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9 Revealing Signs A Libra Man Likes You (Even If He Hides It)

9 Revealing Signs A Libra Man Likes You (Even If He Hides It)

Even though every Libran knows his way with the ladies, he’ll rarely confess his true feelings to you directly. Instead, you have to pay close attention and look for hidden signs a Libra man likes you.

But, don’t worry: once you get a hold of it, you’ll see that he is not as mysterious as he appears. He just prefers showing his love over talking about it. After all, isn’t that what all of us women want?

Here is a list of easy-to-miss signs a Libra man likes you for real, plus a detailed description of a Libra man in love – exactly what you need in order to get to the bottom of his personality and make him fall in love with you even harder.

Good Signs That A Libra Man Likes You

Giving up when it gets hard is not an option

One thing a Libra isn’t is a quitter. If this man is into you – he won’t give up on making you his.

Don’t worry: he’s not some kind of stalker or maniac who’ll forcefully push you into being with him. In fact, he won’t even manipulate you into thinking he’s better than he actually is.

It’s just that this guy won’t give up on you on the first obstacle that gets in his way. You can play hard to get as much as you want, but that won’t chase him away. Instead, he’ll see right through your intentions, and he’ll try even harder to prove to you that he deserves a chance.

Of course, this is in no way an invitation for you to drag him along. It’s one thing to pretend to be unattainable for a while, but playing him for a fool is something completely different.

You know how most guys are. If they don’t get what they want in a split second from you, they move on to the next victim.

They won’t put much effort into winning your heart over when there’s plenty of other girls who will fall for their charm without them having to try so hard.

Quality over quantity

Well, this is one of the things Libras do differently. If he is in love with you, he won’t waste his energy on other girls.

He doesn’t care about bragging about the number of girls he managed to fool since he is not a child who values quantity over quality.

When he has feelings for you, you’re his only goal. In fact, he’ll be faithful to you even if you two are not officially in a romantic relationship.

How rare is that, especially for a man nowadays? I think he deserves a medal for this kind of behavior because he really is unique.

He becomes the best version of himself

It’s not that a Libra male pretends to be something he’s not just to get under your skin. He doesn’t lie or deceive you into considering him to be better than any other man you’ve ever dated.

The point is that he indeed tries hard to become better than everyone else. To be exact, he doesn’t compete with your ex-boyfriends or with any other man in your surroundings.

The only person a Libra competes with is himself from the past, and that’s exactly what inspires him to become the best possible version of himself.

You see, a Libra deals with many hidden insecurities (but don’t we all)? At the same time, he thinks greatly of you – otherwise, he wouldn’t be so crazy over you, would he?

This man isn’t only attracted to your physical appearance, but he respects you and appreciates every single part of your personality.

In fact, he even admires you to some extent. When you combine that with his self-esteem issues, you get some self-doubts.

The truth he’ll never admit is that deep down, he thinks he doesn’t deserve you. He looks at you and everything you’ve accomplished, and he wants to be the best boyfriend you could ever have.

You inspire him to become better and to start working on some serious self-improvement. He wants to become your equal, and he does everything in his power to feel he can earn you.

A strong woman needs a man who is even stronger

I’m not talking about money, looks, or social status here. Above all other things, this man admires your inner power.

He sees you as a strong woman, and he knows you would never settle for being with a weak, immature man. So, he works hard to get his life in order and to become as emotionally mature and firm as possible.

He is bold enough to tear down his masks

Just because this guy does his best to give you his best doesn’t mean that he won’t have the courage to open up to you. In fact, one of the clear signs that a Libra man likes you is exactly that: his courage to show you his true self, including the parts he hides from the world.

Let’s not forget one thing: this man has trust issues. He has a hard time giving his trust to somebody, and if he sees you as trustworthy – that’s got to mean something.

It’s not that he usually goes under false pretenses. Nevertheless, he does keep his vulnerable sides to himself.

But, all of that changes when he falls in love. He gets enough bravery and inner strength to uncover all of the layers of his personality and to be fully exposed in front of you.

This man gets spiritually naked in front of the woman he cares about, and that’s something you ought to appreciate above everything else.

You already know that he is struggling with some insecurities. So, you can only imagine how hard this unmasking might be for him.

He is letting you see his vulnerabilities, including the things even he doesn’t like about himself. He is allowing you to dig deep inside of his soul and to look at the parts of him nobody else before you ever did.

At the same time, he takes a lot of risks. He doesn’t know if you’ll like all of his traits, and he doesn’t know whether his demons will chase you away.

Nevertheless, he needs to know. He must know if you’re ready to love him at his worst and at his best.

He must know whether you’ll be capable of accepting his imperfections or if you’ll discard him thanks to his flaws. That’s exactly why he trusts you so much – if you don’t run away, he’ll see it as a confirmation that you’re the one for him.

Commitment is an act, not a word

If you’re scared of running into a player who jumps from one love interest to another – worry not. This is not that type of man. If you’re terrified that he’ll leave you after getting inside your pants – worry not. This is not his style.

In fact, believe me when I tell you that this man will be refreshing after all those douchebags you kept running into. For a change, you won’t have to wonder where you stand with him – isn’t this fact alone more than enough?

You won’t have to go around asking your best friends to dissect this guy’s unclear text messages. You won’t have to do your best to decrypt his mixed signals.

You won’t have to put your maximum effort into getting him to label your relationship and give you the title of his girlfriend.

Why? Well, because a Libra male won’t put you in any of these positions. Instead, he’ll make his intentions so clear that you’ll never doubt them even for a second.

The best part is that he doesn’t talk much about it. He’s not one of those guys who promise you the stars and the moon, but end up delivering a big, fat nothing.

In fact, this is the man who won’t go on and on with his love declarations. Instead, he’ll start fulfilling his promises, including the ones he didn’t even tell you out loud, without much fuss about it.

Unlike most other men, he enjoys commitment, and a serious relationship doesn’t represent a burden to him. It’s not that he won’t go behind your back just because he respects you (even though that is also a reason).

He won’t do it because he literally has no eyes for any other woman besides the one he loves. He won’t do it because he sees no point in trying to sit on two chairs with one butt.

For him, being committed is much more than a pure title. It’s behaving in a certain manner and making sure the woman next to him knows how loyal, devoted, and faithful he is at all times, no matter what or who happens.

It’s the little things that count

How do you tell if a Libra man likes you? Well, pay attention to details – just the way he does things.

People belonging to this zodiac sign are extremely perceptive, and that goes for both Libra women and men. But, they’re not like that with everyone who crosses their path – just with the ones who spark their interest.

Basically, if this man likes you, he’ll know everything about you. Don’t worry, he won’t go around snooping through your social media or asking people about you.

It’s just that he is an amazing listener. First and foremost, he remembers everything you’ve ever told him. Even if you casually mentioned the name of your favorite song once, a while ago, believe me when I tell you that he has it memorized.

He’ll never forget your birthday, your favorite color, or that story you told him about your childhood friend. Some facts might seem random and irrelevant to you – but not to him. He gathers all of them since he sees them as the window to your personality.

If you ask him what you were wearing the first time you two met or what perfume you had on – he’ll give you the answer without thinking it over twice. Well, at least he’ll know the answer.

Let’s not forget that he is also a man. Therefore, if he is not sure whether you like him back or not, he might try to hide the fact that you’re his love interest.

He doesn’t want you seeing that he is so obsessed with you, so he might pretend that he doesn’t remember something. But, trust me – he does.

Sharing is caring

One of the clear signs that a Libra man likes you is his selfless behavior whenever you’re around. Even though this man is not ego-centric by nature, he becomes extra generous when it comes to you.

The first thing you’ll notice is that he is showering you with gifts. He is not like all the other men, and he is certainly not trying to buy your affection with expensive presents nor is he trying to impress you with materialistic things.

The truth is quite simple, and there are no hidden intentions behind his moves. It’s just that he gets flooded with joy whenever he gets a chance to make you happy.

He gets so excited when he sees you opening his gift. Of course, he is the man who pays close attention to everything you say, has an eye for details, and remembers the little things, so he always picks the right present.

But, this selflessness of his doesn’t end with buying you things. If a Libra male likes you, he’ll share everything with you.

This guy would give you the world if he just had the chance.

He will go out of his way for you

Another way to get to the bottom of his intentions and feelings is by paying attention to the way he helps you. Have you noticed that he is never too busy for you?

In fact, whenever you’re in some kind of emergency, he is the first one to show up. He is there to give you a hand when you desperately need one without you having to tell him anything.

This goes for everything in life. He’s there to change your flat tire, to help you move, but also there to hear you out and to be your shoulder to cry on when you’re going through some hard times.

Being a gentleman is a matter of choice

Some accuse him of being old-fashioned. Some say that he can’t keep up with the world. Some say that his behavior is outdated and won’t get him anywhere.

But, trust me when I tell you that this guy is none of these things. Yes, the truth is that sometimes, he doesn’t fit in right.

Nevertheless, that’s only because he is a gentleman… A true gentleman that you can’t find nearly anywhere.

And, all those who criticize his behavior would die to be like him just for a while. But, that’s impossible because this man built his character and manners for as long as he can remember.

When a Libra man is into you, he’ll treat you as a lady because that’s exactly how he sees you. Nevertheless, next to him, you’ll feel more like a Princess.

First of all, this guy will always respect your boundaries. Instead of pushing you into doing something you don’t feel comfortable with, he’ll let you take your time before making any step between you two.

Don’t get me wrong: this doesn’t mean he has no courage to show initiative because he most certainly does. It’s just that he’ll always respect you and your wishes more than anything else.

Good old courting

Instead of sending you drunk text messages, he’ll be sending you flowers at your home address. Instead of calling you to cuddle in the middle of the night, he’ll ask you to have lunch in the middle of the day.

Instead of pushing you to wear as few clothes as possible, he’ll give you his jacket when you’re cold. Instead of telling you to call a cab and come over to his place, he’ll come to get you and open the door for you.

Instead of declining your calls after a night spent together, he’ll call you after your date to schedule another one soon.

Nothing is hotter than a romantic man

If you’re craving romance – this is the guy for you. Don’t forget that this sun sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, so this shouldn’t come to you as a surprise.

With him, romance is always on the menu.

This man will never take you for granted. He doesn’t think that he has won you over just because you texted him back.

He doesn’t think that his job is done the moment he kisses you. Instead, he keeps on winning you over even after you’ve become his girlfriend.

Being an Air sign, a Libra will never throw you the usual romantic gesture you’ve already seen. Remember that you can never be bored next to them, so prepare yourself for surprises you could never imagine.

Trust me on this one: when this guy cares about you, your entire relationship will resemble a fairytale. You’ll feel like the heroine of a movie romance or a love book – just the way every woman has dreamt of feeling ever since she was a little girl.

He gets jealous and protective, but still trusts you

Finally, we’ve come to this guy’s jealousy. Let’s face it: every man is a little bit jealous when it comes to the girl he is into. But, a Libra is different.

Astrologers claim that he won’t make any jealous scenes or anything like that. When you two are together, he trusts you (otherwise, he wouldn’t have made you his girlfriend in the first place), so don’t try making him jealous.

I know how it works with all other guys. As soon as a dude notices some competition, he’ll probably fight for you even harder.

Nevertheless, that’s not how Librans roll. When a Libra man feels that you’re making him jealous, he’ll just walk away.

But, he does get protective, and sometimes you might mistake it as possessivity.

He just sees it as his responsibility as a man. Don’t worry: this doesn’t mean he thinks of you as being below him. He doesn’t consider that you need his protection either – a Libra man wants you to know that he has what it takes to take care of you.

For this guy, his family is everything. Even though you’re still not his wife, he already sees you as a part of it, and he considers it his duty to keep you safe at all times.

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A Libra Man’s Compatibility:

Compatible with: Gemini, Leo, Aquarius, Aries, Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces

Not compatible with: Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo

To Wrap Up: How Do You Know If A Libra Man Likes You?

Now that you’ve seen all the signs that a Libra man likes you, all you have to do is appreciate his feelings. There is no need for any more doubts, even if he hasn’t come clean about his emotions – his actions speak for themselves, so they’re the ones you should take into account.

Trust me: you can consider yourself lucky for having a man like him fall for you. Try hard not to lose him because he will be nowhere to be found.