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Key Sagittarius Traits: Revealing Their Strengths And Weaknesses

Key Sagittarius Traits: Revealing Their Strengths And Weaknesses

If you are a Sag and possess Sagittarius traits, one thing is for sure: You leave no one indifferent.

Dating you is an attractive prospect, but you have commitment issues, you’re honest but tactless, compassionate but not so emotionally intelligent…

The list can go on forever. The bottom line is that all Sagittarius traits create one big paradox not many can understand.

You might wonder how this is possible. Well, read the ultimate list of all Sagittarius traits and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Sagittarius season: November 22nd–December 22nd

Element: Fire

Modality: Mutable

Symbol: Archer and the Centaur♐

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Sagittarius eminent personalities: Brad Pitt, Miley Cyrus, Jay-Z, Tina Turner, Scarlet Johansson

Sagittarius Personality

The most important thing you need to know about Sagittarius is that they’re a true empiricist. They rely on practical experience and believe that we can only understand things we’ve experienced in real life.

That principle guides them through life, and that’s probably a reason Sagittarius always follows their heart. They are always led by their heart and never by their mind.

Of course, this has both good and bad sides. Their heart can lead them to some beautiful things their mind could never predict. However, it can also get them in a whole heap of trouble their mind would never get them into.

They are fun-loving, eternal optimists who radiate that clown-y energy and simply make other people enjoy their company.

People born under this zodiac sign are also drama-free and have the ability to make other people laugh. It’s really no wonder everyone (well, almost everyone) loves and admires Sagittariuses.

While we’re at those ‘other people,’ let’s see how Sagittarius makes connections with people and how they behave in different types of partnerships.

Sagittarius in love

Unfortunately, Sagittarius is deeply misunderstood by most people and astrologers when it comes to their love life. Most of them agree that people born under this zodiac sign aren’t able to build and maintain a healthy, lasting relationship with another human being.

They say it’s because Sagittarius struggles with deep-rooted commitment issues, but that’s not true at all.

They aren’t afraid of committing to someone; being tied down and losing their freedom is what actually scares them.

It’s not a secret that Sag is a lover of freedom. They enjoy having personal space and that time in and out of a relationship. Love them without making them lose themselves, and you’ll keep them by your side forever.

No, they don’t aren’t the most loyal zodiac signs, and yes, it’s true that they’re one of the most unfaithful signs of the zodiac, but all of that no longer applies once they genuinely fall in love.

Sagittarius in marriage

I agree that it’s difficult for a Sagittarian to settle down, and you’ll need time and effort to make it happen. However, once you manage to get them to tie the knot, you’ll get the most fun-loving, adventurous, and emotional partner ever.

Marriage is supposed to last forever or at least until death do you part, right? Well, your Sag partner will prove to you that forever is a short time when you spend it with the right person.

Sag has high moral standards, and they always live life with honesty and integrity. Their strong sense of ethics makes them true marriage material.

Of course, just like in all the other marriages, open and honest communication is a must if you want to make your marriage work.

Sagittarius in bed

Well, I think it’s enough to say that Sag is a fire sign. I think it pretty much explains their sexuality.

Just like their fellow fire signs Aries and Leo, Sagittarius is also very passionate, sensual, and exciting in bed. They just know how to fulfill their partner’s sexual needs.

The truth is that they prefer one-night stands because they like to keep it casual. Sex is only a physical act for them, so they like to keep emotions out of it.

They also like to be the dominant partner in the bedroom, which may sometimes awaken their sadistic or masochistic fantasies. They like to try new things in bed, from different sex positions, toys, and games to public sex or even BDSM.

Sagittarius in friendship

Coming from a person who has a Sagittarius best friend, I can say that friendship with people born under this sun sign has both its pros and cons.

The first thing you should know is that Sag is a true social zapper. Canceling plans at the last minute is almost always an option with them. It can be annoying sometimes. But really, truly annoying.

However, they’ll always apologize and make sure they make up for almost standing you up.

They have a great sense of humor, and only Sagittarius friends know how fun it is to be around them. They’re fiercely loyal to their loved ones, and their close friends know their secrets are safe with their Sag friends.

Sagittarius at work

One of the most significant traits of Sagittarius is their creativity. They have that ability to make something great out of nothing, which really helps them in their work life.

This horoscope sign is represented by the centaur (a creature from Greek mythology that’s half-man, half-horse) named Chiron. He was known as the wisest and justest of all the centaurs. And that’s exactly why this symbol was chosen for the wise and fair Sagittarian.

These traits, along with their ambition and excellent communication skills, make Sag a great employee and an even better leader. Oh, and also, they have great social skills.

Dream jobs for this sun sign would be travel agent (because of their love for traveling and experiencing new things), architect (due to their creativity), and college professor (on account of their fairness and talkative nature).

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The Traits Of A Sagittarius

Now, we’ll get to the real case… Sagittarius character traits. Let’s expose this zodiac sign and reveal everything there is to know about them.

You’ve probably already made some assumptions about them, and now it’s time to find out if they are true or false. But let me tell you something, people born under this sun sign are quite mysterious, and they have some secrets that will almost certainly shock you.

Sagittarius Good Traits

1. Adventurous

One of the most recognizable personality traits of this Jupiter-ruled sign common for all Sagittarians is certainly your adventurous side and free spirit.

If you’re this Astro sign, you’re a known risk-taker who has almost no fears.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about quitting your safe job to pursue your dream career or taking part in extreme sports – you’re the one to do it.

Every day you live is a story in itself. Sometimes, it may seem that you’re the protagonist of an action film.

As a mutable sign, you despise routine and comfort zones. You’re constantly searching for a thrill and new adventures.

2. Honest

If you had to ask your best friends and other people close to you what they love most about you, they would all agree and say: Your honesty.

Ironically, this was probably one of the Sagittarian traits they hated you for in the beginning. Because let’s face it, you’re not typically honest – you’re brutally honest!

You say whatever is in your heart and you always speak your mind. It’s not only that you refuse to lie – you never sugarcoat the truth either.

Basically, you’re like this because you want the best for your loved ones. You want them to be faced with a reality in time, so they can act on it as soon as possible.

With time, people start appreciating this quality of yours. They know that you’re one of the rare ones who will give them the truth, harsh as it may be.

3. Optimist

Every cloud has a silver lining – that is your life motto.

No matter the nightmare you might be going through right now, you know that tomorrow is always a new day and that light will appear at the end of the tunnel in which you are stuck.

Let me tell you something: This optimism you have might be your best quality. It’s what keeps you going and what gives you the strength needed to survive this cruel world.

You may have your bad patches, just like any other human being. Your feelings might get hurt and you could become heartbroken.

You might grieve but you always rise from the ashes. You heal and never fall into complete despair because of this positive vibe that surrounds you.

You see the good in people and in situations. You have this amazing ability to find the bright side of every darkness.

Not only that but, you also spread your optimistic vibe to everyone in your vicinity. You wipe away people’s tears and have a sense of humor that, just by being present, puts a smile back on their faces.

4. Self-sufficient

If you were left all alone on Earth, you would find a way to survive – that’s how independent you are.

Truth to be told, you value your independence above all else and your freedom can’t be measured against anything in your life.

You can’t stand someone trying to control your life since you want =everything to be in your hands.

It’s not that you’re a loner, in fact, you’re actually surrounded by a lot of people most of the time.

However, when it comes to important life choices, you don’t take anyone else’s opinion into account. You’re the only one who makes the call when it comes to decisions that concern you.

The point is that you don’t actually NEED anyone in your life. You consciously choose to let them in but that doesn’t mean that you can’t picture yourself without them by your side.

5. Compassionate

Those who don’t know you properly would never guess how compassionate you actually are. Well, the truth is that you’re one of the biggest empaths of the entire zodiac.

You have the innate ability to walk in other people’s shoes.

You know exactly when your loved ones are sad, happy, excited, or disturbed by something and the best part is that they don’t even have to say a word for you to figure it out.

In fact, you don’t have to have much information about your subject. You have an instinct to read other people’s minds.

Naturally, you couldn’t be this empathetic if it weren’t for your kind heart that is willing to help out just about anyone, without asking anything in return.

As soon as you see someone going through hard times, you understand their position. Not only that, but you also do everything in your power to give them a hand and to make things easier for them.

6. Problem-solver

Does anyone have a problem? A Sag is there to solve it! Does anyone have a question? A Sag is there to answer it!

You’re incredibly intelligent – nobody can argue against that. Also, another Sagittarius personality trait is to be well-educated and extremely well-informed.

Besides this, you’re also practical, which makes you an excellent problem-solver.

Actually, your biggest talent is facing your troubles, as hard and impossible to overcome as they might appear.

You don’t run away from the things that scare you, expecting them to magically go away.

Instead, you look them straight in the eye and you fight them off with all of your strength. You get the job done and you do it right away, without any unnecessary procrastination.

And, you’re not only like this when it comes to your own problems. You also solve other people’s issues in the blink of an eye!

Everyone around you knows this and turns to you when they feel like they’ve reached a dead end. They believe in your management and decision-making skills.

Whenever you’re part of a team, you’re always the leader. People look up to you and have unlimited trust in your potential and abilities.

Even though this is flattering, sometimes it can also be a bit of a burden. However, you have what it takes to deal with it in the best way possible.

7. Self-confident

Belonging to the group of zodiac fire signs, high self-esteem levels are pretty expected. For as long as you can remember, you’ve always been under the spotlight.

And you know what? You love it there!

You’re the main protagonist of your own life which is exactly how it should be. You don’t hesitate to sit in the frown row or to take over the show.

You know why? Because you believe in yourself. You’re perfectly aware of how capable you are. You know what you want and you’re not afraid to get it.

You’re the winner and defeat is not an option. You don’t have a habit of quitting or giving up because you know you can do whatever you set your mind to.

However, the one thing that could possibly awaken your insecurities is someone challenging your views. You can’t stand not being right and when someone points out your mistake, your self-esteem automatically takes a nosedive.

8. Social butterfly

If you belong to the Sagittarius horoscope sign, you’re, without a doubt, the life of every party. Whenever you show up, people do everything in their power to be seen with you and to spend some time in your company.

You have amazing charisma and you are great looking which has made you popular for as long as you can remember.

However, it’s your extrovert personality that makes you a true social butterfly. You’re eager to meet new people, hear their stories, and get to know them better.

The best part about the Sagittarius horoscope sign is that you have the widest possible circle of people to hang out with. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since you’re a mutable sign who is easily adaptable.

Naturally, you don’t call everyone your best friends but the fact is that you get along with people of both sexes, different personalities, backgrounds, and worldviews.

Some might call you two-faced for this. After all, how can you be friends with a criminal prosecutor and a convicted criminal at the same time?

Well, only the Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius can pull this off. You’re curious about meeting both types of people and this is exactly what you’ll do if you feel like it.

9. Curious

Even though some might perceive you as nosy, the fact is that you’re just curious. You’re more than eager to constantly learn new things and skills.

As a result, you often seek additional information about different topics. You’re a born explorer and you enjoy finding out new things.

When this is combined with an adventurous side, you get a person whose biggest dream is to travel across the world and explore unknown cultures.

Your schooling and career don’t play a big role here. The truth is that you’re an expert in many fields, even if they seemingly have nothing to do with your primary interests.

You have no trouble asking all the necessary questions, in an attempt to see the big picture. Your thirst for knowledge is what guides you and shapes you into a better person.

This is especially useful when it comes to discovering the truth. Your natural curiosity gave you a kind of a sixth sense and the perfect ability to detect any lie said to you.

Every astrologer will tell you that you seek the truth and you’re ready to move mountains to find it if you sense that something is off.

10. Reliable

You’re that one friend that shows up when everyone else bails. The one everyone knows they can count on, in the middle of the night.

It’s pretty simple actually: When you care for someone, you do it all the way, without holding any parts of yourself back. There is absolutely nothing you wouldn’t do for your loved ones.

You’ll be their shoulder to cry on, the person whose sense of humor makes them smile and the one who gives them your hand where there is no one else to be found.

You’re like this with your romantic partners, family members, and best friends.

Besides this, your actions match your words. People know that they can rely on you and that you’ll be their safety net, no matter what they do.

Congratulations, this is a true rarity in today’s world. Keep up the good work!

Sagittarius bad traits

1. Overthinker

This is not so much a flaw for the people around you, since it doesn’t affect them too much. In fact, most of those who only know you superficially would never even list this as one of your imperfections.

However, this is something that makes your life more difficult. Therefore, it’s, without a doubt, a character flaw.

It’s great to logically consider all aspects of things and plan ahead, but you’re the champion of overthinking and the fact is, you exaggerate

You think everything through to the point where you start to burden yourself with information, facts, and worries.

You have the uncontrollable urge to dissect everything. You need to know all the possible intel before making any decision.

It’s actually quite obvious why you behave like this: You think that you’ll be able to protect yourself from getting hurt if you plan everything in detail.

You think that your worry will save you from a bad outcome. Well, news flash: It won’t.

In fact, even when you do make a choice, you can rarely ever be certain about whether or not it’s the right call.

Instead, in most cases, the moment you make it, you’ll regret it.

The worst part is that you’re constantly obsessed with all the what-ifs, could-haves, and should-have-beens. I know that this seems like critical thinking to you but trust me, it’s only making your life miserable.

In time, you’ll become a prisoner of your own mind. Instead of doing something with your life, you will spend all of your time thinking in vain.

I won’t argue against the fact that every now and then, your overthinking has turned out to be helpful. It has saved you from some bad choices.

However, if you look at things honestly, you’ll have to admit that it has brought you more problems than gains. You waste so much energy analyzing things that cause you a lot of stress and headaches.

2. Cold-hearted

Contrary to the previous Sagittarius zodiac sign characteristic, this one affects the people around you. For those belonging to this horoscope sign, there may be some that say it’s actually one of the most positive Sagittarius traits.

However, it’s something people of all other horoscope signs probably despise most about you. Whether you like to admit it or not, the truth is that you’re often perceived as cold-hearted or even heartless.

Those who know you know that you have emotions. However, you also have this incredible ability to disregard them completely.

You’re depriving yourself of many beautiful and valuable life experiences. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that your existence would be better and more successful if you disregarded your brains.

Nevertheless, it would definitely be more worth living.

So, why don’t you try a little experiment? For a change, go after your heart’s desires and see where it will take you.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be the correct choice, but, you’ll always know you had the guts to do exactly what you wanted at a given moment and that should be more than enough!

3. Egotistical

Newsflash: The world doesn’t revolve around you. I know this bursts your bubble but this is how things actually are.

Your well-being is not more important than someone else’s. You’re no one’s priority and your needs don’t have to be met at the exact moment.

However, that is exactly what you think. Of course, you’ll never say this out loud but if you dig deep into your subconsciousness, you’ll see it’s the truth.

You’re not selfish in a typical way. After all, you would never do anything that might harm others, without giving a damn about the consequences of your actions.

Instead, you just assume that everyone should admire your looks and personality. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Sagittarius man or a Sagittarius woman – you’re egocentric.

4. Arrogant

Come on, let’s be real: You firmly believe that you’re better than everyone else. No, you’re not a narcissistic person whose only sense of worth comes from humiliating everyone in your surroundings.

But, you do think that you’re smarter, more capable, more attractive, more intelligent, and more interesting than the rest of the world.

If nothing else, you put yourself in the top minority when it comes to all of your qualities.

Don’t get me wrong, having high self-esteem is amazing. You should think only the best of yourself.

You should have a high sense of self-value and not allow anyone to diminish it. You shouldn’t let others tell you that you’re not enough, especially when you’re well aware of all of your qualities.

However, you don’t stop there. Instead, you come across as arrogant and the worst part is this happens more often than it should.

You look at people as though they’re below you, patronize them, give them advice they never asked for, and therefore, subconsciously, put them down.

To be brutally honest, nobody admires you for this personality trait. Instead, people might start avoiding your company because nobody likes to be treated as inferior.

Put your guard down and understand that we’re all equals. We’re all human beings made out of flesh and blood with our own personal set of good and bad and you’re no exception.

5. Stubborn

You’re also among those stubborn sun signs who can’t take “no” for an answer and who refuse to change their opinion, even if their life depended on it.

To be clear, it’s great to have such firmly held beliefs. You don’t go the way the wind blows and you stick to your principles.

After all, that is nothing but a sign of a strong character. You’re not a people pleaser and that is an amazing quality.

However, you’re allowed to have a change of heart. Nobody will think any less of you if you admit that you were wrong.

It is not a sign of weakness. It’s not a sign that you allow other people to influence you and mold you their way.

Instead, it’s just a signal that you’re maturing and growing up. When you discover new aspects of a scenario, there is nothing wrong with changing your opinion.

Unfortunately, this is something you simply don’t know how to do. In fact, you tend to see this as a personal defeat.

You are determined to stick to your beliefs, despite all arguments and evidence you might receive. Everything has to go your way or no way at all.

Besides this personality trait is a bad influence on your relationships with others, it also represents a huge burden to your own mental health.

You’re constantly struggling to prove your point and to defend your opinion against others, which gets quite tiring.

6. Naive

Despite your high intelligence, the truth is that sometimes, people easily trick you. You’re an overthinker but even that doesn’t help you get rid of your naive beliefs and decisions.

The biggest problem is that you start with the assumption that every person in this world is essentially good. You think that everyone has good intentions and you look at the entire world through your own filter.

It would be perfect if this were true, but sadly, it’s not.

As difficult as it may be, you have to accept that some people don’t mean well.

Regardless of whether we’re talking about abusers, manipulators, or those who want to use you this way or another – there are people who will break your heart.

When you encounter someone like this, you have to follow your gut. Your intuition is telling you that something about them is wrong and you should probably listen to it.

Don’t let them in and don’t let them deceive you with their false pretenses. Don’t allow them to catch you in their trap and don’t give them any access to yourself, let alone to your vulnerabilities and areas of weakness.

You see, as much as you don’t want to believe this, some people never change. Your love and effort won’t make them any different so it’s better not to get your hopes up.

The worst part about your naivety is that you keep on justifying bad people’s actions. You continue making excuses for their toxic behavior, despite everything they have done to you.

You give them endless second chances, expecting their goodness, hidden deep inside of them, to be revealed. When this doesn’t happen, you end up feeling like a fool who’s been played.

7. Restless

Calmness and tranquility are nothing but a couple of empty words you’ve read in a dictionary. You’ve never experienced them and you can’t stand the idea of them.

As much as others might love your adventurous side, the truth is that sometimes you are a little extra. You can’t stay still in one place and all you do is look for new fun things to do.

When nothing happens in your life for a while, you feel as though you’ve been stuck in your comfort zone for too long and you become desperate for any kind of change.

Truth be told, you go through an instance in a matter of seconds. This is where you’re ready to do whatever it takes just to get some action.

If you continue acting like this, one might even call you immature. Guess what, adult life is not all fun and games. Sometimes, it’s boring. There are times when things have to be done, even if you don’t enjoy doing them.

You have to go to work. You have to do chores around the house. You have to take care of your kids – if you decide to have them.

Basically, you have to be stuck in one place even when you feel like going on the adventure of a lifetime. Deal with it.

8. Tactless

Remember how I told you that you were honest and that this was one of your top qualities? Well, sometimes you cross the line, and your honesty makes others see you as tactless.

It’s not only that you’re outspoken. The problem is that you can’t seem to keep your mouth shut.

You have to speak your mind, at all times and at every possible occasion. You don’t choose words carefully and your comments are often rude and completely unnecessary.

You see, there is a big difference between sharing your opinion when you’re asked for it and just forcing it on others.

For example, you should definitely tell your best friend that you don’t like their new partner and that you think they’re not compatible – if they ask for your impression.

However, it is completely different to comment negatively on their spouse about whom they have never asked your opinion.

At the end of the day, your lack of tact is not only seen in what you’re telling people. In fact, a huge problem is HOW you deal with others, especially when they’re in sensitive situations.

It’s as though you don’t give a damn about whether or not you’ll insult someone. I know that honesty is your number one priority but you can’t go around making everyone feel lousy in the name of truth.

For a change, include some basic manners in your communication with others. Make sure your remarks don’t upset them and add some diplomatic elements to your character.

Trust me, everything you want to say can be said in a much nicer way.

9. Commitment-phobe

Maybe the worst personality trait of almost all Sagittarians is your fear of commitment. Your desire for change is what leads you through life and turns you into a commitment-phobe.

As much as your curiosity can lead you to wonderful places, it also doesn’t allow you to stay in one place for long enough.

Being adventurous is fun up to a point but when you’re adventurous in romantic relationships, there’s trouble ahead.

For you, a serious relationship automatically means limiting your freedom. It means being tied down and suffocated.

The thing is, people belonging to the Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius sign are great dating partners. You’re fun to be around, with you nothing is ever boring, and consequently, people easily fall in love with you.

However, the problem arises when there comes a time for your relationship to move to the next level. You have some deeply rooted commitment issues that end up hurting the other person.

It’s not that you’re incapable of loving or emotionally unavailable. In fact, you don’t have a problem with loving someone with your entire heart.

But, a Sagittarian loves their freedom more. You feel as though you can’t be independent enough when you’re stuck in a relationship, so you choose to escape it.

In fact, according to all tarot readers and astrologers, the only way you can function properly is by having a person who respects your individuality.

It’s having someone who won’t mind you ghosting them, taking some time for yourself, and then reappearing in their life as if nothing has happened.

Naturally, this doesn’t mean that people belonging to the fifth sign of the zodiac never manage to have a long-term partnership or that they will never get married.

Of course, there’s the possibility of a long-term relationship. However, when this happens, a part of you will forever crave your independence and the liberty you had while you were flying solo.

10. Emotionally unintelligent

Being highly emotional and possessing emotional intelligence are two different things. However, if you belong to this astrological sign, you’re not just emotionally detached – you don’t possess high emotional intelligence either.

It’s not that you don’t have the ability to figure out other people’s feelings. After all, being an empathetic person, you understand everyone’s emotions very well.

But, you consciously ignore them when it suits you better. This is especially true when it comes to your commitment issues.

Most of the time, you act as though you don’t notice the other person’s desire for your devotion. It’s as if you don’t see that you’re leading someone on and that it’s time to get serious.

In fact, this makes things even worse. You’re highly discerning but you’re consciously behaving like an emotionally unintelligent person.

Sagittarius Traits Male

The power of a Sagittarius man lies in his self-confidence, that’s for sure. He is never scared of anything life throws at him because he knows he’s stronger than all possible challenges.

He has a high self-belief, which makes him so calm because he knows he’s able to cope with all the peaks and valleys of the incredible journey called life.

The Sagittarius man is always the one to take the lead in a partnership. He wants to be dominant and has that need for the ruling power.

The Sag man is a true adrenaline lover, just like a Gemini man is. He’s constantly in search of new adventures, and he adores drama. A comfort zone is truly an unknown concept for him.

And that is the real cause of his commitment issues. For a Sag guy, a serious relationship or marriage equals prison. He’s terrified of someone intruding on his personal space and time, and he can’t stand the thought of

being tied down and having to share his life with one person forever.

Boasting about themselves is a trait of Sag guys that most people hate. So, I have a piece of advice for all the Sagittarius men: there is no need to be someone who brags about their own successes and achievements. Let others recognize your wins and applaud you for them.

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Sagittarius Traits Female

The Sagittarius woman is wild and self-sufficient. She definitely doesn’t fit into traditional female roles, and she would never put up with someone telling her what to do.

She has a free spirit, no prejudices, and is interested in everyone’s views. She truly listens to people and what they have to say. She remembers small details and gives people her undivided attention. That’s something people cherish most about the Sag woman.

A Sagittarius woman is an ideal friend. She is trustworthy and wouldn’t reveal someone’s secret, even if her life depends on it.

Even if she loses touch or gets into a terrible argument with someone, she will carry everything she knows about them to the grave.

She has a flirty nature and a charm that no man can resist. She’s one of those women you simply can’t say NO to.

One of the worst traits of a Sagittarian woman is definitely her need for validation from others. Maybe it’s because of her self-esteem issues, but she definitely has that approval-seeking behavior.

My advice for Sag gals is: focus on building a sound sense of self-acceptance and making yourself feel worthy.

Sagittarius Rising Traits

Looking into a birth chart of a horoscope sign can give you full insight into their personality. So, if Sagittarius was ascending in the eastern horizon at the time you were born, you’re about to find out the general impression you leave on people and your general outlook on the world.

With a Sagittarius ascendant, you know that you have only one chance to live life, so you want to embrace everything you’re offered. You live every day like it’s your last, and everything you do, you do with all of your heart.

For you, excitement is not there to spice up your boring everyday life – it’s your lifestyle.

People generally respect, admire, and adore Sagittarians. Their optimism, willingness to lead a hand, independence, fairness, humor, and honesty are all the traits that make other people love them.

However, their tactless and restless spirit may push people away sometimes. It’s really tough to keep up with them, and some people simply aren’t able to.

Sagittarius Moon Traits

If you’re born with a moon in a Sagittarius, you radiate positive vibes, and people envy your innately optimistic outlook on life.

You have that adventurous spirit that doesn’t allow you to be stuck in one place for too long. That’s why Sags are highly adaptable and afraid of committing to someone or something.

People born with a moon in a Sagittarius don’t allow themselves to be dragged around by their emotions. They have that ‘glass half full’ mentality and always look on the bright side of life.

Sagittarius Compatibility:

SAGITTARIUS AND ARIES – High compatibility

SAGITTARIUS AND TAURUS – Low compatibility

SAGITTARIUS AND GEMINI – Medium/high compatibility

SAGITTARIUS AND CANCER – Low/medium compatibility

SAGITTARIUS AND LEO – High compatibility

SAGITTARIUS AND VIRGO – Medium compatibility

SAGITTARIUS AND LIBRA – High compatibility

SAGITTARIUS AND SCORPIO – Low/medium compatibility

SAGITTARIUS AND SAGITTARIUS – Medium/high compatibility



SAGITTARIUS AND PISCES – Low/medium compatibility


Does Sagittarius fall in love quickly?

I have both good and bad news for you when it comes to this question… Yes, Sagittarius falls in love fast, but unfortunately, they fall out of love even faster.

Little things attract them (physical appearance), but it’s the big and important things (their mind and personality) that can keep them in love.

One thing all Sagittarians hate is lying. So, the first time they catch their partner in a lie, it’ll be a definite end to their love.

What is Sagittarius attracted to?

Well, I already mentioned it above. Someone’s physical appearance will definitely grab their attention, but they’ll need more than that to fall in love.

Sagittarians are attracted to people who know how to enjoy every moment in life. You’ll have to be adventurous, spontaneous, and open to change if you want to win over a Sag.

What is Sagittarius’ favorite color?

What do you think is the fave color of an eternal optimist? Of course, it’s yellow. It’s, after all, the color of happiness, a good mood, and brightness.

They also like the color of love, red. And orange and baby blue are also considered to be lucky colors for Sagittarians.

Who is Sagittarius’ worst enemy?

It’s, without a doubt, the Pisces horoscope sign. Pisces love drama and they dwell on conflict, which makes the problem-solver Sagittarius highly incompatible with them.

In A Nutshell

Each one of the Sagittarius traits listed above is quite intriguing and interesting for all astrologers out there.

However, if this is your sun or moon sign, it’s up to you whether you’ll nourish your positive or negative characteristics.

Remember: You have a lot to offer to the world!