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She’s Not Emotionally Unavailable, She’s Just Protecting Her Heart

She’s Not Emotionally Unavailable, She’s Just Protecting Her Heart

You want to get closer to her but she rejects you. You want to show her affection but she gets scared and runs away.

And the first thing that comes to your mind is that she is emotionally unavailable. But I’m sorry to tell you that she’s anything but that!

She is a girl who has gone through a lot and that is why she finds it hard to trust other people that easily.

She has tasted the bitter taste of her tears, she has tasted unrequited love and how it feels to be helpless.

And that is why she is no longer able to give all of herself to someone if she’s not ensured that she’s doing the right thing.

She’s not afraid of falling in love, she’s just cautious to whom she’s giving her heart.

She’s not afraid to fight with every atom of her being for the things she believes in. No, she is not afraid to fight for love.

As a matter of fact, she fought many battles before and now she’s just cautious about choosing them.

She is not afraid of falling in love with another heart, she just wants to be sure that her love will be reciprocated.

She has learned many lessons the hard way and that is why she’s eager to protect her heart above everything else.

She’s not emotionally unavailable, she’s just protecting her heart from potential narcissists and toxic manipulators, their selfishness and lies.

She’s protecting herself from always being the one who cares more.

When she loves, she loves with all of her body and heart or she doesn’t love at all and she has paid a high price for that.

She realized that she needs to protect herself from any potential harm because if she doesn’t do so, no one will do so for her.

She realized that if she wants to be truly happy, she has to start taking care of herself too and not only others.

So, don’t you dare call her emotionally unavailable or blame her for playing hard to get!

She’s not the same girl who used to wear her heart on her sleeve.

If you want to win her, you will have to fight hard to prove that you’re worthy of her.

You will have to fight hard to make an effort instead of just making excuses.

If there’s one thing she got tired of, that is excuses. She can no longer afford to tolerate other people’s bullshit because she owes that much to her heart.

She can no longer afford to be in debt to herself because she deserves to be treated with appreciation and respect.

And if you’re willing to be a part of her life, the only way to her heart is by fighting hard to prove to her that you’re not like the rest of them.

That you won’t make her sad, treat her for granted or make her feel less worthy.

If you try hard to make her feel special, she will notice it.

If you make sure that you’ll always be there when she needs you, she will notice it.

If you treat her heart with care, she will notice it.

And only then will she believe you that your intentions are pure.

She will believe you when you show her love with your actions and not only words.

She will decide to be fully someone’s only when her heart tells her that it feels loved and safe in their arms.

And until that happens she will keep protecting it because her heart is the most valuable thing in her possession.

Tears can be wiped away, restless nights can be replaced with blissful ones but her heart will never be able to fully recover from all the pain from her past.

No, she’s not emotionally unavailable, she’s just protecting the last pieces of her broken heart so that she can be able to love again.

She’s just waiting for someone who will make her feel comfortable being vulnerable again.

Someone who will protect her heart the same way she’s protecting it now. Someone special.

She's Not Emotionally Unavailable, She's Just Protecting Her Heart