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11 Signs He’s Already Over You Even Though You Haven’t Broken Up (Yet)

11 Signs He’s Already Over You Even Though You Haven’t Broken Up (Yet)

Sometimes, when we’re in a relationship, we can sense that something’s wrong but we’re too afraid to explore it further because we’re scared where that road might take us.

It’s important to know where you stand with your significant other, so gather all your strength and try to figure out if your boyfriend is just not that interested in you anymore, according to these 11 signs.

He’s incredibly irritable

Unless there’s something really troubling, energy-consuming or irritating happening in his life right now, if he’s annoyed by every little thing you do, I’m afraid you should call it quits.

When you’re in love with someone, you’re not bothered by even their biggest flaws but when you no longer care about the person or are thinking about breaking up with them, everything they do gets on your nerves.

He might even find a way to make the good things you do look bad in his head and get agitated over them. 

Move on and find someone who loves you not only despite your flaws but because of them.

He rarely smiles at or laughs with you

Happy people smile, people who are in love laugh together; that’s just how things are. 

If you can’t remember the last time you saw your boyfriend smile or had a good laugh with him over whatever (something that happened to you or him, a good old inside joke or something similar), that just means you’re drifting apart.

He isn’t happy to be with you and he’s one foot out the door already.

He never asks you anything

He doesn’t care much about you or your life so he doesn’t ask any questions. 

You remember that he used to ask you about how your day went and some random details about what was happening in your life but he no longer does that.

He doesn’t remember when you tell him you have something important coming up and he never mentions it, even though you definitely told him about it.

He started mentioning other girls more than usual

If your boyfriend has lately randomly started mentioning other girls, he probably no longer cares if you get mad or jealous.

This might even be his way to get you to dump him because he clearly lacks the courage to break up with you himself.

He’s too busy for you

A person who loves you and wants to spend time with you will always find a way. You know what they say: where there’s a will, there’s also a way.

If there’s seriously nothing super time-consuming in his life, he probably just doesn’t want to spend that much time with you anymore.

He doesn’t care if he sees you or not because he no longer cares about you and is already over you in his head, even though you guys haven’t even broken up yet.

He doesn’t show affection

He used to hug and kiss you all the time, send you sweet good morning messages and talk to you on the phone until you both passed out but he no longer does any of that.

Well, all relationships take some turns in the ‘how romantic we are together’ department and that’s just normal but if you can’t remember the last time he held your hand or randomly kissed you, you guys are over.

He doesn’t want to spend time with your mutual friends

He’s found new people to spend time with and he avoids hanging out with your mutual friends. This is his way of showing you (consciously or subconsciously) that he’s walking away from your life together.

He wants to be a different person and hang out with different people and he’s leaving you in the past.

He no longer cares about important dates

Anniversaries, birthdays… he has forgotten all of them.

Not only has he forgotten but he doesn’t even seem that sorry or apologetic. He’s not even willing to pretend he cares for your sake because he no longer cares about hurting you.

You constantly feel like he isn’t happy

There’s this aura of dissatisfaction around him all the time. No matter how hard you try to do stuff he likes and make him happy, he just isn’t.

You feel like all your efforts to satisfy him are for nothing and there’s no way he can be happy around you anymore.

He no longer mentions plans for the future

You used to talk about your future together when you were happy in love but right now he avoids the topic completely or even openly tells you he doesn’t think those plans will work out.

There’s a whole lot of ambiguity in almost everything he tells you and you keep interpreting his words in the most positive way you can but you sense that there’s something wrong.

You feel like you’re the only one trying

He definitely doesn’t put any effort into making your relationship work. He no longer cares about your needs and he seems completely indifferent to how things go from here.

This is the most obvious sign but still the hardest one to spot because us girls constantly paint a false picture of how much our boyfriends are trying and usually choose to blame ourselves for being too needy.

He’s done loving you and you should be done trying to make it work.

If you’ve figured out that your boyfriend is no longer interested in you, give him what he wants and leave him. He’s already over you, so what are you waiting for?