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Sex Positions You Should Try In The Last Quarter of 2023, According To Your Birth Month

Sex Positions You Should Try In The Last Quarter of 2023, According To Your Birth Month

1. Aries

This sign always gets what they want but that is the only way to satisfy their freakishly high sex drive. They can have sex anytime and anywhere but there is a position they should try in the last quarter of 2023, just to put some spice into their sex life.

What you should try is a reverse cowgirl position because it will help you to have control just as you like it. So, just relax with a glass of red wine and start the new year in bed with your man, enjoying the best orgasm ever!

2. Taurus

The main trait of this zodiac sign is their strong desire for a passionate relationship. In these last three months of 2023, they should try a position that they maybe haven’t tried before but which can blow their mind with how good it is.

It is called the reverse scoop and it is very similar to the missionary position, only this time the both of you should turn together onto your sides so you are facing each other. In this way you will have full eye contact so you will be able to see all that passion in your partner’s eyes.

3. Gemini

If you have ever met a Gemini, you know how much they like to flirt. The same goes for their sex life—they like to try everything and their partner has to go the extra mile to actually please them. But in the last few months of this year, they should learn a new position, just to keep things moving.

The key word is lift-off. Yes, you read that right! If you can’t stand and do it, you can sit on a kitchen counter or any place that is high enough so that your partner is facing you and at the same level as you.

4. Cancer

What this zodiac sign needs to try in the October, November or December is a position that will sweep them off their feet. It is called the tired doggy.

This sex position is similar to doggy style but just like the name suggests, partners have more physical contact because the man is up and almost lying on top of the woman. This position is great for sensitive Cancers because of all that physical contact.

5. Leo

If you have ever had sex with a Leo you probably know that they like to perform things in the best possible way. The same goes for sex, as they act like they have a PhD in the bedroom and in that way they make themselves feel proud because of their skills.

What they need to try in the very future is the drop the soap position. Yes, you heard me right. Sex in the bathroom is all one Leo needs because they will enter from behind and they will be able to watch their partner climaxing in the mirror.

6. Virgo

A horny Virgo is someone you can learn a lot from. Their motto is that practice makes perfect so they will try new positions over and over again. But the one they should try in the last quarter of 2023 is the hot seat.

Your partner should sit on a Pilates ball and you should straddle him. If you decide to try this position, make sure that the both of you have good balance because you can easily end up on the floor.

7. Libra

This zodiac sign is known by the fact that they like to work as much as their partners when in a relationship. The same goes for their sex life, so the ideal pose for them to try would be the good old 69.

In this way, their mouths and hands will be free so they will be able to do the things that they want, in case their partner does the same. In the end, for both partners, this is a win-win combination!

8. Scorpio

This sign is very passionate so they have sex wherever they can. The most important thing is that they find a partner attractive enough because they like looking at beautiful people. That can turn them on instantly because they will daydream about sex much before they actually practice it.

The new position they should try in the last there months of 2023 is playing a dominant person. Some blindfolding, handcuffs and slapping would be something that could bring their relationship to a whole new level.

9. Sagittarius

Good old Sag likes everything that is kinky so they will enjoy things that other people won’t even try in their relationships. But what they really have to try is raised doggy.

I know this position takes some strength to perform but when you are horny, only the sky is the limit. And I don’t need to say here that pleasure is 100% guaranteed.

10. Capricorn

This sign likes to be pampered in a relationship but also in their sex life. So the ideal new pose to try out would be flat on your stomach. In this case, you won’t have to do anything and your partner will do all the work.

You can just relax and enjoy and wait for that orgasm to come. Yaaay! And yes, that is just one of the multiple orgasms you will have in this pose.

11. Aquarius

This sign likes to keep things active in the bedroom. It means that they like to try new positions and they won’t settle for less than they deserve. They are willing to try a new position with a few partners until they finally reach an orgasm.

The position they should try is side straddle. It is super fun and exciting because people don’t practice it a lot and they often forget about it. It is good because it means you can have eye contact all the time and the freedom to do whatever you want with your hands.

12. Pisces

This sign is extremely sensitive to love relationships so they want to feel closeness when in a romantic one. The best pose to try in the last quarter of 2023 is spooning. This is the ideal pose for an emotional and caring Pisces because they will be able to feel the body of their loved one all the time and they will also have the chance to talk to them if they want.

In this way, with soft kisses and a lot of sensual touches, they will reach an orgasm and finally feel the beauty of this earth’s pleasure.