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She Is Pushing You Away Because She Is Trying To Protect Her Heart

She Is Pushing You Away Because She Is Trying To Protect Her Heart

No, she isn’t heartless. I know she appears to be tough. And the truth is that she is way stronger than anyone might think.

But at the same time, she still has this sensitive, little girl hidden deep inside of her.

You know, the truth is that this girl has been through a lot and she isn’t ready to put up with you if you are not the man for her.

She had her heart broken more than once and she was hurt multiple times in the past. But this doesn’t mean she has ever allowed herself to take on the role of a victim.

Instead, she took matters into her own hands and decided that she is the only one who can protect herself.

She realized that her heart is the most precious thing in the world and that she is the only one who can heal it. The only one who can make sure she never gets hurt again.

But deep down, she is still scared of her heart getting broken all over again.

And that is the only reason she has built these thick and high walls around herself. The only reason she became guarded.

She is pushing you away because she is terrified. Terrified of loving again and having her heart shattered into pieces once more.

She is doing it because she’s used to being on her own. Because life has taught her that she shouldn’t count on anyone and that people will betray her sooner or later.

This girl will never give you a place in her life until she sees that you really deserve it. Because she’s done settling for less.

And because she’d rather remain alone, in case you turn out to be a man who isn’t right for her.

You see, she doesn’t plan on wasting years of her life, waiting for you to change. Waiting for you to see her true value and waiting for you to love her for real.

This girl hasn’t lost her faith in love. She just knows it is a risk and you’ll have to try hard and prove it to her that it’s a risk worth taking with you.

The truth is that deep down, she is afraid of getting too attached because she doesn’t want to end up giving you her entire self while you don’t give her anything back.

She doesn’t want to be the only one putting all the effort in while you couldn’t care less.

She isn’t letting you in because she doesn’t believe you just yet. Because she is positive that you’ll end up hurting her, the same way every other man in her life did.

That you’ll end up taking advantage of her love and that you’ll just use her.

She isn’t showing you the depths of her heart and she isn’t showing you her love because she is afraid that you won’t love her back the way she expects to be loved. The way she deserves to be loved.

She isn’t showing you her vulnerabilities and insecurities because she’s been keeping them hidden inside for far too long. Because she doesn’t want to give you a chance to use them against her.

She doesn’t trust you because she had her trust violated multiple times before. She doesn’t rely on you because she learned that she is the only person she can count on.

This girl doesn’t give you her entire heart because she is afraid that she’ll end up losing herself if she does something like this once again.

She is pushing you away because she is trying to defend herself. She is trying to protect her feelings by acting like she has none.

Trying to protect herself from all the tears and from all the emotional pain you might cause her if she allows you to.

She isn’t making you a priority because she is scared that you’ll put her last.

That you’ll start taking her for granted and that you’ll stop trying, the moment you see you have her. That you’ll start thinking that she’ll always stay by your side, no matter what. Because trust me—she won’t.

She will turn her back on you the second she sees that you are not the man who deserves to have her. The second she sees that you are mistreating her.

She will walk away from you the second she notices a lack of appreciation, a lack of respect or a lack of love in this relationship.

On the other hand, if you prove to her that you are worthy of her love then trust me—this girl will love you like no other. You just have to be patient.