He loves me, he loves me not?

If only the answer to this question could be as simple as plucking those petals—one for he loves me, one for he loves me not—but unfortunately, it is nowhere near that. It is way more complicated.

But, how can you tell where the problem is? And why is it so hard to find someone who is truly, madly, and deeply in love with you?

Love can be a very tricky thing. You can stumble upon an idiot who will swear to you, on his life, that he loves you like he has never, ever loved anyone else—actually, he doesn’t give a damn about you and he is only in it for some action along the way—nothing serious. The problem is you’re going to get attached and therefore, you’ll get easily hurt when you finally find out he is a complete douche.

On the other hand, you could have a genuinely nice guy who truly loves you but maybe he’s not ready to say it yet—maybe he’s been hurt before and now he is playing it safe.

Love is like that. It is a strange and sometimes scary feeling, and some people choose to keep their guard up so they don’t get hurt. This doesn’t mean that special someone doesn’t love you. So, don’t mistake him for a douche. He is only waiting to be sure you’re not going to hurt him. Put yourself in his shoes—wouldn’t you do the same?

I know that a lot of you out there can relate to this. I know that most of you want that sign that he is madly in love with you. And believe me, if you dig into his behavior a bit deeper, you will find several of them.

Even if he has told you he loves you a couple of times before, now you need some evidence—words don’t carry the same weight as deeds do.
We have learned from experience that some men are lousy in showing their emotions, so they do it incognito, but there are a certain number of signs he loves you deeply.

1. He treats you like a lady

The first undeniable sign that your man really loves you is when he treats you like a lady. Nowadays, younger men especially are not so skilled in seducing and treating women the way they deserve it, so it’s always a pleasant surprise when you find a man who knows his good manners—who knows how to treat you with respect.

This means he opens the door for you like a true gentleman, occasionally buys you gifts, treats you with respect, walks proudly with you in public, and always makes sure you’re safe and happy.

He treats you as his equal and it would never cross his mind to act superior to you.
He knows that the two of you are partners in ‘crime’ and he understands the importance of compromise. If your man treats you like this, remember that it’s very important for you to treat him the same way.

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2. He talks proudly of you

He never misses the opportunity to ‘brag’ about his girlfriend to his friends or family—or pretty much everybody. I mean he does this but not in an annoying and pushy way—he does it in a cute way because he is really proud of you and he wants the whole world to know it.

You must remember when a man loves you deeply, he will cherish each and every little thing you’ve done—no matter how insignificant it is.

Also, if you fail at something, he will be there to lift your spirits up. He will be the one who will show you the light in the darkness and remind you of all the good stuff you’ve done. He will remind you that you’ve made mistakes earlier and you’ve survived them.

3. He ‘spoils’ you

Another sign that he loves you deeply is when he tries to spoil you—he wants to give you anything you want and he wants to grant your every wish.

Imagine you’re coming home after work, only to find your man playing video games while the house is a complete mess. And on top of all that, he asks you what’s for dinner. That is not what true love is about because it sounds more like he is using you—like he expects you to do all the work.

However, if your man really loves you, crazy and deeply, he’ll just love to humor you in any possible way. If you are at work and can’t get away for a cup of coffee, he’ll come and bring one. And also sometimes, he’ll surprise you with a getaway trip just so that you can relax and escape from your stressful reality.

4. He hugs you all the time

Have you ever been with a man who isn’t that into showing his emotions? Imagine it is late at night and you feel like cuddling with him in bed, but he turns his back to you and starts to snore—completely ignoring you. There is nothing worse than a cold, emotionless night alone even when he’s at your side.

If your man is totally in love with you, he will never miss a chance to hug you, and in fact, he will be the one who, probably, will initiate hugs. He won’t stop there, either: He’ll have the need to touch you, kiss, and take care of you. Simply, he won’t be able to have enough of you!

5. He will introduce you to his friends

When a guy is very proud of the girl he loves, he won’t hesitate to introduce her to his friends. This is a very important sign that he loves you deeply.

Any man who is truly in love is not afraid to hear what his friends might say about his woman. To him, all that matters is the happiness between the two of you—not what other people are going to say. What others think is irrelevant, so if you get a call “I’d like you to meet my friends”, you are in.

6. Then come the parents

This is another proven sign that he loves you. If a man is not in love with you and he is only playing, you will never be introduced to his parents. He knows that you’re not going to stick around long enough because he is not serious about you.

But if you’re having dinner with his parents, you know you have a keeper. Well done!

signs he loves you deeply

7. He’ll take care of you

He will be there for you no matter what. If you get sick, he will be there to make you a cup of warm tea and to tuck you in bed while you are feverish. He’ll put everything he’s got on hold just to help you out.

He will even risk getting sick, too. This is a sign that you’ve got a man who is madly in love with you.

8. He goes where you want to go

Another good sign that he loves you deeply is when he really cares about your wishes. Men who are always open to your ideas on where to go are real keepers. He’ll put his wishes aside only because he wants to make you happy. Even if he’s not that into Chinese food, he’ll go to a Chinese restaurant because you wanted to try the new specialty on their menu.

Remember: don’t over use the fact he’s being so kind to you and humor him from time to time. He really deserves it!

9. He is supportive

If a man loves you, he`ll support you no matter what. Instead of saying that you are a lame dreamer who refuses to live in the real world, a real man who loves you deeply will be by your side and support you in anything you care about.

He will be the one who will tell you to dream big because you can do it!

10. He compliments you all the time

The guy who loves you deeply will shower you with compliments. He`ll tell you that you look spectacular (he will really mean that), and he’ll never miss the opportunity to remind you how beautiful you are. And yes, that does feel great!

11. He puts out all old flames

For him, the past is in the past. Any old girlfriends he had before you are not a threat because he doesn’t want to have anything with them, not anymore. He sees a future with you and he doesn’t want to gamble it by hooking up with an old flame which will never burn again. He will focus entirely on you and he won’t allow anyone to come between you.

12. He wants to truly get to know you

He is not pretending to listen to you. When you talk, he actually listens to you. He pays attention to every detail you tell him. He listens to your childhood stories with excitement because he knows he will learn more things about you. He pays attention to what is going on in your life and he remembers big moments like work presentations or similar.

signs he loves you deeply 2

13. He wants to leave a good impression around your friends

Your friends and family are as important to him as they are to you. He really tries to leave a good impression. He will never be a jerk to your friends because he doesn’t want to insult you. He knows you love them and since you must love them for a reason, so will he. He will make a serious effort to get to know the important people in your life a bit better.

14. He genuinely cares about your happiness

He will go an extra mile for you in any situation, just to make you happy. There is nothing he likes more than seeing your smiling face. There is nothing he loves more than seeing you satisfied and relaxed. If he can do anything to make you this way, he will. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask him because he will be there for you any second of the day.

15. Your time together flies by

There are people who suck the life out of you. They tire you and just exhaust you. You don’t have to hate them or anything, but having them in your surroundings is just not right. But, there are people, like him in whose presence time just flies by.

You can’t have enough of him. Your conversations are interesting and although they last very long, you have the feeling like you’ve been talking for five minutes. The interaction with the man who loves you deeply is super easy.

16. He is honest

He will always tell you exactly what is on his mind. If he thinks you’ve made a mistake, he will tell you in a nice and polite way. He doesn’t want to start a fight, but he doesn’t want to lie to you either. He will get everything out on the table, so he doesn’t mess things up with you.

17. He always uses the word ‘we’

He loves you so much and he sees you in his future with him. That’s why he is using the word “we” more and more instead of “I”. If you hear this while he’s talking to you or to someone else about you, you don’t have to worry about anything. He definitely means business.

18. He protects you

If he worries about you when you are not around, that means he wants to protect you because he truly loves you. Don’t mistake this for jealousy acts. If he goes around and beats up every guy who talks to you, that’s alarming. But if he only wants to protect you, well, that’s love.

Never take your man for granted and be as kind to him as he is to you. True love is hard to find, so cherish the one you were so lucky to have.