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Until You Prove You Are Worthy, I Won’t Sleep With You

Until You Prove You Are Worthy, I Won’t Sleep With You

I am sick of this hookup culture; whatever happened to good old dating? I don’t want my relationship finishing before it even had a chance to start. I don’t want to feel broken after someone who just started warming to me disappears.

Enough is enough. I am setting some new rules. Until you prove you are worthy, I won’t sleep with you.

If you are not a player, you will stay by my side even without boyfriend benefits. I don’t want to waste my time on someone who is solely interested in getting to know my body, not my soul.

If you are like that, I will let you leave and I won’t shed a tear. I value myself too much to sell myself short.

Sure I want to sleep with you but not right away.

There is some hidden pleasure in waiting, in yearning for another person, in knowing that somebody likes you in more ways than one.

I want to know that you are different from the rest.

That you are interested in getting to know me and everything that goes with that. I want to feel valued and respected.

I am not a saint and I don’t wear a chastity belt but I need to feel all the right feelings before jumping into bed with someone.

I need emotional intimacy over a sexual one. I am attracted to you as you are to me, if not more but I am willing to wait.

I don’t want to be just a checkmark on the list of women you slept with. I want to know that I matter.

I felt like that a few times in the past and I don’t want to feel like that ever again. I don’t want to confuse sexual desire with a genuine emotional connection.

That’s why I need time. Time to get to know you. Time for you to get to know me. And with that time, the sexual tension between us won’t disappear. The chemistry will turn into an emotional bond if we are the real deal.

If we are not… if we are fleeting… then it’s better we don’t get into bed together.

I will only pay for those moments of pleasure with tears and disappointment. I will have instant joy and long nights of loneliness afterward, missing your kisses and your touch.

If you really want me, earn a place in my life.

I need reciprocity. I need to know that investments go both ways. I need to see efforts, that’s what sexy is all about.

I want to see in your actions that you care. I will let you in if you show me that you can be trusted. I want to feel safe and loved, nothing more and nothing less.

I know that you won’t mind the wait if you are the right man for me.

It won’t be easy on either of us but we can hold on until the timing is right. Until we know the sounds of each other’s laughter and what keeps us up at night.

Until we know that this connection we feel is more than just physical attraction.  

One more damn good reason to wait is the fact that making love is so much better than having sex.

It’s more intense. It’s intimacy at its highest. It’s sharing your body, mind and soul with one person. It’s the closeness you feel after the act.

It’s everything you can’t have when it’s just sex without emotions.

I hope you get where I’m coming from after reading this. I know it might all sound complicated to you but I know I am worth the wait.