friendship.

All Things Considered…

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The most important takeout from everything that has been said above is that same-sign relationships are undoubtedly feasible. And, the Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility is probably the best confirmation of that statement.

Two people of this Jupiter-ruled fire sign can function extremely well in all spheres of life. They are able to form a very strong bond that will connect them and keep them together through both good and bad times.

The story of two Sags in union is brimming with fun, spunkiness, adventure, sophistication, and open-mindedness. This horoscope match definitely knows how to keep the spark alive, which is what makes their relationship so lit! ?

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