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She Isn’t Needy, She Is Just Madly In Love With You

She Isn’t Needy, She Is Just Madly In Love With You

When she hugs you, that hug will last a bit longer. When she kisses you, she will do it with passion, always asking for one more kiss. When you are saying goodbye, she will whisper that she wants you to stay.

No, she is not doing that because she’s needy. She is truly, madly, deeply in love with you and that makes all the difference.

She wants your free time but she doesn’t need all of it.

Of course, she would love to spend every waking moment with you. It’s just the feeling inside of her that’s making her want to be as close as possible. But she knows that’s just not realistic.

She knows you have your own life and your own friends and she respects that, she really does. She is only upset when that time is not divided equally.

She is sad when she gets only tiny moments of your free time. She is asking herself if she is doing the right thing by staying if you only come by when it’s convenient.

She shouldn’t beg for your time. You shouldn’t even make her ask. You should want to see her as much as she wants to see you.

She wants you to show her that you care.

She doesn’t want a million dollar mansion or a closet the size of her whole apartment. All she needs is a kind word, someone who listens and someone who cuddles her to sleep.

She can live on small displays of affection. Don’t deprive her of that. Hold her hand, kiss her cheek and her lips. Hug her when she is feeling down—it will make everything better.

She wants all those little big things that show that you care for her as much as she does you. She wants proof of your love. She needs it to feel safe and secure.

One of her biggest fears is that she’ll lose you.

Don’t hold that against her. She has had a rough life. Full of ups and downs. Full of tears and love wrecks. Full of disappointments and false promises.

It’s no wonder that she is scared. She knows deep down that you are different. Better said, she hopes that you are but her past taught her that all good things come to an end.

Reassure her. Tell her that you are there to stay. Even if you think she should know that. Even if it makes you feel stupid. Just say it. It will mean everything to her.

She needs to see that your desire for her goes beyond the bedroom.

She is into you like she has never been into anyone. She knows the path of your every touch on her bare skin. She has imprints of your kisses all over her skin. You are her greatest desire.

She knows she is yours too but she needs to see that there is more to you than just the physical aspects. She needs to see that you are interested in more than just sex.

Cuddle with her just for the sake of cuddling. Lay awake before you go to sleep and ask her about her day, ask her anything and everything. Show in any way that you value her mind and her presence just as you do her naked body.

She needs you to let her in.

She wants to know about your past. She is not doing it to gather up material she can rub your nose in later on. She is doing it because she wants to know more about you.

She wants to see all that makes you-you. She wants to hear about the things that you are proud of. She wants to caress your scars and show you hers. She wants you to bond with her.

She wants to hear about your future plans. Not because she is planning your wedding day but because she wants to see the way your mind works.

She wants to see if she is in your future even if it’s sometime soon. Because you surely are in hers.  

Do you see now? She isn’t needy, she is just madly in love with you and she wants you to know that.