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These Are The Sex Positions You Should Try This Valentine’s Day, According To Your Zodiac Sign

These Are The Sex Positions You Should Try This Valentine’s Day, According To Your Zodiac Sign


Standing doggy-style – This zodiac sign likes getting it from the back, so it is no wonder that they enjoy this sex position the most. It helps them feel great because they can control the speed and the depth as well. For those who didn’t try this position, this Valentine’s Day is the right time of the year to get wild! But you better use protection if you don’t want to become a young parent.


Doggy style with a vibrator – Even if this sign is not so kinky, sometimes they love to get wild. So, when is a better time to try new things with your partner than Valentine’s Day? If you didn’t try this position with a vibrator, give it a try. It will definitely be a new experience and it will bring your relationship to a whole new level. You will be able to enjoy many different sensations and you will feel so satisfied and fulfilled.


The liftoff – Even if this position is a little bit difficult to handle, when you get turned on, you probably won’t think about any problems. You will find a solution and you will try to satisfy your partner but also provide yourself with the best orgasm ever. In case you get tired, you can always sit on a kitchen counter and make it easier for your partner to enter you. It will be a whole new experience for the two of you and you will feel proud of trying something new.


Lotus – Since this zodiac sign is quite sensitive, they enjoy this sex position that shows love and affection. You will probably enjoy yourself when your partner takes you in his arms and makes love to you with a lot of emotions and sensuality. You will feel like the most loved woman in the world and this Valentine’s Day will be really special for you. So romantic, right?


Spooning – Leo might talk a lot about their sex skills but at the end of the day, they crave some intimacy and love. So this Valentine’s Day, the perfect position for you would be spooning. It will give you all the love and affection that you want so badly and you will be able to kiss and cuddle with your partner as much as you want. I bet you won’t take your hands off of each other for the whole evening and your hot games might become prolonged late into the night.


The octopus – This sex position is ideal for a day like this. You will have your hands free to do whatever you want and you also be able to be touched more than before. There is no doubt that touches can stimulate you to a whole new level and depending where your partner touches you, you can climax very soon. Also, you will see that you made the right decision when you decided to try this kind of position because it is fun both for the giver and the receiver.


Perfect 69 – This zodiac sign has always been fair-minded, so this sex position is ideal for them to try on Valentine’s Day. In this way, both of the partners will be able to give and receive at the same time, and they will be the ones who will control how fast they do it and how much time they spend down there. After you get turned on by this position, you can try many others as well. I can already see that this night will be quite long!


Anal missionary – This sign is very imaginative, so they bring the ordinary missionary position to a whole new level. This sex position is ideal for this special day because you can start with some positions that you feel comfortable with and then try something new. It will be easy for you because you will be lying on the bed and your partner will try to get into you, looking into your eyes the whole time. So, in case you don’t like it, he will see every change on your face and he will stop. But trust me: once you master this position, you will always want to practice it!


Against the wall position – Even if the two of you weren’t together for a long time, you can still try this interesting sex position that will definitely make you feel satisfied. You will feel like a hot actress from a movie that is making love with a stranger that she met somewhere along the road. You will feel so dirty but yet so damn good in your skin and that will make you climax at short notice. Even if this position is a little bit hard, it is definitely worth it.


Missionary with legs up – This sign likes to have ordinary sex positions but the good thing is that in this one, you can still be yourself but try something new at the same time. So, don’t hesitate to put your legs over your partner’s shoulders and get wild. It is Valentine’s Day after all, right? Once you finish with everything, you will feel so drained but yet satisfied, and you will wish to try it again.

11. Aquarius

Sidesaddle – This zodiac sign is known by the fact that they like to spice things up in the bedroom and that they like a lot of dynamics. So this Valentine’s Day, you can try something new just to avoid routine in your bedroom. Your partner will be satisfied because you took the lead and you will also feel good because you finally stepped out of your comfort zone.


Tired doggy – This sex position is perfect for soft sex because you will be able to touch your partner all the time and look him in the eyes. It is a super restful position. You will see your partner’s face and you will be able to see if he is enjoying himself or not. Also, since the two of you will stare into each other’s eyes, you will be able to give and receive a lot of kisses as well. I am sure this Valentine’s Day will be an unforgettable experience.